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IBM is one of the world’s largest IT companies. Founded in 1914, it now operates in over 160 countries and employs close to a quarter of a million employees worldwide. IBM Malaysia started in 1961 and with its long successful track record serving the IT industry, you can always look forward to working with IBM.

I have never been for interview with IBM before, so I cannot give you many tips. But worry not! Here you can learn some of the hints and tips given by IBM Malaysia Human Resources Director, Chai Cheng Sheng, who has more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry, during an interview with The Star newspaper earlier this year.

First and foremost, according to Chai, while your academic results count, the job interview is the all-important factor that decides if will find yourself working with IBM. (Note that this is very much similar to my entry on Shell Job Interview).

Apart from the qualification, the job candidates must possess the 3 P’s, which are Preparation, Physical Attributes and Presentation Skills. Now you may think that Physical Attributes refer to how pretty you look like or how thin, how tall you are and so on, but they are not.

The physical attributes refer to your personality, the way you carry yourself, how you present yourself during the interview and how you utilize your interpersonal skills to interact with people. Also, know that IBM requires people who have a lot of drive and energy as you will be up against the best players and talents in the market. The first impression is critical, so the way you groom will decide what kind of impression you will give to the interviewer.

Other than that, ensure that you make a thorough study about IBM, the organization and its’ businesses. The company has undergone many phases of evolution, and a few decades ago underwent a major restructuring process after almost been put out of business.

And when it comes to the core of the job specialization, you should prepare to answer all the technical questions related to the job you are applying. For example, candidates applying for an IT Support position may be asked how the process of attending to customer’s or user’s inquiries works, or how will you troubleshoot a non-functioning Windows system.

And for those who are still virgins as far as the job interview is concerned (those who have yet to attend their first interview), read this guide: 10 Things to do to Prepare for Your Very First Job Interview.

Working in IBM Stressful?

I know a lot of people who work with IBM. Yes, somehow a number of them complain that working with IBM is so stressful that they feel better off getting a job somewhere else.

Well, in my own experience, I seldom (if any) found jobs in multinational environment not stressful.

In fact, if they know what is it like working with audit companies like PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) or Deloitte, then they will know how high the sky is, and how tough the world can be.

Usually, the stress referred here is the fast pace of the environment and the time that you need to spend in your job. And most of the times, the time spent are relative to your capability and competencies. If you are a less-than-competent employee, you will spend a lot of time doing your job.

As such, IBM becomes one of the best places around for starters to gain training and knowledge. You will realize that those people working for IBM are very much sought after and their skills are in demand. People in the industry know that if you work with IBM, you know how to do your work, and do your work well.

IBM Malaysia Head Office is located at the following address:

IBM Malaysia Sdn Bhd,
Plaza IBM
No. 8, First Avenue,
Persiaran Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

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