Institut Teknologi Petronas (INSTEP)

INSTEP or Institut Teknologi Petronas is a wholly owned training institute by Petronas, operated under its subsidiary Petronas Management Training Sdn Bhd.

INSTEP is one of the two major training units of the Petronas, aligned with the company’s mission to provide continuous learning platform and development for young people who aspire to make entry in the field of oil and gas.

It was established in 1981 and has been a key institution to supply skilled manpower for the petroleum company. Its main campus is located in Batu Rakit, Kuala Terengganu, occupying more than 50 acres of land.

Contact details: Institut Teknologi Petronas (Instep – Batu Rakit Campus), Lot 9764, Mukim Batu Rakit, 21020 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu. Tel: 09-669 6141.

To date, more than 5,000 technicians have been produced and trained, who went to work with not only Petronas, but also other big corporations including Amoco, Tioxide, Idemitsu, Eastment Chemical, Shell and others. INSTEP provides training, technical coaching, job opportunities as well as offering courses for school and diploma leavers, especially for those who are interested in the petroleum and petrochemical industry.

Staff from Petronas can upgrade their skills and knowledge by attending various programs including technical training and customized courses. In addition to this, INSTEP has also taken the advantage of the development in technology and IT by introducing online application through its website,, where students can save their time and hassle but submitting their details online.

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  1. dear mr/ms,

    i want know when can i get my result?i went to an interview at poli kk,sabah for a technician post..then,after a month i get email for my result from n i pass the interview..the email says:



    Merujuk kepada perkara di atas, adalah di maklumkan bahawa temuduga tuan/puan telah berjaya dan akan di tempatkan di Asean Bintulu Fertilizer Sdn Bhd.

    Surat tawaran dan perjanjian akan dihantar kepada tuan/puan melalui pos dalam waktu yang terdekat.

    Sekian, terima kasih.

    Yang benar,

    now,i already finished my study at poli kk and my result for last semester is past..until nw,i dont get any letters from petro chemical..i call ABF.bintulu and ask them bout this matters,they say its not them who should post the letters but instep..instep provide the training and instep should post the letters. i already fax my last semester result,spm certificate also the email from petchem to instep human resource..i hope i can get the feed back as soon as posible..tq..

  2. SLmat sejahtera..
    i am Nicholas from Sarawak..I am fresh graduated on JUNE 2008 from poli kuch pursuing in Cert In Electrical ( Petroleum) . I have interested to apply the INSTEP Training program..But, i don’t know when the intake for this year will be open/advertise..I also, ever make an interview with the ABF.BINTULU at Poli Kuch,last april this year..But, i know…mybe i’m failed in interview section OR not required for the best qualification such as Diploma.
    So hear, if i have the opportunity to apply the training program soon, i believe, i wiil submot my application form to ur company..I HOpe i can get the feed back as soon as posible..THANK SO MUCH for your consideration..

    1. SLmat sejahtera..
      i am camellia from ranau..I am fresh graduated on JUNE 2007 from poli kota kinabalu pursuing in diploma In mechanical ( mechatronic) . I have interested to apply the INSTEP Training program..But, i don’t know when the intake for this year will be open/advertise
      So hear, if i have the opportunity to apply the training program soon, i believe, i wiil submit my application form to ur company..I HOpe i can get the feed back as soon as posible..THANK SO MUCH for your consideration..

      1. Hi there .

        I’m working with INSTEP . just to inform interview will be carried end of next week for PTP 1 program ( with diploma qualification ) . Any question regarding INSTEP , please email me.. ill try to answer the best I can.

        Have a nice day all

        1. i will be attending instep interview on 9.5.09 and i would appreciate if you can highlight to me some issues/likely questions that would be asked. plse assist cos i really want to study and work in Petronas. Tq for help.

        2. i juz got calling to interview session from INSTEP..can i know what types of question will come out during interview session..i think this can help me…plz reply ASAP..:-)

  3. how to enter instep,i already finish study at ikm kotakinabalu in electrical power engineering chargeman A1.i’m so intrested to enter instep

  4. assalammualaikum..
    i am haziq fikri from kuching sarawak.. i am already finish my study at politeknik kuching sarawak and i take couse certificate elektrical engineering petroleum and my CGPA is 3.65…did i required for continue my study at INSTEP?

