HM Aerospace Pilot Training School

HM Aerospace explored and explained

HM Aerospace or HMA is another respected and well established pilot flying academy in Malaysia. It is also one of the largest aviation centers in the country at the moment.

Its long and successful operation has allowed HM Aerospace to be induced as one of the founding members of the CAE Global Academy, joined together by other established schools including Aeronautical Academy of Europe (Portugal), Hub’ Air Aviation Academy (Belgium), Moncton Flight College (Canada) and SAA Flight Training (California, United States).

The flying schools in the CAE Global Academy ring provides advanced simulation, modeling technologies and integrated training for the aviation industry and defense forces across the globe.

Located in Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia, HM Aerospace has the capacity to train at least 200 cadet pilots on yearly basis. Experienced teaching staff and qualified professional instructors specially brought from different continents of the world, including Europe, Middle East and Asia itself await the aspiring pilots. Many of the instructors have acquired more than 20 years of experience in the airline and aviation industry.

Flying courses offered by HM Aerospace range from the Private Pilot License (PPL) up to the Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL). Some of the most popular courses are:

  • Private Pilot License (PPL)
  • Assistant Flight Instructor Course (AFI)
  • Airline Transport Pilot License Course (ATPL)
  • Commercial Pilot License/Instrument Rating (Aeroplane) with ATPL

Depending on the type of course you enroll, the time taken for completion of the training can take up to 65 weeks. The fee for each course also differs from others.

Each course offered is on full time basis, and is packaged together with facilities that include accommodation, catered meals, aircraft simulator room, laundrette and sports facilities. The rooms offered are on twin-sharing basis, fully furnished, and air conditioned.

As a general pre-requisite, students from Malaysia wishing to enter the flying school needs to be at least 17 years old, completed SPM and obtained 5 credits, inclusive of English, Mathematics and a science subject. Foreign students, on the other hand, need to pass their GCE “O” Level (or equivalent), and passed their English, Mathematics, Science and 2 other subjects.

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  1. Its 20 years today, Iam still keen to know about flying and the requirements. Lots of answers have been listed out except for one. How are the fees like for CPL courses and PPL courses. I have the intentions to approach the academy itself for procedures especially on fees to be paid. Some academy currently liaised itself with the banks so as to enable more convenience to the applicants. This is a good approach because it give chances to those who hardly afford this course. Such systems will be promising because it promotes the unexposed to know what being a pilot is. And therefore every body regardless of races ethenic and wealth will be in tune, to explore and to earn thorugh this glamoures profesion. “The Skies and the Pilots”

    Thank You.


    hi Iam mohsin ali from Pakistan.
    i want to know the top universities which offers aeronautical engineering in Malaysia.
    please help me out.

    Mohsin ali.

    1. 1.universiti tun hussein onn (UTHM) (new)…
      2.universiti putra malaysia (UPM)…

      it might helpfully to achieve your goal….

  3. yuva 22.rite now im doin my diploma in mechanical engineering,and will complete my course next year,is it possible for me to join the flying academy as i wish to be a pilot..?and how about the fees?and i have dip cert,so hw it works?

  4. would like to know tat do u all provide loan ..? i know that most of the pilot college they dont provide loan for piloting course ..
    i’m trying my best level to get a bank loan .. if i would get a study load atleast for a half .. it will be
    easier for me to find for the other half …. plz help me the loan or give me some ideas about this ??

  5. i want to become a pilot too,got any professional pilot to answer my qeustion?now im in secondary school
    in class science i no take the science exam in spm so wat i need credit it in english,maths and science?

      1. these are my SPM results:
        C6 physics, A1 math, A1 english..
        so do you think i have the qualifications to become a pilot?

        1. hi,shasha,you have all the academic qualification,but there s a lot you have to step over..have you done your medical checked?

  6. hi…my name is nicholas….can anyone tell me where to get a loan fo piloting course…please help me…its my dreams to become a pilot since i was small.

  7. i would like to know the requirements to become a studying law right it possible for me to enrol become a pilot?

