Government never acknowledge CTOS

CTOS (Credit Tip Off Services) is an independent body that holds credit track & personal information about debtors in Malaysia via online system and frequently being referred for leads and information about debtors’ performance during the loan or credit card processing. For instance, when you apply for a card credit from a particular bank, they might refer to CTOS to see if you’re anywhere in the ‘black listed’ category. CTOS has an office in Megan Avenue 1, KL.

However, a statement by Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s office, Datuk M Kayveas to Utusan Malaysia says that the Malaysia government never acknowledge CTOS giving credit and personal information to financial institutions.

They have been complaints from the public that many people who have already sort out their financial problems but still appeared as ‘black listed’ in the CTOS system.

p/s: I think my record is clean. But if I were to check my record in CTOS, am I out for any surprises? Hope not.

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