How Much is a MAS Pilot Salary?

MAS pilot salary revealed

You would probably wonder, how much is a MAS pilot salary? What is the kind of pay the airline—Malaysia Airlines—pay their pilots?

Below are some of the salary figures for a pilot working with the MAS, based on numbers revealed on Note that the figures are based on the 2006 MAS pilot salary scheme (hence there might have been changes in the salary figures as of today).

Captain Lim has been a MAS pilot for over 10 years, flying Boeing 777 internationally and Airbus A320 domestically. He has clocked over 23 thousand flying hours, covering various routes including Auckland, New York and Middle East.

Basic salary for Second Officers (SO):

  • Upon endorsement, a Cadet Pilot will be paid a basic monthly salary of RM4,229
  • On posting to the fleet, without supervision of co-pilot – RM5,069
  • Second year on fleet – RM5,360
  • Third year and onwards – RM5,668

Basic salary for First Officers (FO):

  • Narrow body aircraft – RM5,984 – RM9,501
  • Wide body aircraft – RM9,146 – RM17,009

Narrow body and wide body aircrafts are differentiated by a number of factors including the plane size and width, seating and so on. Typically, a narrow body aircraft has less than 200 seating, while a wide body can accommodate between 200 to 600 (Note: This is just a general definition).

Meals and Night Stop Allowances:

Allowances range between RM150 to RM160 per night, depending on city of stop over.

Flying/Pilot Productivity Allowances (PPA):

  • Narrow body aircraft – RM48 for Captain, RM29 for co-pilot
  • Wide body aircraft – RM72 for Captain, RM43 for co-pilot

Average Gross Salary (inclusive of basic salary & allowances):

  • Second Officer, SO – RM6,000 – RM8,000
  • First Officer, FO – RM10,000 – RM16,000 (also depends on craft size)
  • Captain – RM15,000 – RM35,000 (also depends on craft size)

So, after looking at the MAS pilot salary figures, are you thinking of becoming a commercial airline pilot too?

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    1. A person who works in air asia can earn more than a mas pilot definitely because they always fly more hours compared to mas pilot.

      1. the above salary is no longer valid

        a new fully operational mas pilot will get rm8000 excluding food allowance as a second officer (2bar), when they become first officer (3 bar) they will get rm9300 exclude food again and all this is for 737 plane.

        when they fly bigger plane like a330,777,747 they can get at least rn14k as co-pilot.

        captain for 737 plane can get rm20-25k. When they fly big a330,b747,b777 as captain they can get rm30k above.

      2. air asia getting more than mas??? hmmm i dont think so…for the captain maybe yes but for the poor co pilot…i dont think so!!!

      1. hmm…i hope everyone can help me how procedure to be pilot… so excted with this career…and where i must go after get my spm result

  1. You need really good navigation skills.
    Born with a compass in your head.
    Can visualize 3D world.
    Balls of titanium to handle extreme situation.
    Able to resist even the most sexy stewardess.

  2. Hello. I am currently studying at KLIUC taking Degree in engineering courses. and now i’m 24 years old. I just want to ask if i’m qualified to apply for the pilot courses? and can i apply the courses using my degree qualifications?

    1. last time MAS did open for their cadet pilot intake, both diploma and degree in engineering and science related are ‘encouraged’ to submit application. as you are now doing your engineering dgree, do complete your dgre first and if possible achieve CGPA at least 3.00 and above . btw its a good news if you are capable to have financial by your own (aproximtly rm250k) then you can simply go to any flying school/academy available in malaysia. good luck

  3. i would like to become a pilot., as i just completed my SPM 2009, . so i would like to know the basic salary of a pilot and the qualifications

    1. qualification… last time for spm leaver BI,ADD math and PHYSIC at least B3 and adequate competency in english language (MAS cadet pilot intake requirement)..

  4. Hello. I am currently studying at Uitm taking Diploma in Science Geomatic courses. and now i’m 21 years old. I just want to ask if i’m qualified to apply for the pilot courses? and can i apply the courses using my diploma qualifications?

  5. Hi, i’m 21years old now.
    i dont have RM250k. i have a Mechanical Engineering Degree with CGPA 3.5 .
    If there any possible for me to get any sponsor or loan to apply for the CPL pilot course?

      1. Can you clarify on that..
        If a person wearing spectacle can be a pilot, that must be he already being a pilot while he not wearing spectacle right?

        If one apply to be a cadet but already wearing spectacle, I don’t think he will be accepted.

        Please correct me if I’m wrong..

  6. Let’s say I didn’t do well in my SPM last time. But now I have a diploma in Information Technology with a 3.8 cgpa and i’m almost finishing my degree in Media Innovation. Is there by any chance for me to even be reconsidered to be accepted?

