How to Become a Pilot

How to become a pilot? Your question explored

How to become a pilot?

Pilot is a respectable profession, and usually comes with good pay, benefits and perks. There are 3 types of pilot licenses. By obtaining a Private Pilot License (PPL) you can fly planes throughout Malaysia carrying passengers but without charging fees for your services. Here, you become a private pilot.

One can work for a commercial airline after obtaining Commercial Pilot License (CPL) – you are a commercial pilot. And finally, you can fly as a captain on a large aircraft with Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) – you are airline transport pilot. Pilots with CPL and ATPL are classified as professional pilots.

Another important element consideration by a pilot wannabe is the cost associated. Here, the cost will depend on the type of licenses. A Private Pilot License (PPL) can cost between RM26,000 to RM28,000, while a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) may vary between RM150,000 to RM170,000 which exclude the accommodation.

Getting Pilot License

Presently, there are more than 10 flying clubs in Malaysia. The flying clubs can basically conduct only PPL (Private Pilot License), which will be according to the approved syllabus for flying certification. On the other hand, there are 5 approved flying schools in Malaysia today, with more to come. These are flying schools and academies that offer different training structure, environment, classroom size and aircraft types. You can become a commercial pilot by enrolling into these flying schools.

Getting a license is one thing. Keeping it is another thing.

To keep your current license, you need to perform a minimum of 3 take-offs and landings within a period of 3 months. The take-offs and landings must be of the type of aircraft you are entitled to fly. Additionally, you will need to take flight test which will be assessed by DCA (Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia) approved Authorized Examiner. This is imperative as to demonstrate your continuous level of competence and maintaining the required standard of flying.

Private Pilot

Most pilots in Malaysia get the PPL (Private Pilot License) first, and then either stays as a private pilot or pursue licensing for commercial pilot. A full PPL license requires at least 45 hours of flying, but most of the students will go up to 70 hours before taking the test. You can enroll yourself into one of the flying clubs, where you will can apply for a Student Private License, SPL. This works just like the driving school’s ‘L’ license, where you can fly instructional (dual) sortie with an instructor as a company.

A PPL can be obtained when you reach a minimum age of 17 years old. Getting the PPL license will require you to sit down for medical, practical and written assessments. The medical assessment, which is the pre-requisite (that means you cannot get the PPL license by failing the medical test) encompasses the general health, hearing and eyesight tests.

Commercial Pilot

How to Be Pilot and Get Pilot LicenseCurrently, there are about 2500 pilots holding the CPL and ATPL licenses in Malaysia. These are professional pilots which are paid to do their flying job. They can either fly as pilot-in-command on aircraft with only one pilot, as well as a pilot or co-pilot on an aircraft consisting a number of crew. A Commercial Pilot License, CPL can only be obtained by those who have reach a minimum age of 18 years.

Just like the PPL license, CPL license requires you to sit down for medical, practical and written assessments. A minimum flying hours of 200 must be met before one can take the licensing test. Qualification-wise, you will need to have at least Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) with credit in English, Mathematics and a science subject. No license will be issued to those who fail this qualification requirement.

A pilot with CPL may pursue getting the ATPL license by enrolling again in a flying school and meet additional flying hours and another round of assessment. ATPL license is only applicable for those who are 21 years old or above, and has a total flying hours of 1500 in an aero plane. APTL also comes with 7 different written examinations and a flight test with an approved pilot examiner.

Hopefully, the guide above will answer your question on how to become a pilot.

Credit to Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia and GGIFA Flying Academy for source of information.


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  1. i want to be a pilot bu my achivement in SPM is only 4A my physics and biology bad igot a D. How can i be a pilot if my achivement is only 4A but my English is very good.

    1. Just go to any flying academy in malaysia….but you must pay a lot of money to get the license. If you want to be a pilot i recomment you…take CPL(Comercial Pilot License)…

  2. I want to be a pilot.A successful pilot when i have finished my secondry school.But I dont know where i can continue my studies if I really want to be a pilot.

  3. i am 21 years old.
    iv attended SPM in year 2004.
    i dint obtained credits for Maths,
    well where i only obtained credits in Bahasa Melayu & English and just a pass in Maths.
    Then, i further my studies in Kolej Komuniti ( Electrical Technology )
    iv successfully finish my course.
    Piloting was my very 1st ambition, i am really into it.
    will i have a chance to do pilot course?
    plz reply –

    ambitious pilot.

    1. its ok by then..for sure u have to be a postgraduate of at least diploma/degree in any field of engineering as well..if u’ve done it, play it safe by apply for it whenevr intake application available…

  4. I’m 16 years old. Well, I am taking a pure science in form 4. I thought of changing to the account stream. So, could I become a pilot if I am in the account stream? And is there a scholarship to study pilot? That’s the only questions I want to ask. I hope to receive a prompt reply. Tq!

  5. I’m just out of PLKN. I want to be a PILOT. I’m a pure science student. My result jus ok… All credit .. What should I do for that to became a PILOT … Where should to go for future studies???

