Gov Salary to Be Paid Twice Per Month

The salary for the staff working with the government and civil servants will be paid twice per month, instead of once, announced the Prime Minister Pak Lah today.

The new implementation is set to commence beginning on August 2008.

The first half of the salary will be paid on the middle of the month and the other half at the end of the month. As for the statutory deduction such as EPF contribution, SOCSO and so on will still be done once per month, which is on the 2nd cycle of payment (end of month).

The latest move is aimed to facilitate a better cash flow and financial management for the government employees. Malaysian citizens from many different levels are now feeling the pinch of the fuel price impact and are now embracing the need to cut their spending and expenditures.

(Bernama) — Gaji untuk kakitangan kerajaan akan dibayar sebanyak dua kali sebulan bermula bulan Ogos ini, menurut Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Beliau berkata langkah itu bagi memberi kemudahan kepada pekerja mengurus perbelanjaan dan aliran tunai isi rumah berikutan kenaikan harga bahan api.

“Separuh pertama akan dibayar pada pertengahan bulan dan separuh kedua akan dibayar pada hujung bulan.”

Ditanya sama ada sektor swasta turut berbuat demikian, Abdullah berkata: “Saya menganggap ini adalah satu pendekatan yang baik kerana ia membantu pekerja-pekerja kita untuk menguruskan aliran tunai isi rumah. Ini adalah penting.”

BERNAMA, 11 June 2008.

The two-cycle salary is not that strange in the private sector as they have been many private companies and corporations which are paying their employees salary twice per month.

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