Shell Job Interview: Some Tips

Shell job interview: Some tips shared

Did someone from Shell call you up today to inform you that you’re short listed for an interview at their HQ in the Shell House, Damansara next week? Feeling anxious and unsure what to prepare? Relax. First of all, you should be grateful because not every one will get the opportunity to attend job interview with Shell. I am not saying this just because I attended one 4 years ago, but I’ve heard many classic stories from the people who had the opportunity to attend interview with Shell and shared their interesting experience of either succeeding or flunking it before.

Just a short note to say that once you’re successfully screened for face to face interview with Shell, your academic credentials and results will almost play no part in determining whether you’re suited to be part of their team. During this interview and assessment session, your personality, inter-personal skills, presentation skills, communications, your ability to influence people, maturity and ability to work in a team will be assessed and if they prevail, you can be welcome to the family.

I know there are quite a few types of job interviews at Shell; the most typical one is perhaps what they call it as ‘Assessment Day’ where the job candidates and a group of assessors will spend a whole day together for a series of different assessments. Our interview started at 7am and finished at 6.30pm, so you can look forward to a very long and tiring day ahead.

The assessment was divided into 4 main sections, separated by a lunch hour session in the middle. The first session called for your ability to address a certain issue covering more of general issue and knowledge. It was geared towards assessing your presentation skills, really. I was initially given a sheet of paper that consisted of information about a few related issues, e.g. the environment, the state of education in Malaysia, employment and so on. Can’t remember exactly what the topics were. Together with other 6 candidates for that day, each of us needed to pick just one issue and we were given about 20 minutes to prepare. The presentation, attended by 2 assessors, lasted between 40 minutes to 1 hour.

The 2nd interview session involved a role play session between us and another 2 different assessors. These assessors are managers and executives normally picked by the HR department from different areas e.g. finance, HR, off shore operation, sales and trading, procurement and so on. We were given a role e.g. the CEO of Shell Group to play while the other 2 people would act as 2 of your right hand people (e.g. VP Sales and VP Operations). Our task was to attend to problems raised by your two subordinates, make decision and advise them. For example, your VP Sales complains to you that a group of people are planning to stage a nationwide protest against the oil companies, so as the CEO what would you advise them to do? Yeah, this task could soak your brain out.

Even the lunch hour also involved you sitting and dining with your interviewers. But in this case, the atmosphere was much more relaxed. Here you can take the opportunity to candidly ‘hentam’ those interviwers who gave you hard time before.

Past lunch hour it was back to business.

The next session was another play role session but it involved the candidates working as a team. The 7 of us we were given an assignment to analyze a location (one location for each) if it is suitable for mining activity. Then, during a meeting role-play, we needed to discuss together about the pros and contras of choosing your location, and which location finally would be chosen by the team. The task determined which one of us had the most outstanding influence and leadership skills as well as showed how we reacted when we were in a heated exchange and argument. About 5 assessors would sit aside and observe our discussion, and wrote down their assessment on us. This was fun.

And finally, it was the normal face to face interview that lasted about 1 hour for each person. By this time, most of our energy was already on the warning level; we’re so tired waiting for our turns that one of us had to use the ‘F’ word to describe our despair. And on top of that, I had to drive back to Penang immediately after the interview and return back to work the next day!

So hopefully the write up can give you some ideas on how to prepare for Shell job interview. My advice; if you’re short listed for Shell interview, do not simply prepare exactly the same and do not expect similar interview session. Normally, an organization will shuffle and tweak their recruitment and assessment session from time to time to suit the latest needs. Furhter, 4 years have gone since my interview. Try your best, and good luck!

On the other note, you’ll be informed of the results within 2 weeks regardless whether you’re successful or not, and work reporting can take as long as 6 months period. As for me, even though I was informed to be successful a week later, it took them 1 year before officially offered me a place! Unfortunately I chose to stay with where I worked because of the relocation and family commitment. By the way, I can tell you that I had to endure a painstaking experience of declining a fantastic job offer by Shell (but now I have no regret) which came together with nice perks e.g. company car, mobile phone and so on!

If you have interesting experience attending job interviews either with Shell or other company that you can share, do drop a line here; we can give more Shell job interview tips and facilitate better interview preparation by candidates.

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  1. hi, I’ve received an invitation to interview with shell 2 days ago. (I am in Singapore) I think my interview is quite a normal one as I was asked to book a timeslot for the interview, and the timeslot appeared to be about 1 hour. btw, I am a fresh graduate from NUS singapore.

    Is there any advice on this case? Interview for a fresh graduate trainee position.


