How to Submit Your LHDN Tax Form Through eFiling

eFiling is an online system introduced by LHDN (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri) that allows you to submit your income tax details online, which is an alternative to the usual manual form submission. eFiling was first introduced in 2003 and has since undergone a progressive improvement with a more robust system promised for this year. There have been some questions on the authenticity of the transaction and security loop holes have been discovered in the past but the HASIL folks are quick to address the issues and resolved them in timely manner. This year, the eFiling application is not only limited to Internet Explorer browsers like before; you can now also use other browsers like Firefox and Opera. The eFiling is also compatible with Windows Vista operating system.

Year 2007 tax declaration needs to be submitted by 30 April 2008. Here is a step by step INITIAL guide on submitting your income tax declaration via eFiling. The initial step is rather crucial because problems may occur at the early stage which tend to frustrate the new users who would eventually return back to the normal, manual filing and submission. A link for the comprehensive guide for the ensuing steps (created by the LHDN) will be provided at the end of this guide.

What you need to prepare before commencing eFiling

1. Your IC number

2. Your tax reference number (No. rujukan cukai)

You should have kept the tax reference number with you. It is also available on your tax form. If you lost it, you can get your tax reference number from the nearest LHDN’s office (go to front desk, call their free toll line at 1-300-88-3010 or email) by providing your IC number.

3. e-Filing PIN No

By now LHDN would have sent you the tax form (e.g. Borang BE or Borang B) to your designated mailing address (If you have not received it, you can get it from the nearest HASIL office or call 1-300-88-3010 for help). The e-Filing PIN number can be found on the 2nd page of the form. Alternatively, you can also get your PIN number from the nearest LHDN’s office by providing your tax reference number, latest address and a photocopy of your IC (front and back).

First time log in

Borang eFiling LHDN

For the first time users (i.e. those who have been submitting their income tax declaration via the manual form before), this will be a compulsory step. The first time log in (menu ‘login kali pertama’) requires you to key in your e-Filing PIN Number and your IC number. Click ‘hantar’ and upon verification of your PIN and IC number, you will be directed to a page where you would be registering a Digital Certificate (Sijil Digital). A Digital Certificate is, well – a certificate which acts as your (digital) signature during the online transaction process. You can’t proceed to the next step without the Digital Certificate.

Digital certificate registration and password creation

Once you have keyed in your PIN and IC number in the previous stage, a page that shows your details as the tax payer’s information which include your name, address and contact number. You will also need to create a password in this stage. The password needs to be between 8 to 12 characters. As a precautionary step, you will also be asked to provide a security question (and answer too) just in case if you need to retrieve your account in the event of password loss.

The password is important as you’d be needing it to proceed to the next stage, so please do not lose it. If you lose it, you can still get a chance to recover back by going to the menu ‘terlupa kata laluan’ and answer your security question. You will be asked to change your password.

Borang eFiling LHDN

Click ‘setuju’ once you are satisfied with everything, and you will shown a verification page of tax payer’s information. You are now ready to start filling up your e-form (e-borang). You also have the option to view your Digital Certificate.

Borang eFiling LHDN

e-Form (e-BE 2007) for employees

For most of us i.e. employees (e.g. salaried worker and not business owners), your e-borang or e-form is the e-BE 2007. LHDN has come out with a comprehensive guide on how you can start logging in and file your tax in e-BE 2007 form. You will need an Acrobat Reader to view the guide. Good luck.

Click here to download LHDN’s Guide for Filling Up e-Borang e-BE for eFiling 2007 Income Tax Submission.

70 Replies to “How to Submit Your LHDN Tax Form Through eFiling”

  1. tolong jelaskan macam mana nak masuk e filing kerana password lupa tahun lepas saya dah gunakan efiling untuk tahun ini nak masuk tak boleh lupa password tolong saya

    1. Go to menu terlupa kata laluan, enter your IC, petunjuk kata laluan and jawapan. Petunjuk Kata Laluan and Jawapan were those you created the first time you use efiling.

      Any more problem, call 1-300-88-3010 (LHDN Customer Line)

  2. Tahun nih, buat pertama kali saya submit menggunakan e-FIling. Memang mudah. Lebih2 lagi web nih support multi-browser platform. Saya guna OPERA. Layout ok jer.. Congrats guys

  3. I got a problem, when i logged in, this message appear:
    Server object error ‘ASP 0177 : 800401f3’

    Server.CreateObject Failed

    /2008-1/BE/indexx.asp, line 50


    How can i resolve this? I couldn’t get into my e-file.

