Harvard is US No. 1 University for 2009

Harvard has been ranked as the number one US top university for the academic year of 2008/2009 in the recently published US News and World Report college ranking.

It marks as the university’s first successful claiming of the top spot in the general category after 12 years trailing other colleges.

Harvard also has its rich history of being the oldest and wealthiest school in America, as well as practicing one of the most selective processes for student intake.

Harvard is followed by Princeton, which has been topping the table for the past 2 years. The two rivals are trailed by Yale, MIT & Stanford (tie in fourth), California Institute of Technology & University of Pennsylvania (tie in sixth), Columbia & Duke (tie in 8th), University of Chicago and Dartmouth College.

The ranking was implemented by taking considerations on key indicative factors such as SAT scores, selectivity, financial resources, peer assessment, retention, graduation rate and so on.

Recently, Harvard was also named as the best medical school in the US, ahead of John Hopkins, St. Louis’ Washington University, Pennsylvania and University of California.

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