Foreign Doctors Not Interested in Malaysia

Foreign doctors and specialists are not interested to work in Malaysia, with many of them putting the country as the last country of choice to work in.

Developed countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and the Middle East come on top of their listing, driven mainly by attracting salary and remuneration package.

The bad news came as the country is struggling with shortage of doctors. In April, the Ministry of Health revealed that Malaysia is short of 9,000 doctors and specialists, especially in 3 fields, namely pharmacy, dentistry and surgery. The figure represents about 40% vacancies in the government hospitals, clinics and private health centers.

And what is more appalling is that, it is even difficult to attract doctors from the neighbouring country Indonesia. The Indonesia government pays high salary for the medical profession. A government doctor working in Indonesia can earn between 40 to 50 million rupiah (RM15,000) monthly and the same position in Malaysia pays only about RM6,000, which is less than half he or she is getting in Indonesia.

Apart from failing to attract foreign doctors to work here, another prevalent problem faced by the country is the reluctance of the Malaysia students who graduated as doctors from overseas to come back serving the country and instead choosing to work in the country they graduated or other overseas nations. High salary and work comfort become the two major causes for Malaysian doctors deciding not to come back.

The new salary scheme offered to fresh medical graduates has apparently not been successful to lure many of them to work in Malaysia.

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  1. So, those foreign doctors/specialists who agree to work here are at the bottom of the pile, isn’t it?
    No wonder there are quite a number of botch jobs!

  2. I don’t think it’s correct when you write that the Indonesian government pays high salary for the doctors. On contrary, doctors working for the government earn much, much less than those who work in private hospital and… in Malaysia. They earn less than RM 950 (3 million rupiah)! And this article in Indonesians says the opposite of what you said. It is the Malaysian doctors who earns 50 million rupiah! ( I really want to work in Malaysia… Is there anyone who can tell me how?

    1. when i was fresh graduated
      i am working at RGMI company
      my salary about 4-6 times living cost there.

      when i worked in riau, my salari about 6juta (maybe because living cost there about 1.5juta)
      and when i move to kalimantan, my salary up to 15 juta (6 times of living cost there)
      and when i worked at papua, my salary up to 60juta rupiah = RM21,000 (6 times of living cost)

      and goverment pay only RM1,000 – 6,000 (depend area and how long you working in a week)

      1. sounds like bull***** i know ur government wouldn’t pay that much and i know if u earn that amount of money means it involves politics,bribery…(especially in pharmaceutical area)….and its a bull also when u said its hard to attarct indonesian docters to work in our beloved country…most of the people that i know r eager to move n give their service to our country…please trust me when i say we dont need their experties….i bet they dont even know the cardinal signs for appendicitis…

  3. kita bekerja untuk dunia atau akhirat? Di dunia kita nak kesenangan tapi di akhirat pun kita nak kelapangan. Jadi timbang-timbangkanlah.

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