Peluang Kerjaya di Jabatan Tenaga Kerja

Jabatan Tenaga Kerja, sebuah jabatan di bawah Kementerian Sumber Manusia menawarkan kekosongan jawatan iaitu Pegawai Skim Perkhidmatan Singkat – gred 41 (40 kekosongan), gred 27 (4 kekosongan) dan gred 17 (24 kekosongan).

Gaji/imbuhan yang ditawarkan untuk jawatan jawatan yan berkenaan adalah seperti berikut:

Gred 41 – RM2,331
Gred 27 – RM1,610
Gred 17 – RM1,200

Jawatan yang ditawarkan adalah berbentuk kontrak (6 bulan) dan calon calon hendaklah bersedia untuk di tempatkan di mana mana lokasi di seluruh Malaysia. Keutamaan akan diberi kepada mereka yang tinggal berhampiran dengan daerah/lokaliti perjawatan.

Klik di sini untuk mengetahui syarat penuh permohonan dan di sini untuk cara cara memohon.

Secara amnya, pemohon digalakkan untuk mendaftar dengan laman web JobsMalaysia dan mengikuti langkah langkah permohonan yang telah digariskan.

Tarikh tutup permohonan adalah 8 Jun 2009.

8 Replies to “Peluang Kerjaya di Jabatan Tenaga Kerja”

  1. i wish to apply the job at Jabatan Tenaga Kerja, but seem the continuity of making it happen disappointed. If someone can help me??

  2. I’m always refreshes my application SPA8 form but until today i don’t have any respond from your side.until when i must refreshes and fill up the form?is there still no have jobs who qualified to me?but why my friends who doesn’t continuing future study get the gov jobs?it not fair to me.I’m fill this form since 2002 so i hope something improvement from your sites!
    Salam 1Malaysia.

  3. Tau xpe apa lagi yang diorg bt yang aku x g ? smp program Train And Place pun aku join tp apa yang ada?suma sekadar lepas batuk ditangga in the real scenario is that relevant they build this blog?For What??

  4. I disagree with those who say this blog is not relevant. this blog helps in that instead of seraching throughout the web for job vacancies or info/advice on careers, its all here. and it is from here that you’ll get to know where to go for (online) to sign up or to apply for or to look for jobs.

    I’m not sure about the train and place program so i’m going to reserve my comments.

    but on the SPA.GOV.MY website for example, i’ve applied for PTD and i’ve gotten responses. i’ve even reached the interview process. i couldnt go for it tho coz i was not in town. to say that you’re not given a fair chance is not correct, i think. i’ve even tried out n i got the call for interview which again i couldnt go for because again i was out of town (sigh).

    Maybe there’s something wrong with your mailing address? why dont you check your mailing address to see if it is correct? or perhaps you didnt apply for jobs that suit you?

    Anyway, all the best to you ya.

  5. wahh so lucky ahh you guys, ive register with all those web dengan jayanya–but no response at all..oni for spa8. but until now,havent get tru. not my luck i guess!

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