Employees Robbing Their Own Bank

“Employees should not waste time in the office as this is akin to stealing. Stealing from your own company is a bad thing.”

This is probably a good advice from a company’s management to their staff.

But certain people go beyond being bad to being criminals, literally robbing cash from the bank they are working with.

Worse still, one of the culprits was the Branch Manager himself.

In an incident happening in California, two bank employees of Wells Fargo – one the Branch Manager, and another a Bank Teller, partnered with two friends to mastermind a fake robbery that would see $100,000 cash money taken away by the robbers.

In the ‘robbery’, the Bank Teller, who was on its way out from the bank, was approached by a robber, who forced him back into the bank and subsequently made him open a safe deposit. All this happened without a single weapon, fight or commotion. Soon after the robbery finished, the Branch Manager called the police to report the incident.

However, upon investigation, the police found inconsistencies on the statements made by witnesses, and began to suspect something amiss. They also discovered that the Bank Manager has ordered a deposit of an extra cash amount a few days before the robbery.

The two employees, together with their friends have been arrested, and are now waiting trial.

Wells Fargo is a California based financial services, offering a wide range of financial related solutions to over 20 million customers worldwide. The bank is presently the fourth largest bank in the United States, and provides employment opportunity to more than 100,000 staff worldwide. It was also recently named as “The World’s Safest US Bank” by Standard and Poor based on long term foreign currency.

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