How I Quit My Job to Travel the World

Gina Dowd (Image courtesy of BBC)
Gina Dowd (Photo courtesy of BBC)

How I quit my job and decided to do what I want to do in my life

Gina Dowd was a high-paying financial lawyer based in Washington, United States. But being a high-paying executive meant a tremendously busy working life, working tirelessly day and night. Realizing that she had been overly engulfed with her work, Gina decided, one day in January 2009, to quit her job altogether.

Dina would abort her plan to buy a property and instead focus the next 12 months period to save money in order to execute her next, big life goal: traveling the world. She also sold off most of her possessions.

Gina in Tasmania (Photo courtesy of BBC)
Gina in Tasmania (Photo courtesy of BBC)

Accompanied only by a few traveling books, Dina began her journey with Hawaii, and later to Fiji and Australia. While journeying her way to these places, she learnt surfing, diving and exploring exotic forests. This whole early part of journey took about three months.

Her next destination was the cheaper part of the continent – the Southeast Asia. She visited Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. This was followed by a longer trip to Europe. While in Europe, she briefly settled in Seville, Spain for about seven months.

How does she survive?

While in Phuket, Thailand, friends and acquaintances began engaging her legal advice on on-and-off basis. The momentum continued in Europe where she acquired clients from major freelance websites who are in need of attorney for US-related matters, covering a range of fields including business, intellectual property, financial regulatory work and e-commerce.

Gina in Switzerland (Photo courtesy of BBC)
Gina in Switzerland (Photo courtesy of BBC)

Her focus would be those tasks that she could carry out from anywhere, such as negotiation and drafting. All she required were her laptop and an internet connection. Gina found that the projects she had been undertaking were generating sufficient funds for her traveling. Additionally, she learnt a great deal about different cultures and things are done in different parts of the world. Phone calls were normally done via Skype.

Almost two years later, Gina came back to United States in September 2011. By this time, she had been able to support her new life with a steady number of freelance clients she had built throughout her journey. Later, she met a former Navy Seal who shared the same love for traveling and owned a software development company. They went to married and had a young daughter.

Not one Gina regretted her decision to quit her job to travel the world.

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