How to Write Resume Executive Summary Like a Pro

How to write resume executive summary like a pro?

There is this saying – there is no second first impression. And the same saying goes to your resume. The prospective employer may either be captivated by your uncanny ability to form impressive early phrases, or otherwise decided that your resume belongs to the trash can.

So, to create this first impression, you will need to pay a critical attention the obvious portion – the top half of your resume – the part where your Executive Summary or Profile Summary can be the deciding factor. Make no mistake. Ignore this advice and watch your resume dumped into the bin in less than 30 seconds.

Some people prefer to write an Objective rather than Executive Summary. This is fine too, as long as you know the differences between the two.

Keywords of your strengths, skills and achievements

List down some key words of your strengths, skills and achievements. This part is perhaps quite straight forward. In fact, you may have listed down these elements somewhere around your resume, possibly down there at the second half of your resume. Give them a little bit more attention. Some examples that you might have written down could be – result-oriented, dynamic, young, entrepreneurial, highly trained, enthusiastic, outgoing, energetic, motivated and so on. This group, as standalone words, does not really mean much but when you combined them with the following elements, it will work wonder.

Highlight your successes

Skimming through your successes may (and will) give you that extra edge which indicated that you may just be the right person who can deliver the goods. No need to put too much information here; just some short list of your most outstanding achievements that would intrigued the employer to dig more about you.

And may I remind you that your achievements need to address the results through facts and figures. For example, ‘contributing to a significant cost saving through…’ is not as real as ‘contributing to a 35% cost saving through…’. Well, you get the picture.

Blend in some powerful adjectives

Spice up your phrases by blending in some powerful adjectives to describe yourself and your achievements. Words like effective, distinguished, proactive, optimized, efficient, instrumental, reputable, proven, exceptional and so on would definitely bring up some smiles on the recruiter. Combining the powerful adjectives, the keywords of your skills and your achievements above, and voila, you’re on the right track to filling that desired job.

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