For Fresh Graduates and Graduating Students

1. You are Hired! Program by Malaysian Today

Malaysian Today (not the Raja Petra’s Malaysia Today) has partnered up with in some sort of reality program to search for the ‘Malaysia’s next corporate hotshot’. Unlike Donald Trump’s The Apprentice and the Malaysia’s very own Apprentice, The Firm, the program will not be aired in TV and you would not get that 5 minutes of fame like Omarossa or Dr Jahar. However, this will be a pretty good exposure for the targeted contestants, which are the final year students to find a stepping stone in the working world.

Basically, in the You are Hired! program, 50 contestants will be picked during the program road tours held at major campus and universities across Malaysia and out of the 50 contestants, 7 winners will be selected and each will be offered a job from 7 participating companies in the program. The selection will be based on academic results (40% ratio) and interview performance (60%). Additionally, winners will walk away RM5000 richer and can pay the down payment for a brand new Persona perhaps.

The seven participating companies are:

  1. JobsDB
  2. Malaysian Today
  3. ATCEN
  4. MyPartners
  5. Universal Music
  6. Borders
  7. California Press

The program will run for 8 weeks, and has in fact started almost half way. Here are some of the photos I stole away from the official You are Hired! blog for the recent auditions in KDU and UCSI (Also thanks to Beng Han for more info on his blog). Visit the official blog for more pictures.

You are Hired - JobsDB & Malaysian Today

You are Hired - JobsDB & Malaysian Today

But worry not, those who are keen to impress can join the next auditions starting tomorrow (Tuesday 18 Sept) in the following venues:

  • Tuesday, 18 Sept 2007, INTI International University College, Nilai, Student Affair Office, Level 1
  • Wednesday, 19 Sept 2007, NILAI International College, Resource Center
  • Thursday, 20 Sept 2007, HELP University College, Damansara, KPD A Level 1
  • Monday, 24 Sept 2007, APIIT College – Technology Park Malaysia (TPM), Foyer
  • Tuesday, 25 Sept 2007, Binary University College, Puchong, Main Walkaway

And due to overwhelming responses, a major audition will be held in Plaza Berjaya (Opposite Berjaya Times Square, next to Melia Hotel) on Friday, 21 Sept 2007.

The finals for the selected 50 will be held on October 2007. Good luck in nailing that first job and the RM5,000 cash.

2. Financial Sector Talent Enrichment Programme (FSTEP)

Two people pointed me to this information. First, Noorul who blogs about it. Then Azwan who pointed to the official press release by Bank Negara (BNM). FSTEP is a 1-year program designed for fresh graduates, especially those who find it hard to find jobs to get themselves exposed to the financial industry especially banking (commercial and Islamic), insurance and takaful.

Basically, it provides you the first stepping stone to the working world. (If you find it difficult to remember the FSTEP acronym, always think of First STEP – your first step in employment world). Do not worry too much about your field of study as they accept candidates from various fields of study.

Best of all, during the program, candidates will get a handsome allowance/scholarship of RM2,000 per month together with basic medical coverage and insurance, and at the end of they 1 year training program, will be absorbed to work with one of the 9 financial institutions participating. When I heard about the scholarship amount and perks, I said, “Wow, is this for real? Is there a catch?” I can’t figure out. Perhaps, the country is in dire needs of more experts in the said industry. Further, the program is endorsed by the financial authority, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) so might as well you give this a shot.

According to BNM Governor, Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz,

“The FSTEP is aimed at attracting high-calibre students who have recently graduated from local and foreign institutions of higher learning to join the financial industry — banks, insurance, Islamic banks and takaful. We plan to start the programme by December and will offer 1,000 places. By October next year, the candidates will be ready to be absorbed by the industry,”

To view more details and apply for the program, visit BNM’s official page for FSTEP. If you are keen, you can also fill up the Online Pre-Admission form here.

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  1. hi,

    anyone got shortlisted for the FSTEP programme? I got email confirmed me that I am shortlisted…
    is it really rm2000 per month? 😛


    1. hello stanley…congrats 4 being 1 of da shortlisted..just wanting to ask u,when did u register 4 da fstep anyway? i did register for 2008…i thought dat i read in da FAQs tht they’ll b announcing the shortlised by the end of july 2008…so if im x getting any email then it is confirmed i did get picked? the hw 2 knw tht they already made their pick?will u b inform dat u’r not?

    1. hye mat…i hope u x mind me asking…how did u knw u were not shortlised?were u informed by the fstep itself or from others who did get shrtlstd?

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