  5. assalamualaikum…
    i am hashim…i am fresh graduate from malaysian institute of marine engineering in dip ship construction n maintenance want know how to continue studies in instep???

  6. assalamualaikum,,and salam sejahtera to instep..
    i’m hafiz from pahang..and i’m one of fresh graduate from polytechnic of johor bahru with diploma electronics control engineering. i would like to know, how to apply the instep program? and i’m so interested to enter the petronas..if i have the opportunity to apply the petronas program,i will submit my application cover letter form to your company. I hope my comment can get your attention. thank you so muchs for your consideration.

  7. selamat sejahtera..
    i’m hawa from bintulu sarawak, i finished my study at kolej komuniti Mas Gading year 2006.
    i would like to continue my studies at INSTEP, how can i apply and when can i apply for next intake..

  8. hello,

    i am rina from melaka..and i am already graduate from kolej legenda with higher national diploma in mechanical engineering. i would like to know, how to apply the instep program? and when the next interview session?

  9. so frustrated… i already finished my training in instep and OJT at my OPU…. but untill now, no positive response from them.. blom bkerja skarang… takper… takde rezeki..

  10. i am Nicholas from Bintulu Sarawak.. i am already finish my study at International University College of Technolory Twintech in Higher National Diploma with holder Electrical and Electronic Engineering. When is intake diploma 2009?

  11. Dear Sir,
    i just graduate my Spm 2009 and i want to apply for INSTEP1 2010…….i hope you give me your full co-operation for my application………..can you give me a chance?thank you………

  12. im a candidate of spm2008 and just get the result at 12/3/09..
    im from technical school in electronic and electric course..
    im interested to study further at INSTEP for julai intake 2009 if INSTEP got an intake for julai 2009.
    any program that offered please inform me and how to apply.
    im also live at terengganu. thank you.

  13. Assalamualaikum and gud graduate student from polytechnic kuching sarawak studying in diploma in mechanical engineering obtain CGPA 3.82. im already offer by petronas sub-company at kertih terengganu for product operation…but i reject that job offer because i wanted to future my study….if my studies application was reject by UPU…will i go to ur sub-company to apply that position again???

  14. assalamualaikum…. im graduate student from unikl(MIMET) lumut perak studiying in diploma ship design and construction. iminterested to study further at INSTEP for julai intake 2009. any program that offered please inform me and how to apply.

  15. i have would like to apply for your PTP-2,Petroleum Technology Programme for SPM/SPVM holders but i could not apply it on line because there is no site which contain this specific application that the closing date is due i still have high hope in finding the site and apply for the above mentioned training programme.kindly respondto my request so that i am in time to apply for the training programme.
    Thank you.
    Yours sinserely,
    gabriel robson

  16. i am norfy from sarawak. i am spm holders and i was apply for instep, but i haven’t get a respon from instep. when can i get the result?

  17. sy ingin bertanya,apakah soalan yabg akan mereka tanya apabila ditemuduga kerana saya telah dipanggil untuk ditemuduga?

  18. soalan-soalan yang d tanya mungkin berbentuk begini
    ps:ari tu sy kena interview ngan orang kena prepare dalam suma keadaan(trmasuk lah ambil language course kalau boleh unutk mlancarkan sesi temuduga)

    1.dia akan tanya pasal situasi industry petroleum di negara ini.

    2.isu-isu serantau yang harus kamu tahu tentang petroleum.

    3.para interviwer akan bagi chance untuk bertanya kepada mereka,so,ambil tahu mengenai projek terkini petronas yang sedang dijalankan.

    yang lain2 tuh ikut suka kamula untuk panjangkan sesi temuduga.lepas tuh dia akan tanya kamu pilihan yg kamu pilihs[sepsrti lab,processing,off-shore,instrumentation,mechanical)..pilihlah dgn bijak…..

    1. hello u still remember me?I’m also trainer with u at instep Terengganu,in year 2006..we trained at same workshop..I make 6G welding process.then we met again at august2006 at MMHE.I still know all of ur friend’s name like Annaoraz,Dooran,Nobat,Babamurat,Sharif,Danish,,all of u call me as
      ‘kichii,kecik@chotka sakkal’..usually I’m close with my friend calls’boncit’..hope u rmmber me,as your old frend..u can search me at facebook,as ‘ayohchik jatt’..I wait for your respond@reply..thank u so much..