    1. Not sure. Didn’t get that error.

      There is a likelihood that high traffic and congestion caused the error, as by now millions of tax payers will be logging in and rushing to submit their tax. Maybe you should try again. Otherwise check with LHDN directly.

  4. adohai….dah lupa macam mana nak buat.This year bolehkah isi borang “B” no need to go thru E-filling , itu rasanya paling mudah. Pls reply.



  6. I have submitted my e-filling. But I have mistakenly key in the wrong passport no of my wife. (My wife is a foreigner )

    What shall I do? Kindly please advice.

  7. Saya mempunyai 3 majikan dalam 2008, bermakna saya mempunyai 3 no Majikan sedangkan didalam e-filing hanya ada SATU tempat kosong. Bagaimana caranya??

    Mohon bantuan segera

  8. the system of e-filing is suck! taking damn slow and after filing up, everytime my kata laluan is said that i keyed in wrongly!..arrghh..what is this. by right it can linked to our email to notify what is our password if it is really wrong. but i am very sure about the password that i have keyed in. something wrong with the system performance or what??!!


  10. i think LHDN should be follow last few years procedure.
    Their staff help “rakyat” to fill the income tax. Now what i heard why they didnt do this because lack of staff at LHDN. I thought Malaysia goverment say we will give our malaysians “peluang pekerjaan”…
    So i think this is the way.
    In Malay word to LHDN:
    Tahu ambil duit rakyat je, but kerja tak mahu buat. SUdah lah ambil duit rakyat, kerja income tax ni pun rakyat harus buat. Please take note on this….!!!!

  11. 1. how to download borang BE2008
    2. apa penalti jika hantar manual BE2008 by post or drop in box LHDN WangsaMaju
    3. denda?
    4. efiling dah tak boleh akses, closed?

  12. Salam saya sangat berpuas hati dengan layanan kaktiangan dan pegawai LHDN Cawangan Kluang Wisma Bunga kerana memberi penerangan dan pertolongan yng sewajarnya tempoh hari. harapan saya untuk taksiran tahun yg terdahulu boleh gunakan e failing dan wat pembayaraan terus secara on line contoh dipejabat pos cuma bgi no cukai , slip jumlah pendapatan tahunan, jumlah bayaran dan slip pembayaran.
    Wat online di semua syarikat, kerajaan, persendirian dan swasta dan LHDN. Ini pandangan ikhlas saya semuga ianya menjadi mudah, tepat dan meyakinkan semua.TQ

  13. Saya cuma nak komen tentang Laman web rasmi Lembaga hasil dalam negeri Malaysia yang sering sukar untuk dibuka. Samada server atau masalah lain harap pihak bertanggungjawab cuba mengenalpasti masalah tersebut. Web saya http://www.hasfa.myportal juga ada link ke LHDN untuk memudahkan pelawat menyemak atau membayar secara online untuk kemudahan. Harap Maklum. Terima Kasih.

  14. Sir/Madam i would like to enquire about my income tax forms i submitted somewhere middle of last month nothing in the file.First time i filed they print out for me damn fast.There’s a dispute because i’m not supposed to be taxed on 1995 whereby my salary is only RM1,300 which not supposed to taxed.I’ve submitted to them with no acknowledgement at Pandan Indah LHDN and i still have to wait forever is it?When i check if i’ve an excess with Wangsa Maju branch they said none but then when i complaint they there’s an excess and ask me to declare my income tax from 2004-2007 but no progress so far.I’ve checked about two weeks ago nothing in the system.If worse come to worse it’s best for to put in e-filing better right.What’s your opinion air/madam?Thanks for eyeing on my comments….

  15. can i know what is NO. LHDN
    this number is for my registration phase 1 for entering IPTA
    so everyone has this number
    or including my parent?

  16. iyer lahh..payah giler..kate ade form baru lah..cmner nk subbmit..kalau blh tlh la betulkan access ni..nk print Form CKHT 1,2 & 3..tlg aku..nk wat keje ni..

  17. mcm ne nak dptkan no pin e-filing, sy dah cube no pin 3 thn lpas tak bleh ni ….. first time sy gune e-filing!help me pls

  18. saya tak leh nak log in efiling, tahun 2009 ok, tapi lupa p/word, dah masuk terlupa katalaluan, tapi tak leh juga, bantu saya ?

  19. want to ask, i have submitted it online but now got something want to update. what shall i do ? i am from Penang. need help and thanks !