  2. Hi Jack, in this case you should consider this a good news mainly because you can spend time preparing for the interview which is cramped into a 1 hour session. Consider splitting your preparation into 2 areas – soft skills (mainly communication) and technical (which is related to what you’ll be doing as a Trainee in Shell). A friend of mine was a trainee with Shell before in the Software division so most of the questions involved are related to programming.

  3. hi, i am in singapore now. BTW, I just began to work here and received invitation from shell for a technical position. They’ve arranged the timeslot for me, in this case, need i go through SRD or like this?

  4. Hi Kevin, as for as I know Shell Recruitment Day does not determine for what type of positions you will be recruited, it’s more like an overall assessment of you to decide if you score enough marks to work in Shell.

    Once you’re successful, and once they decided to offer you a specific position and department, you will be called up again for another round of interview with the senior management of the said department. But this interview will not be a long session but rather a 1-2 hours chat before you both agree with the terms and sign the offer letter.

    I think Shell Recruitment Day does not involve every candidate. Nevertheless, better ask Shell directly in this case. If it is a one day session, maybe it’s SRD.

  5. Fristly thanks for your kind reply and good advice.
    while on the phone, the HR lady just tolde me that they will email me the address and time, while I heard she said at 3pm, so I don’t think it’s SRD.
    Additionally this is just a technical postion and with at least 3 years expereience.
    According to your experience, do all the people need participate SRD if they want join shell or SRD is just for new graduates?

  6. SRD is only one of the ways to get into Shell. There are also Shell Gourami Business Challenge, Internship, Scholarship and so on.

    During my assessment session, most of us were either fresh graduates or those with max 2 years of working experience.

  7. Hi, zul,
    Thanks for your kind reply these days.
    I’ve received the email confirmation that the interview will last 1 hour and the interviewer will be the lead engineer and HR manager.
    So i think normally will be technical issues.
    Last but not least, thanks again.

  8. No problem. All the best in your Shell interview. Shell is a company where you’ll be learning a lot. Good luck.

  9. hi Zul,I just went thru an interview with HR manager and Sales manager for a commercial position 1 month ago. my status still “final assesment”. I was told i would receive reply within two weeks. should i call back for an reply or wait for their reply regarding my application?

  10. Since they promised the results in 2 weeks, i think you should call them and ask the status. During out time we got the results (reject & success) within the stipulated 2 weeks period.

  11. hi zul, how long does it take for shell to call for an interview once shortlisted. i saw in my online application that i was shorlisted but that was like 3 weeks ago. any idea why it take so long.

  12. Hi Johan, it could be anywhere between 1 week to few months. My first interview came about 4 months after I submitted the application via post mail. Back then there’s no facility to track our latest status. Maybe you should wait for 1 or 2 more weeks before getting a call, otherwise you can ask them what is the normal waiting period.

    Good luck.

  13. Hi, zul,
    Just finished interview last afternoon at Singapore shell house for a technical position.
    They said the result will be announced after 2 months and during this period they will continue interiviewing other candidates.
    So really have no idea about this job and it lasts more than 1 hour, I think my answer is not bad, but who knows?
    Just waiting….
    Anyway, thanks for your kind advice during last days.

  14. hi zul,

    I’ll be having my interview session with Shell Cyberjaya tomorrow morning. To tell the truth i was quite overwhelmed when they called me to attend the interview. Luckily i managed to be calmed and moderate. Am now doing some preparation and thanx for the enlightment.

  15. I’m a recent graduate in Statistics and I’ll like to comment that a lot of companies today Celebrate certificates more than talents but I’m glad to know that SHELL is more interested in personal abilities, skills and other good qualities in their candidates. I believe this will help reveal those who really don’t have the brain but use power,influence and money to obtain the best grades in while in school. You’re a unique company, keep on matching ahead of others.

  16. hi, i just went for the interview as well in Singapore. I think the qns were fine until they decide to test my critical thinking skills which i think i fumbled. Well in any case, i am not really that sad as i felt at least i got a chance to be interviewed. (self comforting) but i believe shell makes a good company from the way they asked qns and select its people.

    i was told about the outcome in 2 weeks but i think the chance is very slim. Got too nervous so cant talk properly.

  17. Hi Guys,

    I got an interview call for Oracle DBA position in Shell. Would u guys mind sharing, how was the interview and what are the skill set they were looking for?

    Thanks in advance guys..

  18. Shell called me a week after the interview. They informed that my application was unsuccessful. I was applying for IT deep technical position. A friend of mine, my colleague actually, who went to the interview the very same day with me however did get secured. He’ll be starting there soon, and the pay… yeah the pay is delicious ; )

    I was a bit down at first when they told me that but hey, when one door shuts another opens! A week after, i managed to secure a place in axonglobal and the best part is, this is my dream job. The pay is not as high as shell would give, but in the long run it will succeed.


