How to Write a Company Profile Like a Real Copywriter

How to write a company profile that works?

Some people just hate the job of writing a company profile that they leverage on copywriters to do it for them. Of course, this would not come without cost, and if you are truly unlucky, you get fleeced and delivered a questionable end product. Your quest to save time and energy may as well go down the drain.

In truth, writing a company profile is not that difficult. As long as you follow the right steps and spend some good time analyzing your company needs, you’re on the right track to producing some amazing business document. Also, by creating the company profile on your own, indirectly you can integrate some of your own personality into the document, make it more personalized as well as customize it according to different prevailing requirements.

Here are 5 ways how you can write your own company profile:

1. Study some samples

Looking at some different company profile samples is one of the best early steps in producing one. In these days of internet era, finding samples is as breezy as a walk in the park. Just key in the right keywords on the search engines and voila, you get a long list of samples you can make reference from. This is where you can grasp the know-how, understand the whole concept of the documentation, as well as learn how you can make the same impressive company profile. Take some good time to study the content, formatting and the choice of words in the samples.

2. Tailor your company profile to a specific need

You may be required to produce your company profile in different ways depending on circumstances and needs. Some of the different cases could be presenting your profile to a prospective partner, acquiring financing, sending a press release, proposing collaborative events and so on. Some information in a company profile A may not be needed in a company profile B, while in some cases; some aspect of lengthy explanation in one profile may not be as long in another. Pinpoint exactly what your company profile is being used for, and produce one that fulfills this particular need.

3. Offer the benefits

Offer the benefits the users, the customers and partners get when they use your products or services, or when they engage in a collaborative work with you. Also, tell your prospects what they can expect from you which they won’t get it from other competitors. Showcase your company and personnel background, qualification and experience and announce to the world that your expertise is what the clients have been looking for. Explain how using your environmental friendly products would help to create a greener world and slow down the climate change effects. Elaborate about your 60-day guarantee period to convince the customers they do not have anything to lose when dealing with your company.

4. Throw some achievements

Achievements act like your ‘business card’ except it carries a much bigger impact. Additionally, achievements defy the thinking that you have just arrived from Mars and you do not know anything about your products and services. If you have been working with successful people and celebrities in the past like Anthony Robbins, Donald Trump, Bon Jovi, Richard Branson (does not matter if they are local or foreign people) and so on, make sure to stamp these achievements onto your company profile. Showcase your past events that generated media attention and participated by lawmakers and influential people in the relevant fields.

5. Include testimonials

Testimonials are a powerful way to convey the message that you’re no newcomer and that you’re not just there to make up the numbers. Testimonials give your company profile more punches and creates more impression through its self explanatory nature. It is a testament that you actually have a real presence, attained real achievements and worked with real clients who are more than willing to spell out their admiration towards your work. So, every time you write your company profile, never forget to include some testimonials of your past work.

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