  20. I thought i can easily log in to efiling, every time when I log in, system tempalarly down, its been going on for quite a while now, and you are going to send me a penalty letter if I submit late. You better get your system right before thinking to penalise the rakyat.

  21. Saya terlupa nombor pin dan kata laluan untuk mengisi borang e-filing. Saya mengharapkan pihak tuan boleh membantu saya.

  22. ya… after submit cant easily change.. i have done it. i need to goto LHDN office and bring all the original document and let them audit before you can let you change the data. but they cant do it immediately, they have to send it to another department for that purpose and i have to wait few ” week” or “month”. once done they wil call me to collect those submitted doc..

    too no LEAN laaaa that is why 1-malaysia work.

  23. my salary deduct about rm40.64 every month..last year n this im doing my study..but..sad..its still happend every month..i hv noted this to lhdn but still no reply..

  24. E-filing memang bagus. Cuma, sekarang LHDN tak hantar surat beritahu kita berapa kita kena bayar sebab kita kurang pasti yang kita buat tu tepat. Baru-baru ni saya dapat surat menyuruh majikan saya memotong RM436 selama 12 bulan beside potongan RM519 bulanan biasa. Saya dah terlupa membayar hutang tahun sebelumnya disebabkan kerja yang terlalu banyak. Adakah itu denda . Kalau bukan, berapa denda saya kerana terlupa ? Di mana saya nak dapatkan maklumat?

  25. hi i would like to ask how to amend the e-filing which has been submitted as I have missed out the entry for PCB. I called last month after the submission and they say they will upload a form to the site for amendment. Anyone knows about this?

  26. Saya tersalah kira bagi income tax saya tahun 2008. Saya kena bayar balik RM1300. Saya tidak diberitahu bahawa elaun tidak perlu dibayar tax. Tahun ini baru jelas, ada dicatat dalam borang ringkasan pendapatan dari majikan mengatakan elaun rumah, wilayah, keraian dsb tak perlu dikira dalam tax itu. Apabila saya lakukan begitu untuk 2009, saya pula terlebih bayar. Benarkah begitu? Perlukah saya bayar yang tersalah isi pada tahun 2008?

  27. untuk makluman pihak tuan saya di sini hendak daftar e.filing ,tetapi saya belum ada no pin.Jadi saya harap pihak tidak keberatan memberi no pin kepada saya.Dengan itu pihak tuan email seperti tercatat diatas.Harap maklum,terima kasih.

  28. potongan pcb setiap bln .kenapa tidak dikira dalam penyata tahunan,ini merugikan pelanggan.potongan semakin meningkat walaupun penyata tahunan perbezaan antara rm50-80 sahaja.contoh pcb bulanan dari rm32 sekarang meningkat rm50.boleh jelaskan.

  29. Saya tidak lagi menghantar Borang BE2010 ataupun e-FILING semenjak tahun 2009 disebabkan kehilangan pekerjaan. Dengan keterpaksaan, saya berniaga minuman di tepi jalan dengan pendapatan bersih dalam linkungan RM700 sebulan. Kini saya mula bekerja semula dan ingin menggunakan perkhidmatan e-Filing. Bagaimana hendak reset jika terlupa pin no, user name dan juga password? TERIMAKASIH!

  30. saya sudah call no taliaan perkhidmatan LHDN untuk dapatkan no:pin tapi tak berhasil kerana ini pertama kali saya meggunakan efiling.macammana saya nak buat sekarang,tolong saya?

  31. saya hendak tahu sama ada e-filing yang saya buat untuk tahun 2010 betul atau pon tidak. sebab ini kali pertama saya membuatnya, sehingga kini saya belum menerima jawapan daripada pihak LHDN.

  32. Mengapakah sy kena cukai pendapatan pada tahun 2011,sedangkan tahun2 lepas sy tidak kena cukai pendapatan…pendapatan sy tidak lebih RM2000 Ringgit dan mempunyai 2 orang anak.

  33. e-filling become hassle free for me because no more driving to tax office , trafiic congestion and parking problem. But new problem arise hardly can go into tax web page may be due server to congested. macam mana ni………….

  34. kalau nak minta no pin, just email kat

    bagi nama, alamat, no rujukan cukai, no ic, no telefon and fotostat ic depan belakang..
    attach saja scan ic kamu kat dlm email tu.. kalau tak dpt scan pun, just gambar jer ic kamu depan belakang, and then attache gambar tu dlm email..sure kamu mmg ble dpt dlm masa 3 hari.

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