Higher Education Ministry Carnival 2010

Higher Education Ministry Carnival 2010 will kick off at Persada, Johor Baru from 9 to 10 January 2010. The aim is to promote local universities to prospective students.

Besides, this carnival would act as a platform for students to get to know the local universities better in order to consider their options. Students would be able to interact with the universities’ representatives to get more information. They can ask any questions and get answers directly.

With the tag name ‘Jom Masuk U’, Higher Education Ministry Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin said that this carnival is bound to attract more students to study at local universities.

After all, “To have the best universities, you need the best students”, he said.

In order to keep the best students in country, scholarship recipients might be completing their degree locally. Apart from cutting cost, the students will be able to lift up local education’s reputation.

If you are interested to find out more about local universities, check out the carnival coming to your town soon.

9 – 10 Jan : Persada, Johor Baru

16 – 17 Jan : Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam

30 – 31 Jan : One Borneo, Kota Kinabalu

6 – 7 Feb : Nilai Indoor Stadium, Negeri Sembilan

20 – 21 Feb : Permata Exhibition Centre, Kuching

27 – 28 Feb : Dewan Millenium, Seberang Prai

6 – 7 Mar : Dewan Wawasan, Jitra

13 – 14 Mar : Kelantan Trade Centre, Kota Baru

20 – 21 Mar : Dewan Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Gambang

27 – 28 Mar : Stadium Indra Mulia, Ipoh

Head down to these locations for more information on higher education in Malaysia.

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