How to Find a Job by Shopping

There are many ways to find a job. Here’s a rather unconventional one – go shopping!

At a time where good jobs are hard to come by, a supermarket chain in Italy has embarked on an effort to reward its shoppers with job opportunities through lottery draw. The idea is simple. Go shopping in their supermarket, spend a certain amount of money, and enter the lucky draw.

The grocery chain, Tigros, serves the wealthy town of Varese in northern Italy, offering its products through more than 50 shops around the country. It is also part of the company’s 30-year anniversary celebration.

Since the offer was made public, thousands of shoppers have been seen swarming the Tigros shops to get their piece of the action, lining up to the draw boxes hoping to get their next dream job. Each customer who wants to be drawn for the job lottery would have to make purchase of at least 30 euros ($43) to be eligible.

Italy’s unemployment rate has risen to 7.4% during the second quarter of the year, the highest since 2005. The figure is expected to climb further up to 8.5%, and continue the upward trend until it reaches the 8.8% mark by next year.

The winners will be offered a job through a 12-month contractual agreement, which can be extended depending on circumstances and the worker’s own job performance. If the winners chosen have already had a job in hand, they can pass the job to their relatives or friends.

Italians are known to be the folks who as much as possible, hang on to their jobs for life. But with the current job market situation, a job of any period will be much better than without a job at all.

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