    Based on my xp, for IT technical position the interview will be in between two to four parts, depending on ur papers. Had u have enough xp and solid technical background the interview would probably be either one or two parts. As for me, i had two parts, which are behaviorial and technical. If you were applying for Oracle DBA, you might need to brush up your knowledge a bit prior to the interview. This is a screening process. They’ll let you know the result in a week or two after the interview session. If you passed the screening process then, welcome aboard!

    If i were not mistaken, for all SITI position, you will be directed under 3rd party vendor. After serving them for a year or so, and you passed your yearly review only then you will be absorbed as a permenant staff where you will enjoy the spectacular benefits of shell, which is the very reason why people want to go to there.

    All the best with the interview

  19. Hi Ahmad,

    Thanks for your reply. My interview is going to be for an hour as told by the HR manager. I hope the interview goes on well. To tell u the truth, I am a bit nervous.

    Another thing, I heard that SHELL IT will be outsource. If that’s the case, anyone that get hired as contract staff won’t stand a chance to be absorb as permanent rite? I am not sure but just guessing.


  20. oh hi
    i have a shell interview SRD next month and i’m wondering what the techinical interview would be about…considering i applied for a job in finance….

  21. i was informed by the HR that i’ll hv to attend SRD on next month. Im so curious on how the SRD will be like.could you give me some tips preparing for the interview?

    tq 🙂

  22. Hi,

    I have been called for a face to face interview
    for a technical position(permanent). The interview
    is for 2 hours. Can anyone share their experience of the 2 hours interview they had with SHELL IT. What does the 2 hours interview comprises? Is it all technical?

    Hope to get a feedback on this.
    Thanks in advance.

  23. I went through the Shell interview, and have been working for Shell for the past 3 years. I hope I can answer some of the commenter’s questions.

    The post was for a technical position. There was one HR manager, and one technical manager. To my surprise, there was absolutely no technical questions.

    What they want to see is how you think, and how well you can articulate your thoughts into words. The way you present your ideas must be systematic – from a holistic birds eye view – to detailed components and sub-components.

    They also tested general knowledge, current issues, the government, social issues, and what not. As long as you watch the news or read newspapers, you should be fine.

    Bottom line is, as long as you’re mature enough, and able to portray honesty, integrity and respect (Shell’s business principle), you’re on the right track. Just be yourself. Know how to sell yourself, but don’t over do it.

    Recently however Shell has started introducing technical questions as well (for technical posts). Having said that, you should be a master of what you know. Brush up your skills, open those textbooks again and be confident.


  24. i’m wondering what are the packages offered by Shell other than basic salary? housing allowance? transportation? bonus? loan?

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  26. Oh crap, now I’m more worried than ever about going for interviews – Shell or otherwise. Never knew it was ‘legal’ for companies to hold interviews that long which have so many different parts to it.

    Do all levels of employees have to go through this, even those at the top? They can’t expect a potential director to be interviewed like this right? Right?? Haha..

    BYE! And thanks for the ‘warning’.

  27. hi all.. i just get a call from shell malaysia for the SRD on 4th Dec 07.
    has anyone with the same date?
    and if can, could someone give me some tips in SRD Malaysia.. 012 3763619 zack

  28. Hi, i want to share my experience interviewing with shell IT for technical position. It was a tiring interview since the interview went to 2 hours non stop. the first hour is to introduce your self about your current job etc. then they will ask you some of the technical question, what skill do you have to fulfill the job requirement. the next section they will ask about non-technical question, they want to know what are improvement do you have made, how well you manage a problems etc. what are EA Faisal said was true. You need ti brush your skills and dig deeper your soft skills. How ever, i still waiting for the result of my interview, either i get it or not, i will pray to God and i will accept what ever result is. That’s all. To any shell candidate, good luck for your interview and be calm. 🙂

  29. too.. i’ve been called upon to attend the SRD this week! (anyone same with me?) the problem is that, i’m currently bond with other company for two years (quite long) .. i didn’t expect shell call me again, after 7 months of the first interview.. plus, i’ve heard of rumours that SITI will be outsource.. huh.. any comments? advices? thx in advance 🙂

  30. I finished the first interview in Singapore 5 weeks ago and my application status is still “shortlisted”. Wondering if my interview has been successful? Should i call them up?

