IPTA Folks Set For a Life Style Change

A life style change seems to be in order for the students and staff in public universities (IPTAs) after the Ministry of Higher Education agreed to allow franchise operators such as Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Kopitiam and so on to be operating inside the campus.

News and stories have been circulating around both in mainstream news as well as independent and alternative sources, including MalaysiaKini and KLPos, on the imminent arrival of the life style cafes.

As a requirement, the franchise cafes will also be required to provide free W-Fi (wireless internet) facility to the customers.

However, the decision was met with mixed reactions from the public and other parties. While some group welcome the news with open arms, some others feel the Ministry is lacking ideas to solve the lack of wireless internet availability in the campus. Many believe that the job providing the facility lies on the institution’s shoulder.

In addition, cultivating the culture of high spending on drinks and meal, especially among students, is not seen as a a clever move, considering many of them come from the lower to mid income group families.

2 Replies to “IPTA Folks Set For a Life Style Change”

  1. Allowing franchise operations to be operating in IPTAs is a good try and somehow this provide a better choice for IPTAs students to enjoy a better quality of university life? Free wifi services definitely help to boost their sales volume and at the same time, resolve the lack of wireless internet availability in the campus. Win-win situation? Students can still choose either to spend more on their drinks in these franchise operations or visit the existing university cafe. No harm right? =)


  2. There’s always pros and cons to this. I personally prefer if the business opportunity is provided by the students from the institution themselves as it cultivates entrepreneurship among them.

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