How to Market Your Resume

How to market your resume effectively?

Creating your resume is one thing. Marketing and promoting it is a different thing together. A good resume that sits on your table without being marketed properly will just sit there indefinitely without anyone knowing the existence of you. After all, if you can make a burger that tastes better than Big Mac and Double Whopper combined but do not know the way around to sell your burger, no one can appreciate the good taste of it.

Here are 5 ways how you can market your resume and get employers to notice your talent:

1. Research companies that would need someone of your credibility

Make some research and due diligence to find companies which may need your skills. If you have been in your job for a number of years, by now you can already identify and pinpoint some of them (if not a lot). Pick up that phone and start ringing these companies to check out if they are hiring. Talk to the human resources personnel in the company and find a way how you can submit your resume to the right person.

Some companies may tell you that they are not recruiting but convince them that receiving a resume from a job seeker is not a sin and not a bad thing to do. Follow up with a few more calls to make sure that they did receive your resume and acknowledge you that your resume is being considered. Lather, rinse and repeat the process.

2. Visit career fairs

Check out the calendar and book some time to visit the upcoming career fair in town. Spend some good hours during your visit to the career fair to talk to the employers and assess the current job market. Don’t forget the important part – bring copies (a lot!) of your resume and hand it over to the potential employers. If you get lucky, some of the employers would conduct an interview upon receiving your resume and this can be a sign of good things to come.

Sometimes, some of the recruitment companies or headhunters give free consultation or organize a ‘resume clinic’ during the career fair where you can learn more about improving and marketing your resume. Consider this an added bonus in your quest to promote your resume to a new level.

3. Leverage the power of social media

Online recruitment websites, which have systematically replaced the traditional advertising are the preferred platform of applying for jobs now. Yet slowly and surely, the social network and social media are taking over and bringing things to a new degree of excitement. Today, it is no longer strange to hear people looking for jobs through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. In fact, employers have now began to appreciate the power of the social media and use it as a leverage in their recruitment exercise.

Don’t fall behind. Jump onto the bandwagon and join the revolution.

4. Participate in regular outdoor activities

Participate in activities not related to your employment such as sports, volunteer events, toastmasters circuits, picnics and other leisure activities that allow you to meet people you have never met before. Strike up conversation with strangers, get to know each other and identify if these people belong to the industry you are in or in the field you are interested to join.

Some of them may be people who are actively looking for talents. They may not be in your field but more often than not, they know one or two people relevant to your area. Now, he or she can be your key contact point. Exchange resumes between new acquaintances and help each other whenever you can. Network, network and network.

5. Hook up with recruitment agencies

Don’t only look at recruitment consultants as people who are obliged to find you a job. Make them part of your network and friends who you can hook up on occasional basis to check out new development in the job market and get consultation. Turn professional relationship into casual ones and once you get to know each other better, your chance to have your resume and your credibility marketed gets better.

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  1. Nowdays most Employer are looking for a diploma holders and above, what will happen to those with SPM qualification and below, who have years of experience in their field, or to those with similar qualification who has been retrench and ending their contract. Its even harder for them to get a work. Cause everywhere in the paper ad nowdays require Diploma, Diploma, Diploma, for a Sales Executive they required Diploma,
    for a Supervisor position they required Diploma, for a Customer service they required Diploma.

    There should be an ending to all this, i know that nowdays everybody can afford to have a diploma. But not to some people back then. SRP or SPM is high enough for the market last time, so please don’t exclude us with the high requirement on the academic. We have experience and skills. We deserve to be treated fairly too.

    Thank you and best regards.


      1. those who have higher qualification is actually deserved to get a better job due to their difficulties during their long journey of study..

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