  31. michael, u dont have to call them, just wait, if they want u, they will call. 🙂

    i just finished my srd last 2 days.. now im waiting. 🙂

  32. hye peeps! when was ur srd (wa)? did they call u personally telling that u didnt get it? guess what? im still waiting for their call.. been 2 weeks already.. hahaha!! well.. i think i just have to wait then..

    ammar mh

  33. my srd was before CNY. then, all of my teammates still contact each other after the srd.
    then, one of my friend ask us to check the status online. yeah.. the result should be within 3 working days.
    why don’t u check the status online or simply call them. but for my case, they not even bother to call me telling i’m rejected:p maybe that’s the procedure 🙂

  34. i was attached to a shell shared service centre previously…shell is a really good company to work for…not just for the work/technical experience and the perks…what i miss most is the work culture…once you worked with shell, u’ll bring the values anywhere u go..the integrity, respect stuff…

    and yeah…the managers seem to be mentally trained to recognize good talents n good personal traits..not just what on paper(qualifications)

  35. Hi Zul,

    Recently, i’ve applied for the Gourami Bussiness Challenge program and i was shortlisted for the interview. I have two options to choose from: Face to face (Shell House Damansara) or phone interview. Since im a east malaysian, i chose phone interview. My question is, are the procedures for conducting the interview session same as those mentioned in this forum, eg. technical postion and etc.

    Please advise.

    1. I had a quite similar experience to yours. I got a call from Shell to attend interview in Damansara. After explaining that I’d need to make arrangement as I was in my hometown in Terengganu, they said, “Oh, that’s ok. In that case we will conduct the interview over the phone.”

      The phone interview (about a few days later) tested my conversational ability and doing some analysis. The interviewer actually called me twice – first for early introduction, and second about 1 hour later after giving some questions for me to prepare with answers. There was no technical questions as I can remember.

      At the end of the phone interview, I was told that they’ll arrange for the face to face interview – the one I explained above. They actually compensated my lodging and traveling expenses.

      In your case, I am not 100% sure if there will be further assessment after the phone interview. You should check out with them.

  36. Out of my surprise, I got a call for a phone interview by tomorrow. Kinda happy yet nervous. I will be graduating by this end of month, majoring in Marketing Management. May i know what sort of questions will they asking for those who are doing business studies. As I went through the comments, most of you guys applying for a technical-related job. I am a freshie so I really no idea what position will they putting me in as I was applying for Gourami but they said Gourami is opened for those who are still at there final study. Mind we discuss via email?

    Thanks and best regards,

  37. Hello, I’m Wai Loon a first year student in MMU.
    I was shorlisted for scholarship interview at the beginning of the month.
    It has been past two weeks now and i have not heard any news from them.
    Is this scholarship interview same as the SRD?
    What is the next stage after the scholarship interview?

    1. SRD is for employment. Scholarship is for… scholarship. They may have some similarity but I don’t feel scholarship is that intensive.

  38. Thanks Zul,

    I’m just quite concern because it has been two weeks now since the interview.
    Normally how long will it take for SHELL to notify me wether the interview is successful?

    Please advice.

  39. Hi, I just got a call from Shell for SRD on the 29th april (next tue), Singapore
    They mentioned its a SRD catered to the trading department, how should I prepare for this? Study abt oil trading? any advice?

    Oh, anyway, Shell called me 3 mths after the first interview. If you are shortlisted, they will wait for engh ppl then organise a SRD, thats what the lady told me.

    Please advice

  40. I am a fresh grad and I was also called for an SRD on the 29th April, but i am applying for supply and distribution deaprtment. Will I be having the same SRD with Ah Q which is catered for trading department on the same exact day ? Could I have a technical questions during the recurutiment day about supply and distribution?

    Thanks and best regards

  41. Hi ,

    SITI invited me to get an interview by phone for technical position. And it will run for 45 minutes until 1 hours. Any idea about what they will ask in the interview? Will they ask my expected salary in the first interview? If yes, how to find out the salary range for the technical position in SHELL IT?

    What are the differences between SHELL IT (SITI) and SHELL? As an SHELL IT employee, will we receive the same benefits as SHELL employee?

    Thanks in advance for the information.

  42. Dear sir,

    I got a call from Shell refineries, Singapore for the Project Engineer position, Can anyone please advise or provide some details about the
    1content of interview
    2 salary expectation(Present Market)
    3.Guidence to suceed


  43. I have been thru 2 rounds of the technical interview (telephonic). now i shall have to pass through HR interview. Can somone please guide/ advise what does an HR interview comprise of. This is urgent, please.


