Government Jobs Are Hot Picks

The government jobs are getting more and more popular these days and to prove a point, about 98% of those who apply will end up rejected.

The statistics released by the Ministry of the Prime Minister’s Department showed that the number of job applications for the half year of 2008 has exceeded the previous year’s figure.

Today, jobs in the government sector not only attract the Malays and the Bumiputras, but also the Chinese, Indians and other races.

As of June 2008 ending, 797,973 applications were received, compared to last year’s figure of 760,840.

At the moment, there are 15,887 job vacancies to be filled for various government offices and agencies, which means only about 2% of the total applicants will be offered jobs, while the rest will be left disappointed.

The highest number of job vacancies come from the medical and administration fields. Medical Officers positions have more than 5,000 vacancies, while the Admin Officers has 2,000. Other critical jobs include Pharmacist (1,300) and Anti Drug Officers (1,500).

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