  7. Hello..I’m now 17 and is really determined of being a pilot..In order to have CPL,besides passin those subjects in SPM or having a degree in engineering,do i really need to have that 250k..??or do you have any idea about any sponsorship?does it mean that i have to go to any flying school/academy?

    1. wait until MAS open their cadet pilot recruitment…. otherwise hav to pay 250k to any flying school of ur choice

  8. i really want to be a cpl but the problem now i dont have rm is there any application i can get to enter the academy???

    1. Students will either be funding their own training, usually having secured bank or parental support, or, will have been selected by an airline for full or part sponsorship.

      As of June 10, 2005, Employees Provident Fund (EPF) contributors may now use their savings in their EPF Account II to fund and finance their own or their children’s pursuit of the Commercial Pilot Licence with Instrument Rating (CPL/IR) Course. Please refer to the EPF website (

      MARA also provides sponsorships to students pursuing Commercial Pilot License Course with effect from April 2008. Please refer to the MARA website (

  9. where can i get the loan of Rm200000+ or scholarship for pilot training? Can the loan provide me such a large number of amount?

    1. of course not!!!!! but maybe u can!! dont sure but i think it is not sponsor by MAS, bilions of human want to b a pilot u know…and it is not easy…..

  10. check it out….


    Malaysian citizen, age between 18 to 26 years old (as at date of application)
    Pass SPM or its equivalent qualification recognized by Malaysian Government with six (6) credits including Bahasa Malaysia and a minimum of B4 in Mathematics, Physics and English taken at one sitting.

    Possess Diploma / Degree in Engineering or Science related disciplines with minimum CGPA 3.0 or above and six (6) credits with pass in Bahasa Malaysia in SPM taken at one sitting.
    Must be physically and mentally fit with good eyesight (visual acuity of at least 6/60 without optical aid, correctable to 6/6) and not colour blind.
    Minimum height 163 cm (5ft 4in).
    Prepared to sign training bond.

    Kindly submit your application together with a detailed resume (email address & contact number), certified true copies of certificates (SPM & others), academic transcripts, copy of identification card and a recent colour passport size photograph (n.r) to the following address:

    AGM Manpower Resourcing
    02nd Floor, Administration Building 4, MAS Complex B
    Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport
    47200 Subang, SELANGOR

  11. Actualy, i wanted to become a pilot as soon as posible but my problem aproches when the need of RM250k arises and i’m not certain of which academy is the best to be taken .I just wanted to get complete opinion of anyone’s.AND …..pardon me to ask ….who is this mohdardini….it’s like u’r a pilot ….i mean how r u able to answer many questions? If u realy are than pls help to answer my q’tions. THANKS… as an advanced.

  12. if u grad from private flying academy its quite difficult to get a job…that why airlines have their own academy….

    1. there are lot of airline company around the world which hiring pilot. for MAS yes they do have their own academy to train pilot. however sometime MAS also recruiting direct entry means those who went to flying school by their own and wish to pursuit to fly bigger aircraft. if u hold the CPL i suggest you to get any chance to work with any airline or freighter. gain as much experience.

      company like Fly Emirates do not have such cadet pilot recruitment. they only do accept direct entry. some airliner academy does not purposed to train new pilot. it conducts the training for the specific aircraft that the airline have.

        1. maintain health… check up for every 6 months for 40 and below…. above, every 3months..

          salary is subjective….

  13. Is there any sponsorship offered by aircraft company such as MAS, Brunei Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Airasia and others and is it a ‘must’ to take PPL before taking CPL?

    1. if so, why do MAS recruit for new cadet pilot this month??… 3-17april 2010… already closed :)…

      for those who have sent their application i wish u a very good luck…

        1. oow ok kistaa i think its a new flying school? i am not certain to it.. there are absolutely chance for anyone holding CPL. there a lot of airline company around the world. u should not really worry bout unemployed.

  14. i’m 21 this year…i’m studying in wcc aviation for the piloting,how am i going to get a jiob after this course.can uyou ple help me out.

    1. suppose ur school hav lot of information on ccareer oprtunities.. otherwise get urself exposed to any airline u wish to be for example their website. vacancy section do mention such requirement on which u’ll need to get urself prepare

  15. hi…may i know hw to bcom MAS stewardess?im interested since i was small…its is my dream since i was small even until nw…it can say that flying is my fist love!i hope somebody can help me to dream com true…
    btw…my height is one of the problem…my height is oli 155cm…actualy i feel sad abot tat…i ady tried to get more taller but cnt happen…sometime realy make me feel upsad…i realy hope tat in the 1 day my dream will com true…

    1. oh dear. for flight attendn, FA, MAS will announce it thru media or you can just simply check their website for latest vacancy on FA. having good command in english, good communication skills and good personality are vital too. however it seems a little bit difficult if you are less than the min height requirement. i aM not certain what is the min height required to qualify.