  6. name is intan….i want to be one of the pilot in malaysia. the main problem now is i’m wearing spectacles. can i be a pilot if i wearing spec.?

  7. what is the minimum qualification required to be a pilot?
    what are the spm subjects that i have to score?

    please reply!!

      1. I’m 39 yo , really interested to become a pilot…..expences under my own , can i take the PPL first …if i didnt passed passed math in my spm . ENGLISH , SCIENCE , BAHASA MAL , GEOGRAFI , HISTORY ….credit .
        which school or club that i should join …..any advised and pls guide me

        1. no matter for the number of ages…..but by coming airlines nowadays….they only need about 20-30 y/old something to be an airlines pilot…but…by the way….no wonder out local flying school is classified as an officially pilot training, this is means the aviation in msia still gud enough…more than 5 flying school in msia…so, this is the dawn for u…make a better choice…happy hunting…. 😀

  8. where can i get a loan or if possible a sponsorship for the pilot study? the fees to become a pilot is to expensive!!

    1. don’t think about the can enter royal malaysia air force(TUDM).the cost to get a pilot license is RM50,000++ but the cost is sponsor by government.

  9. i was a student of an approved aircraft maintenance organisation,but at the same time i love to pilot job because this is my dream since i was 7. from your opinion,should i go straight to my studying now without diploma to this pilot course or wait till i got the diploma in aircraft maintenance then apply to this pilot course?

    1. Both are sensible option, but if your mind is already set on being a pilot, why wait?

      Nevertheless, weigh your options well. Perhaps the aircraft maintenance course may speed up your learning process.

      I think it’s also good if you get an advice directly from the flying school of your choice.

  10. i am a malaysian and i have take my spm examination result ,i score A1 in physic,mathematics,additional mathematics,english and chamistry.the other is all credit.One thing that i wanna ask is posses spm standard,can i apply cadet pilot in malaysia airline or not??
    Currently,i am studying in singapore for diploma in chemical engineering.But i still hope to become a pilot!!!

  11. hai….. i want 2 know how to apply for cadet pilot in malaysia arline ??? i m a science technology student……. i got A1 for math , add math , physics , information & communication technology and A2 for chemistry n english

    1. MAS recruits cadets about once every year. The 2008 intake was closed on April 2008 and now pending final selection. Watch for the next recruit through newspaper and online advertisement.

  12. hai…im arvind.I completed my a- levels …science stream..n passed everything….aviation ws always my dream n i would like to persue my dream….i would like to noe when is da next MAS CADET PILOT im hoping for a scholarship/sponsorship from any aviation industries bcoz my parents cant afford the expenses for da piloting course as its too expensive….hw can i apply..n wat r da chances of getting it….pls help ….tks alot..hoping to get a quick reply..tks MR ZUL

    1. See one of the answers above for MAS pilot recruitment.

      Commercial airlines and the aviation industry in general doesn’t normally offer pilot scholarship.

  13. Hai all …

    I am having PMR this year ..My ambition is to be a pilot but i dont know any about the requirement to be a pilot …
    Who can tell me all these please ?A pilot should have a good vision and fit ?

    1. Hi my name is Abigail I am 13 yrs old. same as you wanna become a commercial pilot
      Hope my information is helpful to you.
      GO check out MAS website / Singapore Airlines website / syllabus for cadet pilot training)

      Below is the following requirements for cadet pilot

      CADET PILOT Intake

      Successful candidate will undergo a comprehensive training programme for approximately twenty six (26) months. Trainees will be required to obtain the Commercial Pilot Licence / Instrument Rating (CPL/IR) with Frozen Airline Transport Licence (ATPL) prior to being established as cadet pilot.
      1. Malaysian citizen, age between 18 to 26 years old (as at date of application)
      2. Pass SPM or its equivalent qualification recognized by Malaysian Government with six (6) credits including Bahasa Malaysia and a minimum of B4 in Mathematics, Physics and English taken at one sitting.


      Possess Diploma / Degree in Engineering or Science related disciplines with minimum CGPA 3.0 or above and six (6) credits with pass in Bahasa Malaysia in SPM taken at one sitting.
      3. Must be physically and mentally fit with good eyesight (visual acuity of at least 6/60 without optical aid, correctable to 6/6) and not colour blind.
      4. Minimum height 163 cm (5ft 4in).
      5. Prepared to sign training bond.

  14. hello,,after i’ve read at the star about the first waman pilot in malaysia makes me more interestd in doing piloting.but im not sure how to apply for flying school…do i have to apply after spm results or before?i thought of dropping biology paper for my spm because i think in doing piloting biology subject didnt i right? is a correct decision or i should continue studying it?please let me know ASAP

    1. Dear Mazliatun,
      Before your’re really get into pilot school. You shall not drop any subjects that in your SPM that you’ve taken. This is because you are not really get into the school yet. Before the SPM, you should be concentrate to all subjects that you have taken until you have finish it.
      Yet, you also need a few biology knowledge in piloting, like what is the condition to our body after the take off of airplane, esp: the ears. This shall be about the change of air act on our body right?
      Thus, piloting need a large field of knowledge, not only physics and mathematics, but also geography, meteorology, biology, communication and so on.
      Besides, you need your after SPM result to apply for cadet pilot in local airlines company. This is one of the way get into aviation field.
      thank you.

