How To Find Jobs Through The Net

Internet has grown from being a merely playing ground for geeks to becoming an essential part in various parts of our life. That includes finding jobs.

The days were gone when we had to skim through the newspapers for job advertisements, copy the mailing address, type and print our resume and go to the post office to send our job application (and lose some money too in the process).

Everything today can be done at the comfort of our home and through the knocks of our fingertips. As internet does not know what holiday is, you can also apply for jobs at any day and time you wish.

But is it as easy and as straightforward as I thought? Perhaps not so. Here’re some tips and guide how to find jobs through the internet effectively.

1. Prepare your original resume

First thing first. Prepare a polished resume in a word format which will be a reference whenever you need to register online and fill up all those blanks and whatnot. Don’t forget a personalized cover letter which is targeted to the position you’re applying. At times, upon receiving your online application, interested employers will call you and ask for a proper resume. Don’t let yourself caught off guard.

2. List down your favorite job portals, and start registering

Study each of the job or recruitment portals, and prioritize them according to your specialization. Most should provide free membership registration. Some of the job websites are very popular and do good job in providing vacancies for the general market, but this does not mean these will be your best bets. If you’re working in a highly niche market, chances are you need to find less popular job sites that cater to your field.

3. Get the contact details, talk to the employer

Get the contact details of the employer, especially the telephone number, and start talking to them. The objective is to do follow up and to find out other details missed out in the online advertisement. Here you’re using the element of human touch to get in touch with the employer directly. A winning strategy indeed especially when other job seekers do nothing else except sending their resumes online.

4. Create your own log

As the number of job portals increases as the days pass by, the possibility of you having more and more job websites to track increases tremendously. The last thing you want to happen is receiving a call from an employer and ask, “Err… can I know how you receive my job application? Which website is that?” Apparently, this happens almost everyday.

Create your own log using Excel spreadsheet or other tools convenient to you and keep track of your job applications and status. Cross those whose timeline have passed 1 or two months. Essentially, you will be able to know how well you’ve been performing in the job market, and make conclusion if you ever need to find another magic formula in finding yourself jobs.

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