How to Write a Company Profile for a Small Business

How to write a company profile for a small business?

Creating a compelling profile of the company is the key to success of any business. For small and medium businesses, a company profile or a business profile becomes even more important. It acts as a key element in attracting media attention and getting the required exposure for the company. To acquire finance, the business plan should contain a convincing company profile with full credentials. It is a proven thing that job applicants prefer a company with a good profile while applying for a position within that company. With such importance associated with a compelling company profile, small and medium businesses should take more attention in creating an attractive and convincing business profile. Here are certain aspects to consider while creating a company profile for small businesses.

Keep it straight and yet informative

While creating the company profile, try to keep it straight to the point. This is not a place to write every minute detail about your company. The first thing is to provide a clear picture of your company’s infrastructure. Some of the points which are commonly mentioned in every business profile are the name of the company, location and demographics, history of the company, products or services and their features. In addition to these details, it is recommended to provide details of the key personnel of your company. Doing this will give your company an edge over its competitors as you are offering a complete information to your clients and media as well. In a situation when a business magazine or a newspaper includes these details in their news story, your company gets a huge exposure. While creating the profile, make sure to keep it as accurate as possible.

Highlight your credentials

Every company possesses certain assets which are unique to it. Bring out the credentials of your company and highlight them on the company profile. Mention the details of the major achievements of the company. Include the testimonials of your clients in a concise manner. If you are creating the profile of a startup company, emphasize more on your personal expertise. In addition, include a mission statement and the business objective of your company. Talking about how the founder was inspired to start this company will have a huge impact on the mind of the readers. This is another way to emphasize that the company is committed to deliver quality products and services. Avoid using generic statements to promote your company. Try to include unique elements which are specifically associated with your company.

Make it complete and compelling

While creating a good company profile does not guarantee huge sales, it does influence the success of your business to a greater extent. However, the majority of small and medium business owners ignores this fact and fills in their company profile with general information. It is always recommended to take extra care and create a compelling profile. The profile needs to offer a complete picture of your business. At the same time, it should be attractive enough to make the readers contact you for a business deal. Using the services of an excellent copywriter is a good idea as you can transform normal content into an attractive marketing brochure.

Ensure accuracy

Proof reading your company profile is an important aspect. Make sure that the information provided is accurate. With advanced technologies, readers can easily crosscheck this information at any point of time. In addition, proofread the content for grammar and spelling mistakes. Errors in the content can develop a negative opinion of your company on your customers’ minds.

Be adept to changes

Another influential mistake done by small and medium business owners is to create a good business profile and not updating it. However, this profile needs to be updated on a regular basis. The word ‘Change’ is a common thing in the business segment. Every time there is a major development in your business process, reflect it in your company profile. This should be done at least twice a year. Being adept to these changes makes you stay ahead of your competitors.

It is always recommended to take extra attention in bringing up an interesting business profile. Being honest and including relevant details in an attractive way can influence the success of your business in a great way.