How to Register a Company with SSM Online

How to register a company with SSM online

Owning a company or running a business will require you to register with the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia or SSM, a statutory body that regulates the companies and businesses in Malaysia, in line with the Companies Act 1965 and Registration of Business Act 1956.

SSM is a one-stop center for company registration as well as a source of company information made available to the public (depending on the type of company or business), for some fees.

Generally, there are two types of company registrations. First, if you either own a sole-proprietary or partnership business, the registration falls under the Registration of Business, ROB. If you are registering a limited liability company (Sdn Bhd), the registration is classified as Registration of Company or ROC. Now, registering your business as ROB (sole proprietary and partnership) or ROC (Sdn Bhd) has its own pros and cons but this is a story for another day.

Previously, ROB registration, which is relatively easier, can be done through an agent or a 3rd party but today it no longer works that way. The business owner needs to do all the required process by himself, and visit the nearest SSM office to make the registration. As for the ROC, this needs to be done via the company secretary, and the process is not that straight forward. It is also more costly too.

Today, SSM has come up with a much more convenient way to register your business, which is an online application called e-Lodgement, made available in the MyGovernment portal. e-Lodgement, which is available 24 hours per day, allows you to do, among others, the following:

  • Applying for business name approval
  • Registering and renewing business (ROB registration)
  • Requesting availability name for ROC
  • Submitting company incorporation details
  • Applying for Company Secretary’s license
  • Making payment (credit card or FPX debit) for registration
  • And so on

As a pre-requisite, you will be required to register as a PSP (Public Service Portal) user via the MyGovernment portal, and later on as a subscriber of SSM. For first timers, this may not be a very smooth process. There is a User Guide (click here for the user guide) available for those who plan to learn more about e-Lodgement but this is not user friendly either and someone needs to be sent for training on how to prepare a proper user manual. All it has is a groups of list-down process and no screen shots captured for ease of comprehension.

Registering Your Company Online with SSM

Click here to go to SSM e-Lodgement service.

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  2. Hi,
    How do i know whether a company is in black-list or not,
    i am looking for a job, but one of my friend said that company is in black list.
    Thank u

  3. Well well, typical Malaysian ingenuity. When I click register a new account, it sends me to the Malaysian government Intranet. (how can I access a government intranet?) Then after going through some searching, I managed to register the account. Tried ROB through SSM, keeps sending me in a loop back to logging in and search area.

  4. Dear Sir,
    We want to register a co. in malaysia for selling our oven in your country but please pay attention we need a small office overthere, so please send the detailed information about it to me such as (cost and documents that we need please)
    and tell to me our product have a market in your country?


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