  19. can i ask some questions?, how many chances of success if a non fresh SPM graduated at least 3 years with 7 credits to get this PTP INSTEP opportunity?

    if failed graduated for the first time at PTP?, are they allowed to take another second time to applied PTP ?

  20. hi,
    i have a diploma in mechanical manufacturing engineering from Japan Malaysia Technical Institute, and certificate of General Maritime Distress & Safety System (GOC) from ALAM. Now i’m working as a radio operator in an oil & gasses company in Johor. However, i’m interesting to continue my study in petroleum/maritime technology which are related with my dip & GOC certificate. Does i have any chances for that. And please explain to me about courses and advantages of that.

  21. we’re ended our training on 17th June 2009 from instep. batch ptp2 intake november 2007. we would like to wish gudluck to all our dear friends. we all missed u!!!!!


  22. assalamulaikum.. im ayraff from malaysian aviation training academy, i just want to ask how can i apply to further my study at instep because i just know about intake january 2010 too late., so can you tell me how can i app ly for it

  23. i am x student of instep intake dec07/dec08..i like to know how i can get my certificate hence i did not attend the convocation last week..

    1. sharina u already finish study in instep…wow congratulation sharina….how u feelll aaa????u r very lucky..because many people in there really to get the instep….

  24. i would like to ask anybody in dis room..some1 who’s finished stdy from any ‘institut kemahiran malaysia’ can join instep or not?if can, how to apply it?

  25. haii…my name is already finish my study at advanced technology center (ADTEC) JOHOR BAHRU, in diploma of welding technology…im interesting to apply instep,but i dont know when intake for instep? and im not sure my certificate can apply for instep?please help me……im really interested to join this program, i want change my life and get a good carrier because i love petronas..

    1. hallo.. welding technology for what course? instep provide production, process, mechanical, electrical, n instrument.. if ur course out of field frm that, u’ll get PTP 3 for this June intake.. If included, PTP 1..

  26. hope paklang or ekin would like to share some tips for the interview session…juz give me some keyword..

  27. salam, 😉 boleh sy tahu, result temuduga instep utk ssi JuLai 2010 dh kuar beLum?? ade saudara sy apply..

  28. INSTEP: saya exstudent instep PTP1 tahun 2007/2008..
    skang nih bekerja di petronas penapisan melaka.. sapa2 lagi intake thun tu erk.. selamat masuk INSTEP.. pastikan anda dpt sponsor by OPU erk..

  29. hello….i’m from klantan…I candidate spm year 2010.I curious, what entry requirement to INSTEP??? hope my question get attention from your side .tq

  30. Untuk pengetahuan semua, instep tidak lagi mengambil pelajar sehingga instep diiktiraf sebagai IPTA.. harap maklum.. batch intake last sponsored ialah PTP3 intake jan 10.. lepas ni, swasta & no sponsor..

  31. Dat sux coz Instep shud continue with this programme.. Its a pity for our young grads who’s seeking for a career opportunity in oil and gas industry.. Its been a wonderful experience at INSTEP

  32. Saya bekas pelajar Sabah Oil And Gas Apprentice program.Saya berminat untuk mengikuti kursus di Instep kimanis. Bagaimana cara untuk memohon?

  33. salam.. saya ingin bertanya kepada sesiapa yg berkenaan.. sekarang sy bekerja dgn syarikat oil n gas di paka, terengganu.. syarikat kami dapat projek petronas gas berhad untuk project PRR2.. sy menguruskan bahagian manpower dan material. sebelum ni sy study kat uitm (property managemnt), tp boleh x sy nk masuk instep untuk course engineering? sebab sy tgk peluang pekerjaan lebih kepada engineering background.. kdg2 sedih gak bile org ketepikan kite sbb kite xde engineering background, padahal keje yg kite buat tu lebih baik dengan org engineering.. need advice guys!!

  34. salam…i want to know more about INSTEP..i think,i am interest to become one of a student at INSTEP..I also want to know how to apply INSTEP..I am a fresh graduate from Politeknik Kuching Sarawak in Electonic Engineering(PETROLEUM)..i want to continue my study at INSTEP…can u help me..??

  35. salam.. i’m still waiting for my spm result… but i want to know is there have a ‘sesi pengambilan julai 2012’…?? can i enter instep with my spm only….?

  36. salam, saya berminat untuk menyambung pelajaran di INSTEP. bagaimana untuk saya memohon dan bila pengambilan pelajar baru?

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