  16. I’ve already taken the psych0m0t0r n psych0metric test last week.. But, i’ve failed 4 the psych0metric test!! I feel s0 sad!! :'(

  17. im 17 now….so this year i take spm…can i know how dfficult too mas academy…??or easier???have somebody want to helpme,how too apply mas academy…pliz..i hope too

    1. requirement to be pilot is quite strict and demanding. your academic qualification, have a very good comand in english. and those who meet the min requirement (among them are excel spm result) will undergo selection processes. bear in mind even if posses excel engineering dgree or PhD will no added value if fail on selection process

  18. I’ve heard that, there are too many pilots nowadays and its hard to get a job.. Is it true?? I really want to be a pilot….

  19. It was a dream for me since the day I saw the plane in the sky and told my dad that I wan to fly that, one day,but now all I am completely different and apart from the dream being in IT. Wonder if there is still option open for this 24 year’s old kid to pursue his dream to reality once again in life? Qualities possessed, An Comp Scn Degree and very high passion for flying, won numerous flight simulator games in pc, no specs,fit and healthy! Do lemme know if I can have an option or door opened for me to get inline with this? thanks very much!

  20. Hey, may i know what are the test that have to be taken in details? like what is psychomoto and others?

    and i have an short-sightedness of 600. is there any chance for me to become a pilot?

    1. zaim,

      MFA can offer anyone, the only available finacial source is KWS, check KWSP website for further information. its hard to get loan from any financial institution here in m’sia. those whom are MAS or any other arline cadet pilot are lucky. why dont you try your luck with MAS or AirAsia cadet pilot programe…

  21. heyy. wanna ask something. does anyone ever heard about TRANSAIR pilot training? is it trust-able? because, they said that you can be a pilot even though you got bad result. i’m not sure about this company, but seems it is easie to be a pilot for joining them. can you help me please? just email me. or,should i wait for my spm result [i’m waiting for result,i’m 2010’s candidate] ? thanks so much!

  22. yes! but thats for the applicants who paid by themselves(350K > )but..if u don wanna paid all 350K..try to apply for the scholarship..yea…why not ..but thats subject will made u tough among applicant to get scholar…but its not a big deal…i mean..if u dont take among dat subject….the one to fit ur application..u shud go to an engineering line…after spm of coz….at least diploma or degree holder in engineering field shud be the first lane for them to chosing the lucky one… try to ur own best..give a best shot… in summary..i prefer for u to take the scholarship…unless u got 350K > to paid for…even u have 350K then u have the license..doesnt promize u a job….thats y i prefer for u to take the scholar..u got license, u got no paid, and u got a job..thats a big deal…. 😀

    1. ohh. thank you very much. so, it means i should wait for my SPM result, then apply for scholarship for flying academy? but, i’m a girl and my aunt said there’s really small chances for girls to be a pilot. is this true? i’m science stream, and if i didn’t get result thet’s good enough for pilot, should i take engineer course first then apply for pilot? thanks!

  23. hi there! i want to know what subject should I score in SPM in order to be qualified for an aviation school. Is chemistry important? please and thank you

    1. All subjects are important. Most important to be a pilot is your health, height. Dulu saya tak pandai pun, tapi dapat pergi test jugak. 😛

  24. i’m father work as policeman.i really want 2 be a pilot..but..i think my father cannot pay it..can someone help me 2 solve this problem..??tq.

    1. If I’m not mistaken la, the cost will be borne by MAS. When you are already a officer, bayar balik (potong gaji kot).

  25. hye . . .i’m 17 yrs old now . . .i will sit 4 spm this year . . .so i think after spm i want to apply 4 the flying academy . . .especially the MAS . . .so can i ask . . .what the 1st procedure must i follow after having a good result in SPM soon . . .amin . . .can any pilot tell me?? . . .thanks . .

    1. Just wait for the ads of the cadet pilot application. Last year, I kena apply via year, tak tahu.

  26. Hi,

    I’m a 31 years old, degree holder of 2.97 in Information technology. Its really my dream to become a pilot. Do I qualify to get into academy?

  27. Im only 15 years old boy, interested to be a pilot since my childhood days. Now, i always look into aircraft news or any news about this job. Its shocked when i knew excel on academic is not added value to be a pilot unless if we pass the selection process. Senior, can i know what the selection process look from us? and about to gain the commercial plot license.. sigh. I really need advices from those who experienced in this career. Help me.

  28. Hi, i am 30 this year,is it qualified for me to take CPL course with own funding (self paid)?
    How big is the chances for me to secure a 1st officer job after completed the course?

    thnks in advance

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