How to Make US$150K with a 56-Second YouTube Video Clip

Howard Davies-Carr is a proud father of four. Few years back, while 2 of his kids, Harry and Charlie were sitting next to each other, something casually funny happened. It was recorded by Howard, in a footage that lasts for merely 56 seconds, and uploaded in YouTube in 2007.

In the short video, the older Harry puts his finger into Charlie’s mouth only to see the latter not letting his finger go. Harry’s facial expression progressively evolves from excitement to a painful howling and later, a scream. Charlie just giggles.

It was just meant to be one of those moments. Except this one makes them a fortune.

What began as a private family moment suddenly became an instant online hit. The video went crazily viral has now become the sixth most viewed clip all time, garnering more than 430 million views.

Sensing the popularity of the video, Howard the father was contacted by a YouTube representative, offering them to place relevant advertisements next to the clip.

Within a year or two, the family makes more than US$150 thousand dollars, with the video clip continued to be watched all over the world.

Not bad for a less-than-a-minute YouTube video clip.