How to Start a Successful Recruitment Business (even without proper qualification)

How to start a recruitment business, a successful one?

Lee Bown did not finish school but he went on to start a successful UK based recruitment business, making $5 million in yearly revenues.

At 16 with little option in his hands, Bown was recruited by a furniture factory, toiling his way days and nights to survive and to meet end meets. For long nine years, his life was miserable and in fact, most people working there had no life. The money earned was only enough to get by. Things got worse when Bown injured himself while playing football, leaving him out of job for many months.

With nothing to do, Bown started drawing portraits and pictures just as to fill up his free time. With encouragement from families and friends who began appreciating his talent, Bown sensed he was perhaps born to be an artist. Quickly, he went to see a banker for financial assistance in setting up his own studio. Inevitably, he was rejected, and left dejected.

However, the rejection failed to stop him from opening his studio. In order to keep his studio afloat, Bown took himself up to the street to sell various different items including stationery, perfumes and kitchenware and other stuff.

One day, he applied for a job at a recruitment company. He got the job, and quickly finding himself in love with the recruitment business. His basic job was to place employees in factories in the manufacturing industry, and he did it well because he came from similar background and he knew how to communicate well with the workers. More than a year later, Bown was offered another job in another recruitment company, and after realizing that he now can run his very own recruitment business, he contemplated to quit. It did not take long for him to quit and opened his own company.

But this did not come without problems. He was a young guy with little education and less than 8,000 dollars in saving. His solution was to start the business from his very own kitchen table. People surrounding him looked at him with such pessimism that they encouraged him to ‘get a proper job’. He persevered and within 6 months his business began taking off.

He later realized that he needed a proper office, and began hiring new employees and assistants. He even offered a job to his younger brother but faced the painful decision in sacking his own brother due to disciplinary problem. Unlike his younger brother, Bown knew he was running a serious business and that nothing is personal when a business decision is involved. He made the right decision. A few years later, sensing a change in his brother’s attitude, Bown rehired him, which until today continues to be part of the company’s key personnel.

Yes, today, Bown runs a multi-million recruitment agency but note that he started from his own house without proper office, furniture and all other necessary facilities. His lack of education is never a barrier for him to be a success in the recruitment business. Unlike other people around him, Bown started things with optimism, knowing that if he continued towards the right direction, he would eventually achieved the success he wants.

We all should learn something from Bown, not only in recruitment business but for all other wide range of businesses and industries.

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