Is Job Objective Statement Important?

Some say absolutely and some would probably tell you it’s a waste of time. The truth is both camps are correct. From the point of a Recruiter, I personally like to see a resume with a job objective statement as it makes my job of filtering candidates a much easier task.

A survey was done among employers in US and it was said 40% would like to see a job objective statement. With that, it’s probably wiser for job seekers to include that. But problem is many job seekers put it down just because they have to. The result may be a statement that can come across as woefully vague and sometimes, even confusing. For example, some job seekers have a standard resume for all types of job applications. It’s simply confusing for the recruiter to read your statement, “To be part of a team of Consultants…” when you are applying for a programming job. Well, you may be open to working as an IT Consultant as much as a Programmer but if you had forgotten to change your job objective statement when you are applying for different jobs, you are not giving a good first impression right there.

Tip 1: Tailor your job objective statement to the position applied

So, if you have a job objective statement, make sure you edit and customize it according to the job applied. A good objective statement is like a picture frame that provides the framework of your other details and gets the potential employer to understand the message you’re trying to present in the rest of your resume. It gives your whole resume a focus.

It’s also important to note that the statement is not all about what you want. A self-oriented statement can be, “To gain experience and opportunity to grow in the IT field that allows advancement.” Instead, ask the question of what you can contribute to the position applied and with that, your statement can come out strong.

Tip 2: How can my experience/skills help this company?

Having a job objective statement does not negate the need for a section on skills summary. Skills with the right keywords are very important to attract the eyes of the hiring manager. Bear in mind, it only takes 30 seconds for a hiring manager to determine whether you should get short listed or not.

Tip 3:  The statement is not to replace your skills summary

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Whether or not to put down a job objective is a personal decision and it is very unlikely that your resume be chucked into the bin just because your resume does not contain one. However, as the survey had indicated, it is worth your time to pen out a good statement since many hiring managers are expecting them.

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