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We have read, in the previous years that, the highest paid jobs in US have always been dominated by the medical industry.

In 2008, Anesthesiologists led the list of the highest paid jobs in America with an average annual salary of $192,780 ($16,065 per month). Last year, surgeons took over as the biggest earners with pay amounting to $209,000.

This year, the latest figures, compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), saw the surgeons once again ranked  as the highest paid job in the country, with a reported average earning of $225,390, slightly higher than the previous year.  This is followed by a series of other medical jobs that include – by ranking – anesthesiologists, oral surgeons, obstetricians, orthodontists and internists.

In coming up with the ranking and figures, data of 800 different jobs and occupations were surveyed and analyzed.

highest-paid-jobs-us-surgeonWhile the salary is mouth watering, there is no easy way to become a surgeon though. The academic requirements are high and extensive. The medical school itself for a degree takes between 4-5 years (this does not include the pre-med or preparatory, which takes another couple of years). You may flunk in a few subjects and are required to re-sit exam or even repeat the full year again. Surgeon is a specialized field, so there will be more studies to commence when you are still a medical officer.

Consider all these subjects that you need to go through in order to land this high paying job: biochemistry, anatomy, pharmacology, psychology, physiology, microbiology, pathology, as well as the medical laws and ethics. They’re mind blowing.

With big salary, comes big responsibilities. Not to scare you away, but a surgeon decides on key and important surgery-related decisions, and carries out life-or-death medical procedures at the tables. Still, being in the profession with the highest paid jobs in US is quite something.

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