How to Get a Job with Shell

How to get a job with Shell?

There are so many reasons people want to get a job at Shell. It is the world’s second largest energy company. It is also currently ranked as the fifth largest company overall in the world. The company has operations in more than 90 countries, employing over 90,000 employees worldwide.

Shell pays good salary and good benefits to its workers. Training and development opportunities are abundant. Working and dealing with competent people are daily routines. Where job security is concerned, the company can provide you something close to it, if not the real thing. No wonder, getting a job there is not easy.

For someone who aspires to be employed by the oil giant, consider the following:

Academic requirements

To get a job offer from Shell, getting a first class degree or a 4.0 CGPA is not a must, although this kind of achievements will definitely catapult you into a highly potential Shell recruit. There have been graduates with a second lower degree who compensated their academic loopholes through leadership roles in school and good performance during the job interview to land a job with the company. But it is worth to keep in mind that the company seeks academically sound graduates, backed with excellent extra curricular activities.

Job experience

Shell is a company which is more than willing to invest money developing its future executive, engineers, IT professionals, recruiters, marketers and so on. Therefore, everyone who meets the desired pre-requisites can ideally be a potential hire. “Versatility” is always the key thing that needs to be remembered by the candidates. It refers to the potential and willingness to accept new roles and challenges, and undergo all the necessary training and development.

The routes to getting a Job with Shell

There are 3 main routes to getting a job and embark your career with Shell:

1. Internship

Tailored more towards students, graduating students and graduates, Shell internship program puts the interns into the real Shell working environment, and undertaking duties that expose them the way the company handle business in the real world. Your job performance will be closely monitored and assessed, as to evaluate your suitability as a potential permanent hire.

Even though not all interns will eventually be extended with a job offer, this will be a good training ground for them to absorb and master some of the skills highly relevant in the employment market. The learned skills can definitely be of good use in the future.

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2. Gourami Business Challenge

Held around the world (where Shell is operating), the Gourami Challenge is a week-long event that sees participants competing to develop job-winning business plans for the company. This event is also an opportunity for the contestants to know more of Shell’s business principles, cultures, operational risks and challenges in the industry.

The Gourami Business Challenge tests the participant’s key skills that include commercial, business planning, technical and operational, as well as honing the leadership, teamwork and collaborations among the team members. Each participant will be grouped into a team, and partake in making key decisions involving matters such as refining operations, strategizing oil and gas discoveries, handling environmental issues and so son.

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3. Shell Recruitment Day

Shell Recruitment Day or SRD is one of the popularly discussed recruitment topics on the internet. Many considers it one of the most challenging recruitment sessions as it is a full-pack event that can last all day long. Some assignments are given with minimal time to prepare and this requires lightning speed thinking and analysis.

Assignments are also broken down into a few sections, each session having their own structure and different assessors. These include individual presentation, role-play, case study analysis and face-to-face interview. At the end of the day, the marks obtained are consolidated, with candidates meeting certain marks to be informed as successful.

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