  15. hey!i would really want to be pilot but the fees are exspensive!!and i only obtain credit for my spm and a pass for mathematics and is from an art stream because there was no space for me to enter science stream at my new school.Is there a possibility for me to still achieve my dearest dream since little??I need some information.Ive read thru the requirement but i was hoping if there are something that i may have missed.Please help me!ASAP

  16. Dear Sir,

    I am currently facing SPM examination this year, i am very interested to involve myself in this pilot career. Same like others, my dreams ever since childhood. here i would like to ask is that if i apply for :

    MAS Cadet Pilot

    Successful candidate will undergo a comprehensive training programme for approximately twenty six (26) months. Trainees will be required to obtain the Commercial Pilot Licence / Instrument Rating (CPL/IR) with Frozen Airline Transport Licence (ATPL) prior to being established as cadet pilot.


    Singapore Airlines Cadet Pilot

    Successful candidates will spend 15 to 17 months on training to acquire an Airline Transport Pilot’s License (ATPL) with Instrument Rating (IR) at Pilot Training Schools in Singapore and overseas.

    Main point is, will they sponsored scholarships to me as in to obtain PPL, CPL & ATPL that is required to be a Airline Pilot? or I have to apply to take the license myself where i will be paying all those cost and fees that is required? As for me, I searching for scholarship all over the net but i didn’t found any yet, and with my financial background RM200,000+ is quite a big amount where my family is unable to afford.

    Hope to get a reply answer soon.Thanks.


    1. If you are really wanna be pilot, it is better to join Singapore airlines. The pay is higher.
      ok now back to yr question, U will not need to go and take any pilot courses or license in other flying schools. Just apply and see whether they accept u , if they do accept u,just go, the airlines company will pay 4 all the expanses, then u will complete all the license and courses.

      wishing u happy SPM
      pls notify me if u benn taken as a cadet pilot at

  17. bonjour,my name is faris.apparently im pursuing my degree in electrical engineering in become a pilot has always been a dream.Before i came to france,i had already gone for a psychomotor test with mas.fortunately,i passed.but i dont know why,they still havent call me for the second test.instead i had no choice.i had to come to france to continue my studies.i guess,my guts tell me that i really wan to be a it possible for me to still take up pilot when i have finish ma studies which will be in another 3 20 this year.n could you give tell me,apart from MAS which other company that will most probably recruit cadets pilot from malaysia??

    1. Other than MAS, u can also take a look at Singapore Airlines. If u wanna know more abt CAdet pilot requirement go to MAS/SINGAPORE AIRLINE WEbsite.

      Hope this will help u

  18. Hi…I’m Sam….I would like to be pilot since I was young…..I was impacted by my grandfather. now I just finish my pmr exam….but i have a problem that is i have slightly colour blind mean that just one or two colour i can’t recongnize… that i still can be a pilot??

  19. hye..
    i was surfing the internet and found this very interested to be one of the succesful pilot in malaysia.i was wondering if i applied for MAS/SINGAPORE airline and im accepted,will they be paying all the fees reqiured to get the CPL ang ATPL license?because…well the fees is too expensive for me.
    thank reply me. =)

  20. I am 18 years old.. I would like to be a pilot since I was young..
    but I didn’t obtained Science for credit in SPM.. my Math and English obtained credit..
    I still got a chance to be a pilot?? Hopefully I got a chance..
    please reply.. thank you..

  21. hi.i currently studying at philippine pilot course.i al ready hav 200 question is, itz possible i enter airlines with this qulification or i need to take any other licesen.any opinion.another 1 more question,itz i f to take degree before enter airlines.i kindly need ur help n wil wait 4 ur reply.thank u.plz mail to

  22. hi…
    i already finish my studies at polytechnic in course mechanical automotive
    i like about the pilot since secndnary school.
    my spm is got A in math and credit in english, and i like to speak eenglish but i dont know to talking with who….
    how i can be a pilot or work with aeroplane as a engineer, if i can cntinue my studies in that field?
    i very very like about pilot……

  23. where and what should i do first to be a pilot???does engineering drawing important physics english…what is the credit for me to score in the subject for spm…btw im still 16…

    1. first of all, u need to score at least 4b in ur mathematic, physics, and english.and then try to apply MAS as a pilot cadet. if not, u can apply private flying school for pilot license.tq

  24. hello, I’m still waiting my SPM result (2008)… Can anyone explain what the step should i do to get into flying school??

    Is there any MAS cadet pilot intake for this year??
    If i get MARA loan for APFT. Can i work for MAS or AK?

    Hope will get reply.