  44. What is the difference between the Expat and Locl Contracts for a Shell company. Seek your kind advise, please.


  45. Scarily, i am attending the SRD in Miri, Sarawak next week (17th June)..anyone on d same day? huuhh.. i just dunt have any idea wat to prepare, they told me there will b 3 part of the interview session which are 1stly on case study, 2ndly on group xtvt n 3rd part is technical part.

    my problem is i am not very fluent in english.. i am just moderate. i am afraid that this may influent the assesment because as u said it involved presentation skill..

    1. I am attending the SRD in Miri, Sarawak on 18th December..anyone on d same day? huuhh…I have done some research about what actually they want to ask..can anybody tell me the specifics topic that they discuss on that day so that I can do some preparation for it..


  46. Feeling nervous as everyone else, i am a fresh graduate and going through a phone call interview with SHELL. Have no idea at all what to expect. I chose a technical position, and feeling a lil bit uncomfy as this rush is killing me of what they might inquired during the phone session. Any tips from u guys?


  47. Hi All,

    I have been invited for Shell interview First round, can anyone pls share the interview questions? I had once interviewed for them at the Hague and unlike ibanks in London which move on to different competencies, this lady kept asking me more sub-questions about the example I gave..

    Pls help.


  48. Hi

    I have question regarding a friend.

    She was successful at Shell Singapore interview for a commercial position and subsequently invited for SRD, unfortunately SRD date was not suitable for her thus informed them to line her up for subsequent SRD.

    She was told that they would keep her in the list for any next STD, (but they seems to saying this is last SRD for the year) or she can apply again next year.

    I would appreciate if someone could tell,
    How shell graduate programs works?
    Do they hire one batch a year or it is year round recruitment?
    if she still have chance of geting invitation for SRD this year?


  49. I applied to SHELL internship program few days ago and they are now arranging an interview. I told them i will choose for telephone interview because I will not be available in Malaysia. What should I prepare from now? The interview will be on Tuesday morning. As far as i know, they will assess me base on my ability to solve current issue pertain to global companies, it sounds hard. I must nail this, any word of advice?

  50. Hello guys!

    I have gone through the Shell Phone Interview on the 7th of July’08 , and surprisingly until now I haven’t received a notification or a feedback regarding my interview result, nor have I received an invitation for the Shell Recruitment Day , it’s been like 4 months now .. does the recruitment process normally take that long? and what do you recommend me to do to send them an email as a reminder about my application status and my interview result or should I wait until I get contacted by any of the Shell staff?

    Thanks in advance!

  51. Jet,

    I am similar to you – but had an interview in August. I was told that I had progressed through to the SRD in September however nothing has been heard since. The job is starting in early Dec :S

    I’ve called and emailed recruitment and have received no reply. Any advice?!


    1. I think it would be no harm for you guys to call them and verify your situation. If the person on the other end of the phone call can’t provide the answer, then escalate the matter to their manager/supervisor.

      1. Zul,

        That is good advice provided they return your phone call. I’ve left messages on answering machines of different recruitment managers, and emailed as well, to no avail. I would think that a reputable company like Shell would at least keep candidates informed…

      2. The point is that so far I haven’t even received the result of my interview, I just sent an email to the coordinator she forwarded the mail to someone from the HR, I continued with the new person she forwarded me to another person and then I finally received a reply telling that they are currently reviewing my application and will get back to me as soon as a decision has been made regarding my application , that was over a month and half ago. I’m currently in Egypt and I can’t get their phone no. so I send emails instead and wait for replies.

        Thank you guys!

  52. Hi Guys,

    I’m worried about the assesment based on the ability to solve current issue pertain to global companies. Does anyone know what to expect on this? (this issue concerns the first round interview).

    Thanks in advance!

  53. Hi Guys!

    I just received a call from Shell. They told me that I had a successful phone interview but my application was paused until mid-January because for the mean time there are no vacancies match my discipline , I have been told to call them back by mid-January to proceed. Furthermore I was checking my application status on the website a little while ago and it has been changed from “Shortlisted” to “Regretted” .. it sounds weird to me, do you have any ideas what they exactly mean by regretted?

      1. i think “rejected” means u’re outright rejected by them cos u’re not good enough or something.

        “regretted” means they didnt reject u but for some other reasons u were not offered a job.

  54. I am attending the SRD in Miri, Sarawak on 18th December..anyone on d same day? huuhh…I have done some research about what actually they want to ask..can anybody tell me the specifics topic that they discuss on that day so that I can do some preparation for it..