    1. hi jonathan,virtually every flying job requiries an associate degree and almost every airline pilot requiries a bachelors degree.However,your degree doesn t have to be aviation related.Any college degree will do .Airline pilot training is intense and expensive.A college degree helps to demonstrate to the airline that you will be capable of completing their education program..I think this would be the answer for your question mark..if i misjudge please correct me..thanks..

  8. hi there..nice to meet u a cndidate cadet pilot those interested in pilot crrier,is not dffcult to enrol,,minima 5 credit for spm.the most importnt thing jz prepare much $$$ those use own $$$.loan for bumiputra refer to loan also available.for engineer course try to call flying acdmy,i heard bfore sme flyg acdmy got that cos..

    1. hi,efraim renaldo,congrates to you…is it true you can enroll only 5 credit in SPM…..i ve a problem actually,let s say i didnt well in my SPM and only obtained 7 credit,but my CGPA met the there any light to bright my way…your interjecting would be much appreciated..really interest in doin piloting,thanks

  9. would like to take up flying course and dream to be a do i get my license, how much does it cost and how long. will the rates be the same for locals and foriegners?

  10. Hi,i wanted to be a commercial pilot really badly but my SPM is not so good.I got an A1 for my English but i got only a D7 in my maths and my physics also i got a D7.My chemistry and ICT are ok,i have C6 and B3 respectively.Do you think HM Aerospace will accept me.If not,can i re-sit my SPM paper for my maths.The requirement is 5 credits including engish,maths and ANY science subjects.Since they said this,do i need to resit for my physics paper or can i just skip this and resit only my maths,Please reply,i despeately need an answer to these questions.Your answers will be appreciated.Thanks.

  11. Hi!
    I’m Myanmar.And I want to be pilot.And now I’m try to get I.E.L.T.S exam.But I not enough money to study at HM aerospace.I want to know ,HM aerospace have a scholarship for Myanmar student.

  12. hi, I am now working in one of the banks in Malaysia and it was my dream to be an airline pilot since young. I have enough money already and would like to enroll early next year for CPL course in one of the flying schools in Malaysia. I have made some calls and found-out most of the schools were over-loaded with students. Comparing aircraft/students/instructors ratios, I guess it impossible to graduate on time, not consider yet on bad weather and so forth. Time for training is money as you know. More time more money spend in training. I also heard from friends currently study piloting that nearly all schools in Malaysia couldn’t graduate their students on time. But one good thing that I found out was from pilot friends that the standards and quality of the training were high and almost the same in all flying schools in Malaysia using 200h fly/ 860-890h ground with common syllabus control by the authority. Pilot training is a licence training not pointers like in university that I did my degree in UK. For the above reasons, honestly I am not worried and chasing for standards so much but a flying school that able to get me a CPL licence on time or earlier so that I can catch as early as possible the reducing opportunity on pilot jobs in Malaysia. Furthermore I heard airlines want your CPL licence regardless which Malaysian Flying schools you come from. Of course they will interview you and test your skills and this will be on your self -capability. CAN SOMEONE ASSIST ME ON THIS. Thanking you in anticipation.

  13. Hi there, I’m Charles. 19yr old. Currently studying A-level while waiting for cadet intake. But unfortunately,I get 7D in BM for my SPM result, for the rest satisfied the requirement(A1 in maths, A2 in physics, B3 in add-maths and B4 in english). May I know if I finish A-level, does Spm BM important for me to apply cadet pilot whether in Mas or Airasia or even Singapore Airline? I need your help. Please state your opinion or suggestion. Should I need re~sit to Spm 6 subject in one sitting??

  14. A 25yrs old female and interested to become a pilot. May I know which cadet academy accept female? because i’ve asked the academy in malaysia before, they are not taking female. I’m wondering which academy is taking female.
    Also, I would like to know, even though all my SPM results is credits but not that satisfied. I have my degree with CGPA 3.8 / 4.0
    am I qualify to apply? thanks

  15. Hello, my name is Adejumo Jesutofunmi. I am a Nigerian. I am 14 years old. Please I would like to know the subjects required to study piloting in hma and the cost of training of the pilots.

  16. I want to began a pilot very much.But it is very expensive.I Would attend HM areospace very mch.But I don’t has enough money.Please tell me it has a scholar program for myanmar.

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