Highest Paid CEOs

Highest paid CEOS named

While the likes of Steve Jobs (the CEO of Apple) and Vikram Pandit (CEO of Citibank) prefer to lay low with an annual salary of $1, some other CEOs are enjoying humongous paychecks that come with a host of other benefits and perks.

In 2010, some of these top leaders took double or even triple the salary they received in the previous year.

Highest Paid CEO - Viacom

The head honcho of Viacom, Philippe P. Dauman (photo), became the 2010 highest paid CEO with a total compensation valued at cool-as-you-like $84.5 millions, an over 150% hike from his previous year’s pay. The chap has been serving as the no. 1 for five years since 2006, and served as the executive committee and the VP prior to the current designation.

Considered a whiz kid at school, he scored 1600 on the SAT, the highest mark one could achieve, and this led him to Yale University, one of the most selective schools in the world. The school that shaped his education and career also played a big part in his personal life; he fell in love with his roommate’s sister and they got married. Dauman also graduated law from the Columbia University School of Law.

While the $84.5 millions can sound too good to be true, the figure is not even close to the pay received by the Oracle founder and CEO, Larry Ellison, who was the highest paid CEO for two years running in 2008 and 2009. Ellison received a total of $192 millions in 2008 and the next year, the amount more than doubled to $560 millions.

Larry Ellison on Highest Paid CEOs List

That’s Ellison’s jet you’re looking above.

The compensation formula to seek the highest paid CEOs is based on a number of factors that include salary, perks, bonuses, delayed payment and interest, as well as the stock options estimate.

It’s nothing personal. It’s just business.

Image: hollywoodreporter.com, flickr.com

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