  55. I got a call and email from Shell for interview for the post in Legal Department… Start to feel nervous after i received email……

    Interview structure/agenda
    0830 – 0835 Introduction by the Assessors
    0835 – 1000 Interview Proper

    Dunno what it will be when introduction by the assessors…


    1. hi,

      I just received an email from Shell last week stating that i am invited for an interview and the coordinator will call me to arrange this . My question is how long will they take to inform the date of the interview? i applied under the graduate scheme. since i am a law grad, are they going to ask me on law specifically or current issues? are they going to hold a phone interview and once u’re successful, only then u’ll be called for a face to face interview??i am so nervous and hoping that anyone out there will help me out.


  56. i am having telephone interview tomorrow, i applied for technical position in SHELL, i am a research scholar what they may ask? do u have any idea for PhD degree holders?

    thanks in advance

  57. today i had shell telephone interview..they asked questions like what kinda job profile you are looking for?
    how did you handle the team? experiences of managing a team or working in team?..when there is difference in opinion how you managed it? what is the happiest moment in my life? went for 25 minutes..

  58. Hi everyone,
    I ll have an interview for an internship position in 2 weeks. Its gona take place in the Hague, Netherlands.
    Could anyone that had one lately share his/her experiences/ thoughts ?

    any replies will be well appreciated


    1. Hi Ken Masters,

      I got the opportunity of a phone interview for an internship in the Netherlands for next week, please share your experience of your interview…
      what are the questions they were asking?
      I’m a little bit worried about the current issues about the global company, since i don’t read the news that much, what did they asked you about this?


  59. Hello,

    I will have an interview with Shell this upcoming week and have a following issues that need a bit of clarification. First, the HR lady called me to arrange a face to face interview instead of phone interview, so my question are they two different things in terms of the range of questions?should I expect tech stuffs to be thrown at me??
    Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. God Bless everyone.


  60. Hello everyone,
    I’ll be having an interview with Shell in the next week. I’m trying my best to prepare myself in every aspect I can think of. People advised me to be presentable for the interview, read your technical stuffs (esp if you are like me with zero hands on exp regarding the industry), read current issues both domestic and global. That is all I have but if anyone has anything to add on, please do. Regards and God Bless.

  61. hey everyone,

    i just had an interview last week in Den Haag (Netherlands) for a graduate position (1st choice IT management). the interview was scheduled for just 45min but it took almost 2hours. Any idea if I should consider this good or bad?

    Questions you should be prepared for:
    1) What would you consider as your biggest success (explain it)
    2) show that you learned smth and what
    3) give concrete examples

    there were no questions wrt my academic record or my CV at all. they only want to check whether you and Shell will be a cultural match or not.

    In the end I had to choose from four statements which are important for global companies and explain how Shell should handle those challenges (e.g. higher demand for energy whereas you also have the need to protect the environment)

    In addition come up with smart (not standard questions) about Shell. Two of mine the interviewer answered like: “It’s a really good one, I can’t answer them but ask one of the senior managers in the next round.”

    One last advise: Be yourself! I felt comfortable for the entire two hours, wasn’t bored and even enjoyed it to a certain extent. But now I have to be patient for a couple of days to get the result.

    Everyone who is still in the process: Good luck!

  62. hello house,
    i hv just rcvd an invitation 4 shell technical graduate interview taking place 1st june.pls someone shld help me on d tips of d interview. how will i prepare. thanks

  63. Hye Zul,
    I have an interview with Shell tomorrow..
    it is the first stage which is the face to face interview.
    any tips for me to get prepared for this interview?
    I feel very nervous right now.
    I really hope that I can join this organization..
    Thank you..

  64. Hello Suraya,

    I have interview next week in Den Haag.

    I wish you sucess in your interview tommorrow, but please do let me know what exactly they asked you, esspecially the topics to be discussed.
    All the best.


  65. Hey everyone,

    I interviewed with Shell in April for a technical scholarship and I haven’t gotten any feedback yet, and my application status is still ‘shortlisted’. ‘Does this mean they’re just taking their time, or have I been rejected and they never posted it?

  66. hello zul.

    u waited a year for the offer letter after you knew that you passed srd? wow.. that’s a long time. what field are you from?

    i went to the srd last month and i was the only 1 from the civil eng field that passed. the other 3 were from mechanical eng field and they all received an offer letter straight away after being informed that they passed. lucky them!

  67. nfmn- faridah?? haha. yup. its a long wait, for me.. they said that shell is undergoing, my 1st stage interview is on april ’09 and my SRD on july ’09… my start date in april ’10.. what a long wait…

    1. arghh! i mmg dengki sama u tau. i’m still waiting for the offer letter.. ughh. seriously, it’s painful! nanti u sampai miri, tell them to quickly hire me ok. ;p

  68. hi all,

    i had received an invitation to the campus interview with Shell. they said the interview will be on one-to-one basis and will last for about 45 min. The email also stated the will view the qualities of candidate that important in Shell.

    anybody can explain to me what is CAR?
    any suggestion thing that i need to prepare.