  25. Hi, I am 25. I have SPM with 4 credit only ( pure science ), but i have diploma in hospitality and tourism management. I am very keen to become a pilot since i was 12. I am do flight a microsoft flight simulator. May i know how to become a PPL or CPL. What is the requirement to become a pilot, my both eyes side are ok. And where should i look for ? what are the next step to process? I really wanted to become a pilot.

  26. Hi, I’m 16 and a pure science student. Well, i want to be a pilot but I’m not sure whether should I go to college or should I take Form 6.

    P.S. I’m serious about being a pilot but I’m still in a state of confusion. pls reply……..

  27. heyy i need some help regarding being a sucessful in gr 9 and i dont know what subjects to take to become a pilot.My average marks are like a 75,so if i study hard,do u think i will hav a chance of being a pilot?If i go to university,and has a degree would my chances of being a pilot with flyin skills be greater becoming a pilot or not?Plz list out the guildlines for being a pilot ex.wat sort of subjects so tht i can get a smooth start. THX

  28. erm, i wish to ask a few questions, i just got my spm results with 12As, where can i apply scholarships for pilot course in malaysia? i heard that some airlines offer ‘pilot training course’ which after u complete the training u can work in that particular airlines as pilot, but i cant find any airlines offering this kind of training… & im afraid that it will cost alot… i cant afford much for a training or course, so i really wish to find a scholarship from airlines or flying academy schools which are recognized by major international airlines…

  29. hi , i just got my spm results . I am interesting in pilot course . may i know where and how can i apply scholarship for pilot course in malaysia or singapore ? can i apply it by using my spm results ? or i need to further my Pre-U studies ? please give me a guideline . Thank you !

  30. hi…
    i am Alex wong .28years old,i finish my studies 3 years ago mechanical engineering diploma in Japan.
    where do need to start if i wanna take PPL (Private Pilot License),i stay in selangor klang,

  31. hi there,
    i would like to ask a few question..hope there will be someone teach me what to do so..
    i dun care what ever will make me struggle & i just want to be a ‘Commercial Pilot’..i really have the faith to be a pilot..but i didn’t take physic for my SPM but i did take add math 7D..the biggest problem is my SPM result is very worst..i only got 3 credit & that is English 5c,Math 4B,science 3B..for my english,I’ll go for British Council to improve my english..I just wanna know what should i do & how could i get into the flying school as there any other way for me to get into the flying school?
    pls let me know ASAP..millions of TQ!

  32. Hey There,

    I just got my spm results and it turns out to be pretty good. Well better than i imagine at least, but the thing is im just scared that the result its not that good enough for them ? I got A2 for my english, C5 for my maths and B4 for my science. is that okay ? Do you think it’s good enough ? I hope you do reply soon. so yeah, thanks ! 🙂

  33. Em I also wanted to ask you on how to become a pailot becouse i am at the age of 20 really wanted to do pailot but some family problems got me out of education for 1 year. so now that i want to go back to education . the good thing is that i am a fast learner but I m lazy but if a concentrate i m very good. so i was just asking were can i start from here and on…………………. please replay as soon as posibble

  34. Hi,good morning.If i have a PPL license and more than 50 hrs fly,but my spm result *** can i apply the job as a comercial pilot.

  35. hi. i am a student of engineering and i have completed my 3 semesters and got around 3.4 GPA so i want an advice that should my degree will help me in getting the job after completing my flying hours or should i enrol for the flight school and skip my eng,

  36. I am 22 years old… I am doing Degree in Software Engineering (Hons.) and i really love to be pilot because it is my dream or goal…. if i apply now as a pilot which qualification should consider either my degree qualification or my SPM … Thank you for your kindly response…

  37. I will confront the MFA interview on the next month,i want to know about,
    what is the tips?
    What should i wear?
    what is the main question?
    HOW can i succeed in the interview?

    please help me,this is my dream job

    1. have u passed the test.are u in mfa now.hat are u r experience.and how did u get to pay a large sum of money. pls tell me

  38. Hi,im Prem..i just complete my higher nitech cert in singapore ITE and my GPA 3.552..beside that,i had sat my SPM paper on 2006..i have taken maths A1,english B3,physic C5,chemistry C5,add maths do you im qualify to be a pilot??..And now im planning to take my Diploma in singapore poly but i havent decide which course should i take..i would like to take civil aviation or aerospace course..for opnion which course is better for me to be a pilot..

  39. i want to be a pilot but my achivement in SPM is only got 2A in account and english.. i got 3B in Science and 5c in Mathematic.. can i be a pilot?

  40. i want 2 be a pilot.i sat for spm in 2006 n my results is dream is to be a pilot and really want it..i didnt obtained credit for english,science,maths..wat should i do now ???plz help going to british council to improve my english.plz reply

  41. im a final year medical student studies in one of the local uni. i wan to take pilot course after my graduation, that is not far from now. wat should i do now?

