How Much a Medical School Cost?

How much a medical school cost?

How much a medical school costs? You asked. Everyone with the ambition of becoming a doctor would want to go to a top medical school, be it in the UK, US or any other countries. Medical schools in the US and UK are always on the radar of top students mainly due to their reputation, visibility and their position in the world’s top school ranking.

In the US, medical profession proves to be the most lucrative; with jobs coming from this field dominating the country’s highest paying jobs around (Click here to see how much doctors’ pays in UK are).

Getting into medical school is one thing (and do take note that not every one who gets into medical ‘get out’ from it successfully). Paying for the fees is another thing. Without adequate finance, all hopes to get into one of those highly ranked schools would end in dashes. Of course, when we’re mentioning top schools, the fees and other financial obligations can always be considered to be on the high end.

Apart from the tuition fees, the living expenses must also be considered. The cost of the fees differs for local and international students. Conventionally, foreign students would need to pay much higher fees. Staying in major cities like London and New York would require you to dig deep into your pockets.

There are scholarships and bursaries available but not every student will get their hands on those. Rich kids would not have much problem due to financial support from their parents. The next best thing, for the kids from the mid to low level family is to seek for study loans offered by government or private organizations.

Particular care and thought must be taken when deciding to go for study loan as the last thing you want to happen when you graduate is, having a heart attack when seeing your medical tuition bills. It’s going to take many years to pay the loan back.

Following is some info on the finance/cost and tuition fees for a number of top medical schools in UK and in the US to help you with your research:

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