  69. fazrul.. from which uni r u from?

    You will be asked for evidence of your Achievement and Relationship skills to date, as well as being given the opportunity to analyse an issue that is current to global companies (Capacity).
    they will assess you against Capacity, Achievement, Relationship skills and Technical skills (CART)

    be relax.. if u have finished ur internship. just tell them what r u doing there.. make sure u have more than 2 situation/case

    1. hai fauzan..

      thanks 4 the info.. I’m from uniten..

      The interview will be on this Wednesday.. yea, they did mention about the opportunity to analyse an issues about the global companies.. i still searching about issues.

      any idea where could i find it?
      really nervous rite now since i don’t prepare much..

  70. Hi,

    My SRD was in January 29th, I have been informed that I passes the SRD. I spouse to hear back from them with an offer within two week but it has been a month and no offer. This waiting is killing me. How long did it take for you guys to get your offers?


  71. Hello guys, does anyone here recently been invited for phone interview by Shell ?? I really hope if u guys can share all the info during that 45 minutes interview including the topics that hv been discussed & questions that been asked by the interviewer?? TQ

  72. hi, i’ll be having my telephone interview this tuesday and i was wondering what questions they would ask during the interview.anything specific i should read up on? i’m a fresh graduate. some information would be verry helpful! thanks!

  73. halo… i would like to ask about what type of question will be ask during telephone interview. pls reply me… because i will be interviewed tomorrow. pls…. i don’t know anything..

  74. Don’t worry joanna, the telephone interview just requires you to talk as much as possible.. just ‘blah’ everything you know.. there will be several topics to choose from, all involving current issues..
    i have an SRD this fri, having cold sweats! ~,~

    1. hai KAY, do you mind to share with me your recent SRD exp? my session on next wednesday…nervous nervous !! hope you can help ….!! thanks in advanced !!! ^^

  75. Hello there,
    I’ve been invited to attend the srd facilitation . But I dont’ have any idea what is it about. Anyone here attended the session before? Please tell me as much as you can so that I can be more well-prepared. THANKS!!!! 🙂

  76. hi all….i also been invited for the phone interview this coming friday…
    im so nervous when thinking about that..any tips from u guys….
    what i need to know is that,how many stage that we need to go thru until we can be offered for d job?im a bit curious after reading all of the comments above…any news/info…
    pls do consult me…thanks…appreciate it!!

  77. hi everyone, just to lend in some tips coz I got lots of pointers from this website on how to excel in an Shell interview. FYI, the position offered was an experience hire so the process might differ a bit anyhow the core is the same. For experience hire, there is no phone interview, no HR interview, no SRD etc. For us, it will be straight to Final Assessment in Miri office. And the interview session last for up to 5 hours. 3 interviewers consist of one HR, and two industry expert. The nature of the interview would be they ask you questions, you answer, and they write. So during the interview, don’t expect them to look you in the eyes when you talk coz they’ll be busy writing. The structure would be on technical (20%), on your experience (50%) and lastly on role play i.e. the CEO question (30%). I must admit they were tough and I felt sick the next day. They let you know the result between 6-8 weeks. After that there’ll be background checks by hireright (they’ll check what you write on your resume is true or not), medical checks, and work permit application for those working in Miri (2 months). In short, after you got the results, there’ll be another 4 months before you actually start working. The offer was good and is on par with industry standard.

    1. Arthur,

      I got an interview session with Shell for an Offshore (GoM) Electronics Technician position, my interview is scheduled for April 13th at the shell centre in Louisiana USA. Please do you know what kind of questions I’ll be asked. My email address is, I’ll appreciate if you go into more details regarding the technical questions and the CEO questions.

      Thank you for your anticipated response.

    2. Hi Arthur,

      I am Guan Han, would like to know more about the CEO question you mention above. May you email me more details on the questions? and may be the expectation from the interviewers? Appreciate if you can response to me then.