  42. im interested with pilot career…
    but during my spm, i dont study much n get bad result…
    but i still got B for my science subject….
    this is my dream career….
    and now im taking Degree in sciece IT…
    hopefully there has a hope for me to be a pilot after i finish my studying in this field…

  43. im weak in english..but i like to be i just finish my diploma in electrical & electronic engineering and i got score 3.1 CGPA…what have i do right now?
    where`s the good place to get training in academy pilot….but just now i learnig english..ang approve my english….anything if u can help me..just call me plsss..0126587815

  44. hi..i’m 19 this year. and taking hotel management course. i ve 8A’s in spm except for history and biology. this is my last year for diploma course. is it possible if i apply for cadet pilot and start the course next year? will it be too late?

  45. if i study piloting course in philipines…would it cost more expensive compare in malaysia…
    btw !!!
    is philinpines piloting course recognise in malaysia…
    do i have to chg my license ???
    pls help me !!!

  46. hey zul…seem u are experience in aviation field….can u help me some tip how can i apply pilot career…i am degree holder from local university…do i have chance to apply this career since my cgpa result is not achieve above 3 pointer…at least i will get something from ur info…

  47. Hye, would like to knw if to become a pilot who is at the age of 28, is it possible to be one? If the interest has been so long but knowing the fees are too expensive and with credit subjects that does not meet the requirement. Can u tell me if there is any chance or still time for me to take up the course and be a pilot in the future? Ur sincere answer would definitely help me. Also, let me knw if there’s a study loan for these courses. Thanks.

  48. Hi.. I’m taking form 6 now and taking art stream. I would like to knw how or what should i do to apply and get place in MFA? Thank you.

  49. i am very-very interested in pilot. i am now 17 years old and will take SPM this november. so, what is the terms for me to get this MFA? how many ‘A’ did i have to get? TQ

  50. hi,

    my name is Vince, i’m 17 years old, and wish to be a pilot. pilot is my life. i get into it since i was in primary school, i just want to ask on the first step to get into this course after i have received my spm result next year. and what should i do to apply for this course? what should i say? what would the interviewer ask me? how can i pass the test? and so on to make me be qualified to study in this course. my study is quite ok..
    1. i’m not wearing spectacle.
    2. 170cm of height.
    3. quite good in working under pressure.
    4. have a good leadership spirit. i had been chosen to be a sarjan and chairman in my school of kadet remaja sekolah.
    5. quite good in speaking english. but not very fluently as the real english man do.
    6. good in sport.

    so can some one tell me more about the qualifications to be a pilot? hope to receive a quick and useful reply or messages. or you can tell me through,( ). thanks.

    ambitious pilot.

  51. excuese me…a few questions to ask here…

    1. is a girl can bcum pilot too? or only less chance for them?
    2. a girl of age 15 can attend a pilot course juz for temporary?
    (i mean juz to learn sum thgs basic about aeroplane,coz my age…)
    3. if i wanna be a pilot but hav short sighteness can i correct it wif contact lens?

    above is al tat i wish to noe,
    waiting for ur reply,THANKS…

  52. i’m a pure science student in sec 4.
    what subject should i concentrate more n what should i score for it…
    n my height is only 161cm…. can i be a pilot?

  53. i really want to be a pilot.. and i will sit on my spm on this november.. but i have to attend PLKN programs.. do i have another way to make sure that my ambition become true after my spm?

  54. Hello .. im nic, 17 yrs old now .. preparing for spm this year .. my ambition is want to be a pilot .. but , im taking economic class , not in pure science class .. i didnt take add maths and any three of the science subject , just taking general science and maths.. my height is 166 cm .. however , i have short sightedness with 250 degrees .. so i wanna to ask that am i eligible to be a pilot since im not taking add maths and any three of the science subject ? and what is the maximum short sightedness degree which is not allow to be a commercial pilot ? .. Thx for ur reply .. you are welcome to send ur message to my email address .. Thx very much

  55. hi,im 24 having a medical u thnk i have a chance of becoming a pilot?when i started working and experienced real working life as a doctor i realized that medicine is not my thing and i totally have lost interest in it.can u explained how is the working hours for pilot and what makes me have a better chance of becoming a pilot?

  56. hi… im 20 years old and in service with army…. i would like to a commercial airline pilot but my contract with army only end when when im 33 years old… at that time i wonder, it is too late to apply for commercial pilot starting from the beginning????

  57. hi….i`m a malaysian but i got a results of ‘O’ level instead of SPM. Am i able to study pilot in malaysia if i use ‘O’ level results?

  58. sir, i am doing second year of B E mechanical in Tamil Nadu, India. i wanted to do CPL and Frozen ATPL from your school. What is the procedure and duration,fees structure for the course. please can you reply? are you selecting cadent pilot trainees and giving training then are you giving any appointmnet?

  59. hello there… i am 16 years old and still stdd at mrsm bentong.. my 1 st ambition is to be a pilot but the prob is i am wearing a spec….so is there any chances 4 me to realise my dream to become a succesful pilot ?my last exam result were good and i hope to further my stdy in this area to achive my goal..

  60. I’ve a friend has accomplished his pilot license in Australia flying school.Now how he’s going to convert his pilot license to Malaysia valid license?What’s the beginning step he’s going to take?

