If You Want to be a Journalist, be Like (Datuk) Karam Singh Walia

Today, Karam Singh Walia celebrates another milestone in his career as a journalist. The Sultan of Pahang, in conjunction with his 81st birthday awarded the prominent journalist with the Darjah Indera Mahkota Pahang (DIMP) which carries the title ‘Datuk’.

What makes Karam Singh Walia so famous and well known?

You can’t get mistaken when you see Karam Singh on the TV. His voice tone, his gestures, his issues and most well known of all, his penchant for Malay proverbs. The combination of his gestures and use or the peribahasa is awfully stiff and weird—some went to say it was incredibly funny when they first saw it— but this is what makes him different from others. He has his own trademark. Some say he’s got style.

Karam Singh offers entirely different and unique approach in his career. He chooses a niche that sounds rather boring and can turn a certain raised issue into something everyone would care for. He unravels things. He discovers the undiscovered. His coverage of news put environment and conservation issues firmly in the eyes of the public. He raises awareness. He puts bad people and bad practices in the limelight.

Whenever he roams around covering news, he carries with him a 5-inch thick book comprising a few thousand lists of Malay proverbs as he looks for the next one to air. Now, that’s commitment.

So if you want to be a journalist, be like Karam Singh Walia.

[Image: usm.my]

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  1. Oh yea. I used to listen carefully when he’s on TV to catch the proverbs that he will use. Nearly every time he speak, regardless of how short it is, he’ll use a proverb without fail.

    And yea his karate chops. Trademark!

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