Going Back To University

Education is important. This is something we have learnt ever since we were a child. Our parents would scold us for not studying hard enough to get great scores in examinations but not everyone is a “straight A’s” student.

Therefore, some of us will have to join the workforce after SPM or STPM.

After a few years working and you have some money saved up, what would you do?

Do you want to go to a college or university to further your studies (perhaps this is something you have always wanted to do)?

It is not a bad idea to go to a college or university even though you have been working for a long time because you can have a career change once you get your diploma or degree.

You might not want to change your career but with a degree you can move up in the company (i.e. get promoted easily). I am sure you are eager to advance in your career, rather than being stuck in current position for 5 years.

If you are in the government sector, it would be easy to further your studies because you can apply for scholarships.

For example, the government in Sabah wants all KEMAS teachers to have at least a diploma in education to provide the best quality of early education for kids. In order to achieve the goal, the government sponsors all KEMAS teachers who do not have a diploma to further their studies and get a diploma in education.

Not everyone is lucky enough to get a sponsor but if your company endorse such a program, you might want to apply for it. Otherwise, once you have enough savings, it is time to further your studies using your own money. Some people might even consider getting an education loan but this must be done carefully.

The most important of all, you get the education that will change your life.

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