  61. hello…im 17 years old now…i juz finished my spm n i think i did gd…im a pure science student…my childhood ambition is to become a pilot…bt i dont know wht to do now..can u tell me wht is the next step i should do to become a pilot…pilot is my dream…also how 2 get free scholarship or loan to study pilot…please reply as soon as possible…thank u very much…

  62. Well, I am a Form 4 student from Johor.
    Looking forward becoming a pilot in the next 2 years. Can highly short-sighted person like me eligible to join any cadet pilot programmes, eg. MAS, AirAsia??
    My eyesight is -7.25 and -5.00??

  63. hai my name is patrick and from subang…. and i am just 26years this …. i just wondering that why the PPL (Private Pilot License) must only 17 years …………and the older age can’t take the lesen for hobbies or something ..

  64. Hello there Im Hari Haran, Im 17 next year, I’m keen into piloting now, but im in arts stream which is the accounts stream, I gt A1 for english and science, and a credit for maths and additional maths. So am I qualified to enter flying school eventhough im an accounts stream student? Please reply a.s.a.p. Thank You.

  65. hello i’m Lai, i’m 17 this year , i’m in science stream and i would like to be a pilot . My answer is should i study form 6?? or can i use my spm result?

  66. halo… im pavin, 20 years rite nw.. i juz wan 2 knw wether can i gt an oppurtunity to be a pilot? im currently doin diploma in biomedical engineering in polytechnic? N i wan to ask also, hw should i continue my studies as a pilot after finish ma diploma? thank u.. i will be waiting for ur kindly respons…

  67. I’m 21.a diploma graduated . i am concentrate and hardworking no matter how the wok is. pilot is my dream since i was a boy. i always want to be. but the major problem is, i am wearing glasses…is there any chance for me to be a pilot?

    – deep hope –

  68. i’m turning 17 today n i still not sure what to be after my spm..i’m a pure science student..n i hv 7A 4 pmr b4..what confusing me is i’m not really want to continuing taking pure science again,my ambition is not a doctor..i wanna be a pilot actually..but is it possible a me to be a pilot if i’m wearing spec?should i leaving from continuing my pure science next time?i don’t want to make any big mistake if i’m choosing pilot to be my carrier…plez help me!!!

        1. doesn t matter pilot enthusiast,if you need them,wear them please..but if you interest to join navy,spectacler would not encourage to join them..but most airline pilot,i have to say YOU RE WELCOME..

  69. Assalamualaikum.. I was form 4 student.. I’m a pure science student. I really interested in becoming a pilot since i was in standard 3. But my problem is that i cannot follow Biology lessons.. So my question is, would i become a pilot if i don’t take Biology subject?? Don’t worry, I will makesure that my physics, math and english subjects will be strong confidently!!!! That’s all.. A prompt reply would be much appreciated!!

      1. Thanks for interjecting my comments.. I’ve asked my cousin who also wants to be a pilot.. He said that i should take Biology subject because there’re various field that can i go through it. I know he’s right!! Actually, i’ve got 9A’s in PMR last year.. But, i still don’t know which is the best school that i’ve to go so that i’ll have the brightest future there.. Your opinion would be much appreciated!

  70. I want to be a pilot.. but the one thing that kept stopping me from achieving that dream is my eye sight.. i am using glasses but only lens with power 175 both left and right.. is it possible for me to be a pilot with this type of condition.. by the way i am 20 years old..

  71. i’m 27 years old(quite old).. i have diploma in E&E engneering with CGPA 3.0 above… but i wear spec… the lens power is 200 both eyes… is it possible to be pilot??

  72. good day
    im interested to become as pilot.i have diploma in computer studies and currently im doing my final year degree in multimedia communication -part time.
    My age is it im able to study pilot.
    is it the course only for 1 yr.and the person can become as successful pilot after get the license.
    is it the job for pilot really wide in malaysia.

  73. hai there!!juz wanna ask some quest..i juz only got 4a in my spm09..n i got b for all the other science subjects.can i apply for this course??or is it to worst??

  74. hey guys. i was wondering if anyone how much is the actual fees for completing CPL at any Flying school. cause im not a science stream student. and i only posses credit in english.math n science. i ask Mas HR and they said im not qualify cause they need atlest b4 in physhic ,math n english… im thinking of taking back those 3 subject but Mas need b4 in above subject in one sitting. i always dreamt of becoming pilot..its a good career. any advice for me?

  75. im 19 and im very much interested in becoming a pilot. well as for my SPM result i scored pretty good..all credits..and then after my SPM i go for matriculation and my CGPA is course that i took is life im ready to pursue my studies in pilot..but the thing is im not sure how to apply or where do i there any online application that i can at least fill in???please help me…reply at as soon as possible please…

  76. now i am doing form six and sat for spm in 2008 and got 6A’s and 4B’s. i want to be pilot…i have sat for entry test and interview in MFA and i succeed but my parents do not afford to pay fees so now i am trying my best to get scholarship or study loan………..hence where can i find out this………..

