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  1. I would like to be a member of SOCSO, Im running my small business, help me what shall i do? How to join and how to pay. Iam already 49 yrs old, do i still qualify?

    Pls. respond asap,

    Lim Kok Khiang

    1. SOCSO protect the workers, not the business. For business owners, you are looking at the commercial income protection scheme through insurance e.g. Prudential, Takaful, ING and so on…

    2. u are qualified , just walks in any socso’
      s get the neccessary forms and enquaries…personally better than phoning

    3. u are qulified,just walks in any socso’s for imformations-forms much better than emailing or phoning…sure they will helps..so far the counter staff is very helpful..remember we human have emotion personal problems..sometimes the sky is blue..loveliest..sometimes with dishearthen falls…goodlucks

  2. I’ve been working for 6 months.
    But i still don’t have any EPF or SOCSO. May i ask how long it will take to regietered for my EPF?
    Because i am so curious for the waiting.

  3. Seriously speaking, there is no point in paying SOCSO BUT all employers have no choice because it is a must.
    SOCSO is really crap… Finding loop holes when a worker get’s injured or disabled. Not wanting to pay out…
    Whats the point we buy such protection when they don’t pay ?

    1. …entirely depends on claim submitted,accidental injuries subject to nature of emplyement’s or else..reality or subjected to genuine cases.

    2. Sir, looks at the rubber tapper’s case…beyond our imaginary of…latest recent amok sibblings being compensate..other’s sickness or illness- being considerate – compensate by socso..many more being looked into beyond.. our scope imaginations – expectations of, besides or solely due to employment injuries..at lest we have place to depend and highlights our plights to..in time of needs.. been riding a train in india ..a man fell of train nobody bothers..just nothing had happened.. yet in 70’s nobody believed in socso..especially aparting off with hard earned cents… of unseen circumantances in gaining..maybe urr minds is out dated with…so far am totally VERY HAPPY with socso services so far..bear in minds they are human being have feelings…they only managing peoples- monies..so if ones want to file a honest claims, they have follow the right path of lane ..in honest procedures, eventhough before ..false claims, likely..maybe a tip of iceberg had gone through..unexpectedly.. so called bogus claims…eversince personally..SOCSO had changed .. had done greatly in their commitments toward benefit of Malaysian workers…

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  5. hi. i would like to check my socso number? i had worked before 2002, but now new company need my socso number,i not sure that socso number same that IC number, would you please help me and let me know. my IC.no A2198816.

  6. I would like to know that if i’m a contract employee, and i had work for around 1 and a half year. If the company refuse to pay me the salary the month i left together with the claims. What can i do for that please ? Can i get back my salary and the claims as well please ? :hmm:

  7. Hi, is there a time window for employers to catch up with their contribution/payment of our salaries of up to 6 months? I have been working for this new company since August, and they only paid in October for the September salary; even that is not up to the full amount. I would like to bring this up with the company, but would need some confirmation of my question above, in case they sidestep me.

  8. Can aperson receiving illat pension, make addition claims of HUK..for differs case or additional new case ?

      1. Dont wolly be happy ..mr botak..u can..but when u submitted ‘anything’ to socso..hereafter u must call up …tailing their backyards or follow up with the case ..every 8 months…otherwise your claims will idle in cold coffin yards..lets say for year’s

  9. i find sosco is so inconvenient for employers.

    They did not provide statements like epf does every month. As business owners, especially sole proprietor that runs everything A-Z, we have too many things to do.

    Like few months ago i misplaced my socso borang 8a, i really thought i already done contribution, not until after few months when i check my cheque book buds i realise i missed a month. they dont even contact me to remind me like epf does!

    They dont even give official receipts when i pay in bank using cheque. i just get a proof of my cheque has been accepted.

    also employers expected to photocopy borang 8a. inconvenient

    and when i crossed out former employee that is no longer working with me since last year, their name keep on appearing in my borang 8a. it is so obvious they all they do is collect money and disregard on keeping tracks on their data.

    also inconvenient that everytime i have new employee, i have to drive to nearest (not so near) sosco office to drop borang A.

    sosco is terrible.

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