10 Highest Paying Jobs in America

10 highest paying jobs in America, medical dominating

10 highest paying jobs in America is published, with medical field proves to be the most lucrative profession in America after research by Forbes found out that it occupies the most positions in the list of 10 highest paying jobs in the country.

The domination is so overwhelming that the first ranked job down to number 9 all came from the medical field. Majority of them are upper skilled medical practitioners such as specialists, consultants or registrars.

Anaesthesiologists head the flock with a mean annual salary of $192,780 ($16,065 per month), followed by surgeons [2]($191,400), orthodontists [3] ($185,340), and obstetric and gynecologists [4] ($183,600).

The list continues with oral and maxillofacial surgeons [5] ($178,440), prosthodontists [6] ($169,360), general internists [7] ($167,270), physicians and surgeons [8] ($155,150), and family and general practitioner [9] ($153,640).

Chief executive officers (CEO) came in tenth with a median salary of $151,370, making it the only non-medical job to be in the top 10. While America’s highest paid CEO Larry Ellison of Oracle earned a whopping $192.92 million in 2007, the salaries of other CEOs averaged pushed the position to 9th. The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett, who is presently the richest man in the world, only paid himself a salary of $100,000 per year.

Other highest paying jobs ranked in the top 25 include airline pilots (11th), lawyers (17th), engineering managers (18th), petroleum engineers (19th), marketing managers (21st), aircraft controllers (23rd), sales managers (24th) and finance managers (25th).

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