  77. hai…i want to be a pilot since i was 9..but my spm result so bad..i juz got 5a’s n 5b..i’ve to pay by myself if i want to be a pilot???is it true??then now i’m at uitm in law..i hate to do something that i don’t like..i really2 want to be a pilot.

  78. i am a pure science student.i really love to be a Malaysia Airlines pilot but i’m bad in additional mathematic subject.

    My question is can someone be a pilot if the additional mathematic subject is bad?

  79. im 16 and iim very much interested in becoming a pilot….i got 7A 1b in pmr .. im very2 interested to be pilot… what should i do?? n one more im cnnot speak english well…. what can i do?? helpp me plezz…

    help mee pleezz…!!!

    1. As you can know. in Malaysia there are many flying academy that you can go. you can enter the academy but you should have the suitable critirea to be as a pilot. And Im also proud of you because you can got 7A in PMR. And i also hope that you can improve in SPM next year. If you get the best result in SPM comfirm that any academy will find you not you to find this academy. and one more if you want to be as a pilot the physic or any saince subject you should get A. About your english language just same with me. Im also not well to speak in english but just speak in your family regularly, if you vanatic with english song try to find the meaning of the song and always read the english book. I hope you can be as a professional pilot one day..GOOD LUCK!!!

  80. Hei guys… Im now already 17 years old. And this year i also will take the SPM exam for 2010. In here i want to tell that i m very interest about want to be a pilot. because this is a best career that i want to be. But i have a problem now. Im very weak in my english subject. but im good in my pure saince subject like physics and biology but quite dificult in chemistry subject. but i can improve that subject. just english subject only because since im at primary school until now my english language very weak. how should i do? and i also has abig problem. my parent not agree with my dicission want to be a pilo. Mybe i is a woman and this cereer is a hight risk. but i really want to be as a pilot. How should i do now? either i Continued to be as a pilot or foget it? Pless Help me!!!!

  81. Hello!In order to be a pilot,is it necessary to be tall?Im 5’4.Is there any CPL in Sabah?Im only 14.I want to know further.

  82. one of my friends really wanted to go to mfa. but due to financial crisis he cannot enter. is there any loan or scholarship for him to enter the academy as the fees are quite expensive?

  83. hemendran..i like 2 be a pilot.. or work in airport side…
    but in SPM i oly get a credit,bahasa malaysia pass n all subject pass oly..
    hw i wan 2 apply in this field..
    reply me in dis mail
    thnk u..
    i hope to get this oppucuanity……

  84. name is ikwan…im good in my pure saince subject like physics.but i weak in my english subject.. My ambition is to be a pilot . the main problem now, i come from poor family,, is there any scholarship enter the academy as the fees are quite expensive?

    1. sure it does…u can apply for an airlines u could..for local, u can apply either MAS or AA as well..but u have to improve ur english basicly…dont try to exist to apply for a self sponsor as it could not promises u a job after a graduation..theres a thousand of cadet pilot were graduate by a year in a number. if u apply for an airlines, for sure u get a job as a self sponsor u have to loan n paid about RM350K…mana nak cekau bro!!

        1. scholarship u can apply for under the airlines that made a training to hire a new pilot/crew…but…if they want to hire a fresh pilot, they will advertise to get a cadet pilot under in any airlines that advertised…usually they advertise in either internet or maybe media flyer as well…so u have to up to date the information indeed…by the way…the better way for u…get the scholarship…and apply for the best…then u have to beat the rest…generally, bout 200candidates apply for it…but only 20 were chosen one….make it better bro…once u get…jgn la nak lepas…pluang terbaik ….gud day! 😀

    1. no need to apply man…IF u wanna make a loan..dont sure u could have a job after get those 3 license ..even wif a gud results u have…theres a thousand cadet pilot grad in ayear..for local bro…u can apply for a cadet pilot of any airlines..sure u get job after grad…nak korek mana 350K…me not…its better under need to pay

        1. i suggest u to aim for MAS…or maybe AA….its better for MAS…as after u juz being grad after the training session…then, totally uve been hired to be part of skies driver…3 main things to be a pilot…1-desire 2-ambition 3-both a better choice…knew u comes to made it….mostly, the airlines will advertise the cadet pilot intake…apply for it..once u get it…dont blink of ur eyes…get it for u…usually they advertise it in STAR, VIA internet…nstp..bla bla bla…so…happy hunting bro.. 😀

  85. hi
    i m 13 .i want 2 be a pilot n i m a woman.
    can i be a pilot ?i m good at science n maths..
    wat i must have to be pilot.
    Pls help me………

    1. u have to be a man.,…jokin…get the qualification…apply for scholarship….no need to pay…its take u rm350K if u apply for personal loan…how old are u?

  86. hello..i’m mya, now i’m at uitm in foundation of law..i want to be a pilot since i was child and i now i can’t force myself to pursue my study in law..but the problem now, i dont know how to register my nme either in malaysia air force academy or in the agencies that requires the aviation field..and the other problem is i don’t hve any information about the intake to become a pilot..pls help me ASAP bcoz i can’t study well here.. i just want to be a pilot!

