Illegal Job Agencies On the Rise in Sabah

It is learnt that at the moment, there is only one licensed job agency in Sabah.

However, Malaysia’s Human Resource Minister, Datuk Dr. S Subramaniam was surprised with a finding that numerous jobs have been advertised by a large number of illegal job agencies in the local newspapers.

Many of the jobs offer the opportunities for local Sabahans to travel and work in Singapore, with promise of high salary and a turnaround in fortune. A large portion of them would eventually land in disappointment.

A crackdown is underway to locate these job agencies, with legal actions in the taking.

To date, thousands of Sabahans have been cheated by unscrupulous job agencies, with more than 2,000 cases reported to the Human Resource Ministry. The most common complaints were salary payment, which is lower than advertised, and late salary. As of today, two illegal job agencies have been identified and the ministry is making its move to bring forward the agencies to justice.

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