Idris Jala to Extend MAS Contract

Idris Jala, who signed a 3-year contract as the Managing Director and CEO of MAS (Malaysia Airlines) on December 2005, looks set to extend his service for another 3 years.

Discussions were on the way, and while no formal confirmation has been announced, the Malaysia government, GLC’s holding arm Khazanah Nasional and MAS board of directors seem to be pleased to see his contract renewed.

When accepting the appointment 3 years back, Idris emerged from a relatively unknown executive into national headlines.

While his former employer and co-workers in Shell Sarawak already knew of his status as a top performer, few predicted that he would decide to leave and take up a seemingly impassable path of turning an ailing airline around. But he has done it rather successfully, proving his critics wrong in the process.

Upon signing his contract in 2005, Idris told the media that he would leave after his contract expires in December 2008 if he fails to deliver the results. Now he sets a new benchmark of how a Government-Linked Corporations (GLCs) should be run.

From an airline with bad financial crisis and debts, Idris Jala successfully laid off and implemented his plan to turn MAS around and as a result, the company achieved its intended plan to return to profitability in 2007 fiscal year. This was achieved through numerous measures and strategic implementations including cost cutting, VSS exercise and selling off unproductive assets.

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