  78. hello..

    i have just came from SRD and I would like to share my thoughts about it..first of all they are giving a case to everyone and you have to check the documents about the fictious country for 1 hour 20 minutes.. there are mails and some charts..and you have to come with the main problems.. my shell case was about the saban island..what they want is CAR stuff… askin so many mine problems were supply problem for a petro chemical product (because basically they closed one factory for some time and one of the main competitor of shell close its factory for 2 months), some problems about the management (like some people are not coming to work etc), some problems about the consumer satisfaction (consumer survey results are bad), and some problems about the LNG, the competitionr of shell in that island givin lower price to LNG -but there is a posibility that is speculation..there are some models, very basic that you can calculate and the gas price is depend on oil price but the oil price is not staible..well they want you to come with short and long run actions!! and of course the expected implications of these strategies..they are at the end of 5 minute presentations select one the problem and ask 1000 questions about it..mine was LNG..and they ask what can be the possible problems of supplying LNG in the island?? do you think it is good for shell?? why it is logical to sell it in that island?? possible implication problems?? etc…

    after that there is a group case where they are givin couple of cases to groups and you are discussing it after 5 minutes reading alone..they are grading your discussion and then all groups are they want to see how you are acting in team..and then one question to everyone..


    thenn.. alone case again..15 mi preperation time..mine was about marketing…petrol station used to be lower in a station on the border so a lot of people buy there but then tax become higher as in other stations in other side of the border..and sales decrease..what can we do??

    at the end one event that you were in a team..what is your contribution and what is the problems you faced and how did you solve it? what did you learn ? and where did you use the thing that you learn there in the life..

    i hope it is useful…



    well it is not so difficult but you need to know they are really looking for CAR stuff..

    1. Dear Juliet, thank you very much for these great informations and explanation, May I ask you further questions:

      1) what kind of models (basic) they gave you? do you have an example?
      2) is there any formula you can provide me, which need to be used?
      3) What is actually the relation between gas price and oil price?
      4) what would be in you opinion the short and long term strategy?

      Thank you soo much in advance for you help.

      Best regards


  79. Hi Guys!

    I’ve been invited for the commercial SRD and I’m really looking forward to it.

    I’ve been scanning the website and I was wondering If any of you have some hints/tips/experiences for me so I can prepare myself.

    Would really appreciate it:)

  80. Hi,
    Ive been invited for a shell recruitment day in nigeria on the 15th. and was told to prepare hard copies of a technical presentation, i am planning to use my final yr project but dont know if it would be too long, do i summarize it or make a power point file. I nid help urgently, please send ,me tips on how to prepare a technical report and also tips on the recruitment day as a whole.

  81. I have actually been interviewed for a managerial position at shell. The interview was mostly about personality and how you would react to different situations. I have some questions I missed though I already prepared for such questions. I guess the interview process was so fast-paced with multiple interviewers at the same time that sometimes you forget what you’ve prepared. They were mainly stress testing me and wanted me to answer as brief, precise and as accurate as possible. If I were to rate myself I believe I performed 8 out of 10. It has been 37 days and I am still waiting for the result. I did email one of the recruiters and they replied, “you’re application is still under consideration.” Whatever the result, I should be happy with it. If you still haven’t heard from them, just be positive and think, “To think they are still considering me after this so long a time…”

    By the way, there was also an interview where you will act as a CEO.

  82. how do i prepare for my final assesment presentation as an intern in shell, given that i av jst 15mins to intelligently narrate my experience and learnings so?………i dnt knw exactly what is expected of me.

  83. I was shortlisted in mid-November and had a phone interview around the middle of December. I was told that if my interview was successful I would be contacted to attend a SRD in a couple of weeks probably after the first of the year. I thought my interview went well but I’m starting to think that they aren’t calling me back. However, my application status on the shell website still says ‘Short Listed’ . Will they let me know a final answer regardless of whether or not I am invited to attend a SRD? Any advice?

  84. hey guys
    did any one had interview by telephone for shell egypt company
    they called me and told me i will have an interview for an hour can any one help me and tell me what usally happens in this interviews?????????

  85. I have been invited to shell face to face interview in Nigeria, please i need someone to tell about most likely Questions they might ask. And probably a Nigerian. Thanks

  86. It’s been a month since I have been contacted from Shell after the telephone interview with. I had my interview on Friday Nov 22, 2013 early morning and received the following message on Monday afternoon Nov. 25, 2013:

    Dear XXX,

    Thank you for your interest in career opportunities with Shell and for taking the time to discuss your career interests with us during the recent interview.

    We are now reviewing your qualifications and areas of interest against available employment opportunities. Your application is being given every consideration, so please be assured that we will contact you should a suitable position arise.

    As we are dealing with a high number of applications, you may experience a delay in receiving the results of your interview. Should you receive other offers in the meantime, please let us know by sending an email to

    You can check the status of your application through our website by logging into your account using the same email and password you created when you registered to apply.

    Thank you for your interest in Shell, and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

    What does this means? I followed-up with the recruiter assigned to me for the interview and she told me that they are reviewing business considerations and will contact me via email one a decision is made. This was about 2 weeks ago and my application status is ‘completed interview’.

    Could someone advise of what this means?

    Thanks in advance!

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