How to be a Journalist

How to be a journalist?

How to be a journalist? The most rewarding and exciting career with full of adventure is no doubt to become a journalist to have all the excitement of life. There are hardly any other avenues which provide such a rewarding life. Having said this it is not so easy or everyone is not destined to be a journalist. It requires a special skill and courage to be a successful journalist.

Try to pick out in which area you want to be in as a journalist, say print media or the electronic media. The more creative you are in your brain the more successful you are bound to be. Getting to know what to write about a particular topic is particularly essential. It should sell.

The public in general should be attracted by your writing. The words and the type of sentences used should be touchy and liked by the cross sections of the people reading it, for example the newspaper. You should be able to give the readers the joy and the impetus to be in touch with a particular newspaper through your writing.

A basic education with a degree in journalism from a reputed institute would definitely help you to be a journalist of repute. You should be able to create a separate niche for you through your writing. No one would disagree that even after having a degree in journalism you should have that extra analytical approach and juicy writing skill to be a journalist. Before getting associated with a media house of repute it is advisable to work as a trainee journalist with some experienced persons in this sector.

Definitely you have some specific area of interest in reporting or writing. Try to identify and see whether you are better positioned as a sports journalist or an economic news reporter. Keep abreast with all the data available on the specific area of your work and update yourself every moment. So coming to the question of how to be a journalist, it can be answered as –

  1. Be creative and understand as to what pattern of writing will sell
  2. Work hard and update every moment
  3. The language used should be simple as well as catchy to the general public

Another form of reporting is through the electronic media and that calls for journalism of a little different type in additions to the basic requirements of a print media journalist. Obviously the presentation skills play a very important factor and the clarity of voice while reporting is very vital.

As a whole your image should have a value in the eyes of the people watching you on television. You can be a journalist in the electronic media only if you have the hunger to be ahead in the competition. The competition is cut-throat and so anyone to become a journalist working in this arena besides having a degree or diploma in mass communication should be close to the audience because the public in general will not go for your educational degree but by your approach. So a correct approach in reporting with cent percent clarity will take you a long way to be a successful journalist.

Lastly, know that you can be a journalist in a related field only if you have the desire to work hard and have an attitude of never to give up on the face of challenge. Only hard work pays of at the end and you should have the patience to bear it and meet the challenges and overcome it. Remember there is no substitute of hard work and the work of a journalist definitely needs a lot of effort.

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