It’s eFiling Month. Time for Income Tax (LHDN) Submission

It’s April 2011, and similar to the past Aprils, millions of Malaysian taxpayers will be busy streamlining their 2010 income and preparing for the inevitable – paying the due to the tax collectors, the Inland Revenue Board, IRB or the LHDN (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri).

The deadline for the normal employees (non-business) submission is 30 April 2011.

eFiling has been introduced a couple of years back to let the taxpayers self assess and submit their income tax statement online, from the comfort of their home. People forget easily, so after one year, of course, there will be questions such as: How do I use eFiling? I forgot my pin, what to do now? Et cetera.

If you are new, or have forgotten how to use the eFiling system, no worries, we still keep the article: How to Submit Your Tax Form Through eFiling. In case of other problems, you can always contact the nearest LHDN branch or use the online form as provided.

It is important to note that, as the deadline draws near, more and more people will be logging in into the system, jamming the server and possibly crash the whole system. Cases of the eFiling systems crashing down are not new, so extra precaution is advisable. This year’s eFiling users can simply cross the 5 million mark.

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