How to Write a Resume for Google Jobs

How to write a resume for Google jobs

How to write a resume for Google jobs? Is it any difference from writing for other companies?

Google, one of the best companies to work for, is always in the look for talented people. Those who hail from the software and engineering would always want to work with a company as good and as big as Google. But bear in mind also, other than technical people, Google has also had hired puzzle champions, alligator wrestler and even Lego maniacs.

What does it take to entice Google and generate interest for the company to consider hiring you? How can I get a job in Google? OK, everything starts with a thoughtfully-planned and well-written resume that tailored with what the company is looking for. Fortunately, Google has been generous enough to provide a general guide on how you can effectively write a resume to apply for a position in the company.

Following are a few tips you can learn how to write a resume for Google jobs:

Resume format

Use the most common formats, i.e., MS Word or PDF. In addition, it will also be acceptable to send resume written in a text editor, e.g. Notepad. Google does not explicitly express their view on other types of resume, but if you are bold enough, you can always try the following formats: video resume, interactive resume (e.g., presentation, animations) or other kinds of resume types that can potentially blow them away.

Cover letter

Do not simply send in a blank email that attaches your resume. This is simply rude (not merely from Google’s standpoint, but by the job ethical standard). Each of the submitted resume should be accompanied by a cover letter, underlying brief outline about yourself, your skills and potential areas of your contribution. The cover letter should be concise but engaging enough to generate the interest of the reader.


Unless otherwise requested, all resumes to be sent to Google should be in English language. It won’t matter if it is produced in American English or British; ascertain that the same English is used throughout the resume. Keep the language clean and avoid embarrassing errors. Mistakes in the resume tell the reader that you are not attentive to details, and you are a person that lacks conviction.

Assure that all important details are in

Keep all the key information intact in the resume. This includes your contact (email, phone number, residential location, etc.), education (all post-secondary institutions attended, qualifications obtained and cumulative grade), employment history and professional achievements.

For engineering position, the resume should list down all the programming languages you are well verse at. If you do not possess certain skills required, do not attempt to lie; this will be uncovered sooner that you can think of. Ignorant is not bliss.

If you have completed a project that used similar skill sets as the position you are applying, include brief information on the project: the aim, the methods and the accomplishments. Take a note that the experience is one of the MOST important aspects people at Google will scrutinize.

Avoid the unnecessary

Gender, date of birth, identification number (of sort), driving license, marriage status, country of origin, age and citizenship are unnecessary – avoid these details to appear in the resume for Google jobs.

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