5 High Paying Work at Home Jobs

Work at home jobs are never to be underestimated because people have been successful in them and are reaping the rewards with high paying incomes working from the comfort of their homes. If you are passionate enough in what you are doing, you will continue doing it no matter how much you are initial paid and the eventual results can be awesome – the money will come naturally and your financial tree grows in tandem.

PayScale Inc. has made a research and found out a number of high paying work at home jobs. PayScale owns one of the biggest employee compensation data online, and its annual salary survey is considered the world’s largest and most accurate compensation assessment around.

The survey was done through anonymous comparison of job title, specialization, demographic and location, company size, type of work, and of course, the take home salary or pay. [Full list here].

The jobs listed not only feature those done independently or on freelance basis, but also a few of the full time jobs allowed by some companies to be done from the convenience of the worker’s home.

Some of the highly paid work at home jobs discovered to be financially rewarding are as follows:

1. Financial Planner ($59,548)

A Financial Planner usually closes his deal outside of the house, together with the presence of customers. However, research, prospecting and pre-selling can be done almost practically anywhere, including at home. Set up an internet connection, a microphone, a head set and your pitch script and you almost ready to go.

A good Financial Planner usually has his own existing network, which paves a way for him to grow his business at faster rate. Of course, you will need some good financial background, with ability to convince your customers into believing you can offer the best financial products to them.

2. Translator/Interpreter ($43,478)

For long, translation job has always been rewarding, once the interpreter proves his competency in the assigned jobs. The hardest part is always on the beginning, during which one is starting to make their presence felt. In translation business, the less common the languages involved, the financial reward promised will naturally be higher.

3. Technical Freelance Writer ($42,520)

A technical writer may compose technical manuals, white papers, application essays and sometimes involves in editorial work for technical documents. Somewhere along the line, the task of undertaking research work may also befalls on you. Inevitably, the job will require the incumbent to have prior experience in the related field or better yet, a Subject Matter Expert (SME).

4. Graphic Designer ($40,117)

Creative designers are blessed with the ability to design, develop and complete good looking images or graphics in minutes. Best of all, they can charge good money for a total 10-minute of work. A versatile designer can also work with various medium and tools including Photoshop, Image Ready, Auto CAD, Illustrator and so on.

5. Travel Agent ($32,122)

A travel agent offers tour related services which include hotel and accommodation booking, transport arrangement, costing and tour guide services. All these can be done through phone calls, emails, and electronic payment facilities. And you know what? No degree is required for one to be a highly paid travel agent. For as long as you know how to find your market, and execute your job well, you will have a long thick stack of receipts.

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