An Event Proposal Sample

An event proposal sample for download

At the bottom of this article you will find an event proposal sample for download, in the form of PDF format.

Whether you realize it or not, writing is an integral part of your career and good writing skill will take you far in your life. Performance appraisal, report, minutes, resume, cover letter and proposals are just some part of it. The higher the rank you climb, the importance of you having a good writing ability will become more prevalent. It becomes even more handy when you aspire to become an entrepreneur one day.

Every now and then you would be ask to help your company to organize events, conferences and trade shows for whatever objectives your company wishes to meet. Just like any other event, before it commences, there is the idea brainstorming part, the planning, the proposal development and eventually the execution. Writing a proposal is geared towards streamlining all the ideas and info gathered and present them in a documented and official way.

Sample of Proposal: EventActually to avoid scaring you away, writing a good proposal is not so much about having a skilful writing ability, but more on your capability to gather the right info at the right amount, and in the right place.

Below is an event proposal sample that was once developed to organize a considerably big career fair exhibition in Melaka. It was supposed to be held on March 2008 but it did not happen as it clashes with the General Election. For anonymity purpose some details have been changed, and some contents have been removed. Possibly the proposal will look a bit cacat with some key info removed but it will be improved from time to time, or replaced with a better one at some point.

You can use it as an example, but please take note that this is only the initial proposal and upon confirmation on few key elements, a proper, detailed proposal is to be developed.

This event proposal sample is in the PDF format. Click here to download.