Gangnam Style: Does it Fit Malaysian Culture?

The Gangnam Style is taking over the world by storm. This “Gangnam Style” refers to a K-pop (Korean pop) single by the same title released by Korea’s rapper, Psy. Suddenly, people are becoming obsessed with it.

In the song, Psy showcases the horse-riding style dancing—something peculiar, something weird and something people don’t see everyday. The dance moves may also look silly. Yet, it has now become some sort of infectious disease (in a good viral way). People want to watch it over and over. People want to copycat.

Other than the weird dancing, the lyrics comprises of a mixed combination of humors and dynamic rhythms.

Its YouTube video clip has been watched more than 80 million times by worldwide viewers, and has been featured in CNN, Bloomberg and a host of international broadcasting media. Parody clips have been mushrooming like nobody’s business. These parodies include from Malaysian celebrities.

The Los Angeles Times described it as ‘one of the greatest videos’ ever to be uploaded to YouTube. Major worldwide celebrities are singing praises for this new phenomenon, including Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and Robbie Williams. British tabloid newspaper, Daily Mail, reported that the popularity of Psy’s move had influenced some politicians to adapt to Psy’s pop-culture approach.

Psy is ‘no typical’ Korean male artists. The ‘normal’, popular Korean artists were seen as cute hunks, and Psy does not fit into the description. He is chubby and some say, uncool. Psy himself is no stranger to controversy. His past songs have been banned, and during his early tenure as an artist, he had been a subject of social criticism.

A number of scenes in the Gangnam Style video clip are also inappropriate for culture-oriented nations that include Korea itself, as well as others that do not worship excessive vulgarities and indecent acts.

As of the writing, the Gangnam Style is the most viewed K-pop song ever on YouTube. But does it fit the Malaysian culture? You be the judge.

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  1. It is just a song and I think it is unique which makes it cool. Whether it fits or not, it depends on how open minded you’re. It shouldn’t be a problem, it should fit all cultures in my opinion.

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