IDR Now Iskandar Malaysia

Iskandar Development Region, IDR or Wilayah Pembangunan Iskandar (WPI) has been renamed as Iskandar Malaysia as part of a rebranding exercise.

What is this Iskandar Malaysia or Iskandar Development Region?

Officially announced on July 2006, Iskandar Malaysia is the latest mega infrastructure development project in Johor that encompasses an economic corridor as well as housing and accommodation areas. Iskandar takes the name of the Sultan Iskandar of Johor, with the initial easily feasibility study conducted by Khazanah, the investment arm of the Malaysia government. The Iskandar Malaysia project covers over an astounding 200,000 hectars, mostly the southern part of Johor.

Iskandar Malaysia Development RegionIskandar Malaysia was the first of the many corridor projects under the 9th Malaysia plan, which was later followed by the NCER (North Corridor Economic Region) in north peninsular, ECER (East Coast Economic Region) in north east of peninsular, SEDC (Sabah Economic Development Corridor) and SCORE (Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy).

The main objective of the project, is to increase the socio-economic standard of Malaysia citizens, and in particular, the Johorians. With a targeted RM47 billion of investment, the project aims to provide employment opportunities of various industries, specialization and levels to local workers and professional as well as providing a comfortable housing and accommodation facilities adjacent to the business and economic center. To date, RM33 billion has been invested by various private corporations and government linked corporations.

Such industries and work specialization include engineering, financial services, creative industry, electrical and electronic, petro chemical, food and agro processing, logistics, tourism, metal products, non-metallic, manufacturing related services, education, research and development, government, social institutions and IT.

Iskandar Malaysia is divided into 5 main regions, namely JB City Center (Zone A), Nusajaya (Zone B), Western Gate Development (Zone C), Eastern Gate Development (Zone D) and Senai-Skudai (Zone E).

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