How to Create an Effective PowerPoint Presentation in 5 Easy Steps

How to create an effective PowerPoint presentation?

Presentation is one of the key skills you will be assessed not only when you’re in college but throughout your career life. Master this skill and granted, a rewarding career awaits you not too far away on the horizon.

The time will come where you may be required to do PowerPoint presentation in your thesis, during the job interview, in your weekly office meeting, speaking in seminars, when applying for business loans and many other events or activities in your life.

Here are 5 easy steps you can create an effective PowerPoint presentation:

1. Plan first on paper


Don’t kick start things by opening your PowerPoint and then simply start doing it. Do the good deeds first i.e. think of your theme, layout, design, number of slides and the time available to complete your presentation. Jot down all the key information you intend to use in your PowerPoint presentation so that you don’t missed them when you’re creating your slides.

2. Keep it simple

With PowerPoint presentation, there is always gonna be this inherent problem – most of the time, the information is just too much to swallow. It gets worse as many of the words cramped are those unnecessary (and repeated) connectors such as can, will, is, might be, possibly and bla bla.

Instead of using those lengthy phrases, simplify them into bullet points or phrase clouds and only choose to insert the important keywords. Let the audience connect the dots and cross the Ts. Remember, bullet kills, but bullet points do not. They are here to make your (and other people’s) life easier.


If you’re presenting a list of points, organize them according to the importance; the more important points are presented first, followed by the rest. By doing this, you can skip the least important points when you find yourself running out of time.


3. More photos/images/diagram, less words

Remember, you’re writing a PowerPoint presentation, not a Word document. Photos, tables, diagrams and statistical chart speak a thousand words and can be the most effective tools in conveying your messages across. The audience can also digest the information faster, and you can re-emphasis the information again to them through your own verbal explanation.


If you don’t have your own images, the PowerPoint software offers a wide range of images through its Clip Art Gallery. Use them smartly without overcrowding your space.

4. Use humour

When the audience laughs or giggles, you have created a positive, refreshing atmosphere which will make your session more memorable. Not only you’re getting across your message, you become more likeable among those who are listening to your presentation. The next time they are looking for not-so-boring kind of presenter, your name will come into mind.


Make sure you stay away from insensitive, religious or racist type of humour.

5. Add effects – animation, sounds, video etc

Usage of these effects will always keep the audience captivated. Moreover, scientifically, these elements are known to create a longer lasting impact. They create the true illusion of joy, thrill, sadness, fear, fun and other sort of feelings.

Just don’t overdo this.



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