How Much Can You Pay Me?

This is the million dollar question at the back of every candidate’s mind in an interview setting. If the candidate can have his way, he wants the answer as quickly as possible. But be warned! A simple question but when and how the question is asked can either help or break your chances of getting the job.

It’s always wiser not to bring up the subject right at the beginning of the interview. It should always be left at the end. It’s like a good sales person who would spend time talking about the good features and advantages of a product before showing the price tag.

And if possible, let the interviewer be the one that initiate the subject. This is a subtle message indicating money is not the most urgent subject in your search for the next career move. Instead, your sharing should always center on what and how you can contribute to the position and the organization. That way, you are strengthening your bargaining power.

And when the salary subject is finally surfaced, you can always probe further to obtain more information such as, “I believe you may have a salary range for this position in accordance with your company policy. Would you be able to share with me?” With the knowledge of how much they are willing to pay, you can then decide how much you are willing to accept. Bear in mind, you would have all the information needed about the job and what it entails at this stage.

Finally, do your homework before hand. Check out the market rate for the position although you should be aware that another 20%-25% pay increase from your current pay is the norm when people switch jobs.

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