How to Write a Good Resume

How to write a good resume, steps explained

How to write a good resume? I mean, a genuinely good one?

When searching for a new job, your resume is the most powerful tool you have to attract employer interest. Your resume is your introduction to your prospective employer and gives you an opportunity to either make a great first impression or fall flat on your face. Writing a perfectly good resume is therefore inevitable.

The importance of having a solid resume cannot be overstated. In most cases, this 1-2 page document is the first and only look your employer will get of you before he or she picks who is going to be interviewed, so it is extremely important to make the sale with your resume.

The first step in writing an effective resume is preparing your cover letter. Your cover letter is basically your way of introducing yourself to your prospective employer and explaining what you have to offer to the organization. Your cover letter should be tailored specifically to each employer you’re applying to and mention exactly how your skills and experience can meet their needs.

When writing your resume, you should be as complete and concise as possible. Your resume should be no longer than two pages, but should contain as much relevant information as possible about your skills and experience.

Your resume should include your name, address, contact information, education, work experience and references. Presentation of this information is important and there are a variety of Web sites with good models to pattern the design of your resume after. Check out for some excellent examples of good resumes.

When listing your work experience on your resume, you’ll probably have to list why you left some jobs. Avoid griping about work conditions or money when talking about your reasons for leaving, as it may give your prospective employer the impression that you have a bad attitude or poor work ethic. Instead say that you decided to pursue growth opportunities or wanted a new challenge.

Also remember to contact the folks you list as references on your resume. It’s common courtesy, and it ensures that the references you’re listing actually will put in a good word for you.

When writing and completing your resume, be sure to run it through a spelling and grammar checking program. Also have a friend read it to make sure that the program didn’t miss or misinterpret anything. Having spelling and grammar errors on your resume basically equates to walking into your job interview with your pants down, so please take the time to proofread. You know you have done a pretty good job in writing a resume when interviews come knocking after sending a few resumes out.

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