  87. I am 16 years old and i am very eager to be a pilot.Can you tell me the cost for the license and what is the requirements eg:-

    I am from MRSM Tun Ghafar Baba Jasin and where should I refer to get more details about this?

    1. sure u have to….but not here for the intake progression…pilot – no need to assume a person by a school he/she abroad….even skolah pondok pon ok !….skills wat we got to talk bout here…

  88. Hi there…
    since I was a kid…my 1st ambiton that always around my mind is to become like my brother(pilot)
    I know the he already achive kapten but i still dont know the way to become like him…now iam 18 years old..n I get 7A ni my Spm including science subject n bi….

    1. its easy if u can ask ur brother man,…no need to post here…sure u can be like him as old is ur brother?

    1. ok..lets take it forward…first of all…u have to have a well spm result ..yeah..well is better to be a part…then…u got 2 option by the way, either u choose to get the license ur personal loan, or by a scholarship…if u too much rich, personal the best word 4 u…it takes u 350K or mayb more now…if u want to be apart of scholarship person, u have to wait for the airlines ( MAS or AA ) for local airlines..then they will advertise this in press company that is n.paper….like STAR, or NSTP…both is the most popular press company to have an advertise…n sure u have to rarely figure out the MAS or AA link web…then u apply for it…if u have been shortlisted, u are the lucky one…dont denied it….its truly ur dawn if u get it..u have to be a cadet first to get the triple license, (PPL, CPL, ATPL )….it will takes u around 2 years…then graduate..the company will inspect u if u are qualified to to be a truth pilot..then u goin for sims for the JET (boeing ,airbus ) sim…call for duty… takes time basicly… by the way…i ensure u not to take the personel loan…its not promise u a job after u graduate…even u have a license…its better apply for the Airlines…sure u can …. how old are u?

  89. I’m 17 years old.I’m very interested and i realy want to be a pilot . Can someone tell me about the step by step to become a student for any flying schools and tell me how to apply it and also how i can get the scholarship?Plz help me.

  90. Now i study in vocational school(2011 in form 5). I take electrical & electonic courses… Can i become to be a pilot, but i not have physics,chemistry, add math but i have applied science subject… please approve i because this is my ambition.. please..

  91. I am going to complete my dip in business end of this year, is it possible for me to do piloting. In my SPM I only managed to pass in all my subjects. I love piloting and its my passion since I was young and is it possible I can get a scholar.

  92. hye!
    i would like to ask u about pilot..
    do u know about KLC placement..
    there send some student to philipene for pilot..
    is that good to study there??

  93. to aviation lover…lets play FSX – flight simulator via games on9 ( ever heard bout VATSIM? )…everything realistic on it…- mike hotel alpha niner zero out-) gud day… 😀

  94. i really really want to be a pilot.but the fees to get the CPL is too family can’t afford friend who is now a student at Asia Pacific Flight Training told me that i can apply to become a MAS cadet with my good SPM you know when will be the MAS cadet recruitment?

  95. How to apply scholarship for under airlines? how to choose the best flight training school?how to apply the schools?

  96. Hi Capten Hazim,

    Im 17 y/o and im a girl with 162 of height. Im science stream student.
    Im good in math and now struggling in physic. But Im weak in chemistry.
    I really want to be a pilot since i was a kid.

    for ur in4mation, Im wearing ‘tudung’. Is it possible tht AA will accept me as a cadet pilot?

    thx 😀

  97. hey . i’m 17 years old . i’m really really really want be pilot since i was kid . but , now i taking account subject because my result in PMR not good to taking pure science subject . sometime i think i can achieve my dream because i have add math subject . my teacher say i can’t be pilot because i not have physic . so have change to me ?

  98. Okay I totally new in this field….Could you plz tell me what are the major stages that i have to complete in order to get a Pilot license? I have heard about SPL-PPL_CPL and ATPL but dont know how to make these order way. Also let me know the eligibility of these 4 stages .THanks

  99. Yes,of course piloting is what i loved all through my life.I am right now a secondary graduate with a perfect o’level problems right now are two;first i dont know whether i am suppose to apply now or it must be after my A’level,because i am right now confused.Secondly,i dont know how to get scholarship to fund my registration and other stuffs.Please i am begging in the name of God to get solutions to this my problems.My email is right above.

  100. I’m Karthik Pillai A/L Chandran…I am 13 years old…I would like to be a pilot since i was young…I just finish my UPSR …I get 3A in UPSR for English,Mathematics,Science…and i get 2B in Bahasa melayu…I hope i will join in pilot soon after i’m finish my studies …i hope that i will be become a good pilot…I wish the best of luck to all the mans who wants to become pilot…

  101. can i still become a pilot after i have finished my diploma in UiTM?i take business study there..i realy want to become a pilot..but my course here is not related at all about pilot..and my SPM result last 2 years not good..i only get credit for my physics and add math..
    can i still be a pilot??
    thank you..:)

  102. hey, my dream is to be a pilot, if i finish my spm, do i need to join others university ? or just join flying school ?

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