Good time to work for AirAsia

AirAsia grabs its highest award when it was named Airline of the Year by by Center of Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA). Recently they also took 6 place in Asia Pacific Brand Channel Award.“This is our best year yet. It exemplifies our endeavour in rising up against the big incumbent players. We have come along way since starting up with only 200,000 passengers six years ago and now we have over 18 million passengers.”

That is the words of AirAsia’s CEO, Tony Fernandes after the announcement of the Airline of the Year award.

If you want to learn some background and history of AirAsia and Tony Fernandes, read on. If you want to skip and are more interested to know about jobs in AirAsia, click here.

The history of AirAsia & Tony Fernandes

Contrary to popular perception, AirAsia was not established by Tony Fernandes. AirAsia was a company founded by DRB-Hicom, a government owned conglomerate (now with Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary as the majority shareholder). It was an airline that was not making money (in fact, was facing a major financial loss) until Tony Fernandes came about and bought the corporation for RM1. Fernandes did not only pay the RM1 token, but also took along with him some debts amounting to over 40 millions ringgit.

During that time Fernandes was a young and promising executive at Time Warner Music, and at the age of 27 years old, became the youngest Vice President for the company. Fernandes was a graduate from London School of Economics, LSE.

Under Tony Fernandes’ leadership, AirAsia underwent a remarkable turnaround, made profit after its first full year of operation, and in 5 years time created an airline that is worth RM5 billions. It then went public and created history by having one of the largest share capitalizations on the board. In the process of becoming one of the biggest airlines in the Asia, AirAsia surpassed the performance and size of the national airline itself, Malaysia Airlines Systems (MAS) and Singapore Airlines (SIA).

Low Cost… High Hope…

AirAsia has truly revolutionized the low cost phenomenon of the airline industry in Asia and in the world. It came as a no surprise that when AirAsia launched AirAsia X that operates long distance flights to major cities like London and Gold Coast, Richard Branson from the successful Virgin Airlines decided to take 20% of the stake. Incidentally, before joining Time Warner Music, Fernandes worked with Virgin Records owned by Richard Branson and it was Branson who interviewed and offered Fernandes a job as a Financial Controller in Virgin Records.

Some time later Fernandes quit Virgin Music soon after Branson announced that Virgin Group would be venturing into airline business. He thought his boss was crazy. Many years later, Fernandes followed Branson’s foot step to operate an airline business by buying AirAsia. How irony…… Now both become crazy people… with tons of money…. Apart from AirAsia, Tony Fernandes is also the founder of budget hotel network, Tune Hotels and Tune Money, that provides personal financial services.

Getting a job with AirAsia

From time to time, AirAsia does open up job vacancies to those interested job seekers and professionals. Apart from advertising through major presses and job portals, they also have a well maintained internal job site. In the job site you can browse through some of the job vacancies there as well as submitting your resume to be considered for relevant positions available for you.

Some of the present job positions available are Software Engineer, System Administrator, Web Designer, Copy Writer, Guest Support Officer, Financial Accountant, Flight Attendant and so on.

You will need to register before dumping your resume in the website.

Click here for AirAsia job site.

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