How to Resign on a Short Notice

Resigning from a job on a short notice is not an everyday thing. But it can happen to you for a certain reason, whether justified or not. Some examples could be due to request from the new employer, immediate family need, or that you just simply do not wish to stay in your job longer. Hopefully, the last would not be the case.

How short is a short notice?

The most standard resignation notice period is 30 days. Some companies extend their notice up to 90 days, depending on the level of the position. High level management or critical positions normally come with a longer resignation period as the company would need a longer time to find replacement for the outgoing employee. People who are still within the probation period usually gets shorter notice period, e.g., two weeks or so.

Therefore, any notice shorter than stated in your employment letter would be considered a ‘short notice’. People have quit their job on a notice as short as 24 hours.

So, how to resign on a short notice?

The most important, first thing is to do is to justify the reason of you leaving on such a short notice. Is the excuse acceptable? Try convincing yourself if you can serve the full notice stipulated in your employment letter instead of going out soon. If you have been hurt by the employer, quash the ego for a moment and reflect your decision, before making it official.

If you indeed must leave on a short notice, try doing it without offending anyone at your current workplace, especially your boss. Quitting your job is best done in good terms, with no bridge burned. Remember, if you plan to stay long in your industry, in distant future, you will come across with the same people you have met before. These people can be your future’s network. Handle your network with care.

Next, find a way how you can help your employer with the transition. Offer them assistance. Perhaps you can assist in identifying a replacement, or training the new executive (if the time permits). Note that since the company you are working now has spent resources (time, money, human etc.) to get you trained, maybe it is time to pay some dues.

Always be honest in your approach. Go face to face with your manager and explain why you need to resign in a short notice. Articulate that you did take time to consider all the options and that coming to this conclusion is not the easiest thing to do. Express your gratitude with the opportunity given by your company and your boss.